Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Heated Debate

The SB 1070 legislation has caused very heated debate. No doubt you’ve heard some pretty heated back and forth on talk radio regarding the issue.

But there was an altercation that required police involvement at city hall yesterday just before the start of the city council meeting.

Two guys that are regulars in political circles, Sal Gomez(above) and Al Soto (below) were involved in an altercation. I know, Sal and Al getting in a fight sort of sounds like a bad ghetto nursery rhyme, but it really happened.

I happened to be talking with Al when Sal came by and told Al “Come here, I wanna talk to you.” Al replied, “No you’re not. I’m gonna walk away from you.”

Then Sal stopped him and told him, “I’m gonna kick your fuckin’ ass.”

The two are on opposite sides of Arizona’s controversial SB 1070 and apparently had exchanged words the day before at Commissioner’s Court when the issue was debated at the county level.

I think they are a microcosm of what politics in this country has turned in to. It’s become polarized and ugly and when you add in passion and a charged environment and you get problems like that.

America, we have to get our collective shit together.


Anonymous said...

tell what al said to sal before that. dont lie, pendejo.

you lie !!

your conscience

The Lion Star said...


Don't be a little silly bitch. If you were there, then we both know who you are, just say it.

I have the exchange recorded, pendejo, so if you think I'm lying, maybe I should publish the audio?

Anonymous said...

are you that stupid. its easy to not turn on the tape or erase what was previously said earlier.
why dont you got to arizona for the cause, pendejo. oh thats right, i forgot, you have a warrant out on you for not paying child support.

your conscience

Anonymous said...

What did Sal actually do in the Navy?

He's always referencing his Navy service at county commissioner and city city council meetings which seem to get picked up on TV.

After all, some military occupations have a higher danger component than others.

Specifically, was he a clerk, a chaplin's assistant, a Navy Seal, an aviator?

Some specifics would be nice, especailly after he challenged the Mayor's Vietnam Army service on a Sunday night Channel 7 New Extra program.