Thursday, May 27, 2010

Podcast: SB 1070 Debate KHRO 1150 / LNRC

For those of you who didn't get a chance to join us last night for the debate over Arizona's controversial SB 1070, here is the podcast so that you can catch up with last night's festivities.



Anonima Animositous said...

This is so stupid!

It all goes back to our fucked up, dysfunctional immigration clusterfuck that no politician-- local, state or federal has the courage to confront! We need the workers. Workers need to find a dignified way to support their families, and Mexico, even if it wants to provide it, can't have a thriving, robust economy because it is at war thanks to Americans' insatiable appetite for drugs, and its greed to make a buck with its fucked up violent ideology of allowing sales of high-powered assault weapons that fund and arm these viscous drug cartels.

Seriously, why can't we support border security and even the fence to keep out the norther drug supply and southern arms contraband? Because unless it comes with comprehensive immigration reform that accepts those decent human beings that have contributed to our economy, our society, our values, and our rich culture-- and can continue to do so, as long as it's fair, humane and just, it will not work. Pragmatism and social justice are not oxymorons here folks!

And I realize that I'm spitting into the blogosphere and no one gives a serious shit! .

Brian said...

Thanks for posting the podcast for the debate.
I wish the confusion between round one and two had not occurred. It would have made it better
Jaime Perez did a very good job in defining the subject of the debate. Greg reinforced their argument with the statistics.
I feel that you were completely off the mark during your first ‘at bat’. You failed to address or establish the tenor of your arguments against SB1070; you went straight to the fear mongering angle of ‘separating children from their mothers’. You also ignored the statements regarding Mexican immigration rules and penalties. As identified by the Professor (I don’t wish to mis-spell his name so I will not attempt) since I cannot influence Mexican policy as I am not a Mexican voter, I can, as an American voter, make it known that I would prefer a policy of RECIPROSITY regarding trade and immigration. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.
You cannot defend against the fact that, although roughly half of the population of Arizona is Hispanic and 70% of Arizonans support SB1070. This means that a significant amount of the Hispanic population SUPPORT the bill if all of the non-Hispanic supported the bill. It is more significant, since I am sure that not all of the non-Hispanic population supported the bill this would mean that a LARGER number of Hispanics would be required to reach the 70% level of support.
Or do you support the standard political tactic of finding a poll that has been ‘massaged’ until you achieve the results you like?
Unfunded mandate… States are constantly being hit with unfunded mandates by the Federal government all the time. Arizona has just authorized their law enforcement to enforce federal law since the feds are not fulfilling their obligations; obligations that have not been fulfilled by both major parties.
The wall doesn’t work??? It does in the California section. Most of that immigration traffic shifted over to Arizona. (Duh!!!!)
In summary, you are vocally against any form of SB 1070 in Texas yet you offer no alternatives other than ‘Legalize them’. Add insult to injury against the persons that are going about their immigration LEGALLY. And what in the wide, wide world of sports does COMPREHENSIVE reform really mean????