Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rumor Killer Re Susie Byrd & Mayorial Bid

The rumor about Susie Byrd running for mayor is just that, a rumor.

I saw this rumor floating around a while back and I mentioned that I didn't think she was running for mayor. I've talked with her about this several times and she's always told me that after her final term in city hall, she's hanging up the gloves.

I checked with her again, just to be safe, via text message. Here's here response:

"No. Haven't you heard that rumor before and haven't I told you no before?"

Sort of reminded me of being a kid when I would ask my mom to by me some candy when we were in the store and she would say, "No, I told you before we came here not to ask for anything."

So kill the rumor, Susie's not running.

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Anonymous said...

all i can say is "thank god" she is not running. i cant think of anyone worse to run for mayor except david k.

a businessman