Tuesday, May 11, 2010

From the People Who Brought You SB 1070: Idiots on Parade

For all of you on the right who are trying to justify SB 1070, watch this video so that you can really so how stupid they are.

Don't try to run from this one GOP. I especially like where Russel Pierce is referred to as a "statesman".


Anonymous said...


Have you read the law?

No sir, but I believe sending the illegal swastika spreading, terrorising mejicans (other illegals included) back to their country is unconstitutional.


do you agree with the bean swastika and the terrorism we have been seeing in the past 3 weeks?



P.S. Arizona should stop spending money in the City of Angles (will not use los angeles unitl this is over). I wonder who has more to loose.

katt said...

I almost wish I hadn't watched the video, it ached my heart and made me teary to see such hatred still exists against any minority in our beloved country. People with so much hatred are truely scarry, truth is they bring out the worse in me and I want to get in their face. Does that make me just as bad?....The sad part is the thought of people like them living amongst us, maybe even our neighbor. I would like to think El Paso is not like that, someone please tell me that doesn't exist here in our city.