Friday, May 21, 2010

David K Can't Take Losing

As you have probably seen over the last couple of days, my arms are getting tired from pimp slapping that pendejo David K. around on the EPCC election thing.

David K is really bitter about getting beat and not being backed by the Republican establishment so he runs around like a paranoid meth addict thinking there is a conspiracy behind every tree.

This is now the second or third time he claims I'm in on one. Which if you are keeping score, makes it the second or third time that he's more full of shit than a newborn's diaper.

Its sad really because people go to his blog expecting inside info and they get stuck with being inside the skull of bitter young nut who's stuck on conspiracy theories. I blame it on his lack of knowledge on politics. Poor thing, he thinks everything is like the brief experience in the beltway.

Its amusing to watch how every time one of his little conspiracy theories gets shot down, he re-engineers the facts to fit in to his little theories. But it ends up looking like a total mess, like the time I tried to stop a leak in my water hose with duct tape.

The real truth is that David K, for as much as he supposedly hates "identity" politics, is stuck on it himself. Diaz is one of his guys, he's a Republican. You'd think that DK would be all about Diaz, especially because Diaz isn't one of the establishment Republicans and wasn't backed by the Powdered Wigs of the Repub party.

I think its about race. I think DK is backing Uxer because he's white and doesn't want the brown guy to win. I bet he hates Mexicans and probably puppies too. I wonder if someone is paying him money under the table to write blog posts for them?

(see, I can do what DK does too. I can make shit up out of the clear blue sky and pretend its fact just as easily as he does, even though I know its not true.)


Andre said...

You know, it is pretty damn pathetic when the two of you have stooped to tossing insults at each other. You two are just diametrically opposed, just like the Dems opposing the Repubs just on shear principle!!! Admit it and move on.

I'm white, my wife is Mexican, my kids are one-quarter Mayan and I love puppies; they taste good! And I have not received a dime by any political entity...

Anonima Animositous said...

Why are you wasting precious bytes writing about the insignificant babosadas of this little twerp? David K is nothing but a half-brained unfulfilled half little man, half momma's boy loser! One could call him Napoleonic, but that would not be quite accurate as Napoleon Bonaparte obviously had sufficient intelligence to formulate battle strategy. Seriously! The guy spends a few weeks or months in DC carrying water for registered Republicans until he couldn't take it and had to come running home to mom and pops for comfort... and now he's some sort of conservative political pundit supreme??? Seriously, get real! Esa solo tu te la crees!

Carlo Mendo said...

I read both of you guys blogs...They are very informative. I just have one comment, would you guys be interested in a celebrity boxing match for three rounds. Winner gets the money and donates it to his favorite El Paso Non-Profit....that would be really cool.


The Lion Star said...

Hell yes I'd do it! That sounds like a wonderful idea and a good cause would benefit. I'm in if he is.

Carlo Mendo said...

Wow this actually would be really cool!!! Im going to post something up on his page and see if hes up to it. This will be more of a Kim Kardashian type of thing.....I dont know if you have seen is the link, you know with the whole head gear, nothing crazy....for Charity!!!! The real winners will be the Charities. Go Team El Paso!!!!