Monday, May 3, 2010

Poor David K.

Pobresito el David K.

He just doesn’t get it and he’s doing his damnest to try to defend the law in Arizona. I especially like the part where he tries to act like he’s so smart and everyone else just doesn’t understand politics.

I guess he thinks he’s the local authority on political punditry. Fortunately for us, he’s not.

The latest fun with David K was a “Protest Update” he did on his blog the other day. First of all, he doesn’t understand why it was the Republican Headquarters that was chosen as the protest site. I guess his argument is that its very small and no one is there anyway.

Wow, for a guy who thinks he’s so smart and we are oh so dumb, he sure doesn’t get it does he? First of all, he’s probably never been to the Democratic Party Headquarters himself. If he had, he’d know its not much bigger than the cab of his pick-up truck.

Size doesn’t matter, something I’m sure my buddy David K has probably found himself saying a time or two in his day.

The point is, the protest, as most protests tend to be, was symbolic. Its not like a protest against or for anything is going to change the mind of the Republican party.

No one there expected the Republicans to be there and to be moved by the demonstration and suddenly change their core being. Maybe David K and his infinite wisdom thought that was the case, but he’s wrong.

The great thing about the dumb shit David K says sometimes is how easy it is to disprove. For example, he actually attempted to make it sound like the protest wasn’t well attended. Which is funny because in his own post, he admits he drove by BEFORE it actually started.

But then again, my buddy David K has never been accused of being a guy that lets facts get in his way, he’s more of an idea/talking points type of guy.

The fun thing about David K saying there were only about 50 people there, most of whom were children is that I get to post video like this one that shows it was pretty well attended and wow disconnected with reality David K can be sometimes.

His latest punch in the dark was his post where he claims less than a 100 people showed up and tries to cover up for racial comments that were made toward some of the protesters. He wasn’t there, didn’t hear it, but wants to try to stick up for that kind of dumb shit?

And he questions MY credibility?

Then again, it’s been so long since he’s had any, he might not be familiar with what credibility looks like.


La Ilegal said...

You're jealous of him, don't you know. In fact, anyone who doesn't agree with him, is not as smart as he is and don't like his awesomeness. They're probably all jealous. In fact, the vast majority of West Side voters are jealous dumb people because even the most conservative district in El Paso soundly rejected El Paso's self-appointed political authority and conservative tea party pundit.

Anonymous said...

even sams club ask for id when you enter. dont see any mexicans complaining there. chit, even sams club enforces its own rules better than our federal government. bravo arizona.
can arizona sign an extradition treaty with texas so we can send your ass over there to pay your child support or sit in jail ?

julian m

La Ilegal said...

On surface it's amusing, but really it is sad when these little pinto beans go around spewing this crap about how all it is is showing proper ID, and speaking English, and sending the law-breaking illegals back to the corrupt government of Mexico, etc, etc. etc. It's unfortunate that they are not well-versed in the protections afforded by our U.S Constitution and the 4th amendment to the Bill of Rights, because when an AZ cops pulls them over for looking illegal (read: your brown face and El Chuco accent in a Chevy with Texas plates), you won't be able to defend yourself when they drag your ass in jail because they don't like your ID/car/accent/brown face. You won't understand why you have to show a copy of your birth certificate or naturalization papers after having fought in Iraq/Afghanistan/Vietnam. Sad.

Anonymous said...

did you see yourself on tv tonight on the news. your little "cesar chavez rolling over in his grave" speech ?
what a dumbass. chavez hated illegals and was against the bracero program. you hate arizona because they want you to pay your child support.
thats it.


La Ilegal said...

The late great Cesar Chavez lived and died fighting for social justice and protection of agricultural workers against exploitation by big argibusiness and corporate interests. And his peaceful/non-violent protests, inspired by Mahatma Ghandi, would not allow him to "hate" any human being or resort to the use of hateful pejoratives such as the one you use. If Chavez stood against the bracero program and the hiring of undocumented immigrants, it was because it was based on exploitation of human beings and used for the purpose of suppressing honorable decent wages and working conditions. So not only is your statement inaccurate, it is a travesty to the legacy of this great man.

Notwithstanding the lesson I have been forced to give you on Chavez's legacy due to your obvious ignorance on the matter, it really is irrelevant to the controversy over AZ SB. Besides preempting the federal governments authority-- incompetent as the feds may be-- over immigration laws, the laws provisions allowing law enforcement officers to detain and question individuals who they suspect "may be" illegal immigrants, puts so many legal and US citizens at risk of a police officer's scrutiny, ignorance, bigotry, and/or over-zealous enforcement of this law. That means that you, my uninformed friend, could be at risk of being detained on suspicion of looking like an "illegal." So, be careful what you ask for.