Saturday, May 29, 2010

Larry Medina & His Coverage

By now you've probably seen the video of Larry Medina being escorted out of a forum the other night after allegedley threatening the organizer of the event, Sammy C. If you haven't, its at the bottom of this post, so you can have a point of reference.

I was there and I talked with Larry that night while everything transpired. Here's what I know.

Larry showed up late, as usual for Larry (he's known for not being on time), and Sammy noticed immediately. The event was a debate on SB 1070 and was hosted by the Latino National Republican Coalition.

Sammy is the head of that organization. Sammy is also a political blogger in town and wrote a piece that was critical of Larry. Go here to read it.

A couple of days later, Sammy was pulled over and arrested. Sammy wrote another piece where he theorized that it was pretty coincidental that he was pulled over and arrested shortly after writing the piece and he points out that Larry would have access to driving records seeing as how Larry runs an insurance company. You can read that piece here.

Apparently Larry didn't like that too much.

There have been several events in town surrounding SB 1070 and I haven't seen Medina at a single one, so I was surprised to see him at the debate.

After the debate he spoke with Sammy and it looked like it was becoming a heated conversation. From what I was able to see and hear, Sammy was trying to politely end the conversation and start cleaning up. Medina appeared to be pressuring him and pursuing Sammy. Eventually I saw Medina lean in and whisper something to Sammy and Sammy reacted by walking away and calling for me. He said he was just threatened he was going to ask security to ask Medina to leave.

Medina was pursuing Sammy. I stepped in front of him to ask what was going on. Medina told me, "Esta cabron, he's fucking trying to get famous off of me. He's writing a bunch of lies about me."

I've seen Medina have a heated conversation involving cursing and raised voices before. It was after another forum earlier this year and he was speaking to David Crowder at the time, who had written a piece about Medina's departure from the race for County Judge and about Medina's campaign signs still being put up despite the fact that he had dropped out of the race.

I've been very critical of situations were politicos or public figures try to throw their weight and/or money around to intimidate or silence their critics. That's not something that should ever be tolerated in this town. I'm glad it happened to Sammy and not me, because I don't think I would've been as diplomatic and patient as Sammy. He was hosting an event and clearly didn't want someone else's actions to ruin an otherwise great event so he acted professionally.

I am too much of a hot-head and I probably would've been baited in to a confrontation, I guess its the hood in me, lol.

Again, Medina charachterized what Sammy wrote as a bunch of lies, which is a different story that what appears in the El Paso Times who wrote on the same subject. In this piece, Medina has a different charachterization about the issues regarding fines from ICE for not having his employees employment documents in order.

He says, "What happened is that they gave it to the wrong employee," he said. "They gave it to an employee in the commercial insurance department...In this particular instance, I think they messed up..."

That's really different than "a bunch of lies".

It begs the question, which one was it? "A bunch of lies", or "I think they messed up"?

NOTE: The person filming and heard in the video referring to Larry as a "trancero" is Larry's cousin.


KenG104656 (Ken G) said...

Wow. I missed the best part. I usually leave meetings when they are over and don't hang around for after meeting chit-chat. I may have to change my ways.

Anonymous said...

larry's fines are less than your owed child support. why beat up on larry. even carl starr says this happens to many businesses in el paso.

don juan de marco

Anonymous said...

I think everybody threatens everybody. Actually a real threat is a real immediate threat of phyical harm with means to carry out then...

my vid player dont work BUT my guess is only reason LM was asked to leave is because SC rented the room....if not for that little fact, it takes more to get enjected from a public building in tx

Carl Starr

Anonymous said...

"Esta cabron, he's fucking trying to get famous off of me. He's writing a bunch of lies about me."

C'mon Larry, you really think you can make people famous? Did you just watch Young Guns II? Your not as important as you think you are... Again, you made yourself look like an idiot. Jamie has also been very fair when he writes about you for any reason. Get over yourself. Take care of your business and family, and be honest.