Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Immigration Reform Debate Wednesday Night

For more information contact:
Sammy Carrejo
El Paso LNRC Chairman

For Immediate Release:

The El Paso Latino National Republican Coalition and KHRO 1150 host an Immigration Reform Debate

EL PASO, TX (May 24, 2010) – The El Paso LNRC in conjunction with KHRO 1150 will host an Immigration Reform debate Wednesday May 26, 2010 at the El Paso State Office Building located at 401 East Franklin Avenue, El Paso, Texas 79901. The debate panel consists of County Chief of Staff/Candidate for County Judge Jaime O. Perez and KHRO Radio Personality Greg Freyermuth debating for and KHRO Radio Personality/Blogger Jaime Abeytia and Chairman of the UTEP Anthropology Department Professor Josiah Heyman debating against the question to be resolved; The State of Texas should enact an immigration control law similar to SB 1070. Moderating the debate will be Univision 26 News Director Zoltan Csanyi-Salcedo.

The event is scheduled from 6pm-8pm. The media is asked to confirm their attendance to better accommodate their needs. Please call 915-633-4724 with any questions or comments.

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Brian said...

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend... Is there someplace I might be able to watch a unedited recording of this event?

Anonymous said...

Man,I cant wait to see this debate!Greg is gonna tear you a new one,and then expose you for the weak little talk show host that you really are!!The cool part about this is that you wont be able to hang up the phone when he is getting the best of it!!

The Lion Star said...

@ Brian. We are going to podcast it so watch here or over at the KHRO site for details on that.

@ Anonymous, obviously you can't read, but I posted your comment anyway. I hope you introduce yourself tonight, that way I can make eye contact with you as I am delivering the knock blow to Greg and JOP (figuratively, it's not a hostility thing). Plus once I win, you won't be able to say that any one was hung up on.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry little lion,I will be watching and laughing as you crumble and fall apart!You aint going against lil Sally here,you are going against Greg,so I hope you bring your A game,thats if you have an A game!!!NOT!