Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Norma Chavez Still the Queen of Making Friends

Maybe she’s enrolled in the Eliot Shapleigh School of Lame Ducks Struggling for Relevancy (I hear she sits next to Paul Moreno in class) or something, but State Rep Norma Chavez was apparently in great form yesterday at the El Paso County Courthouse.

According to Sammy C, Chavez was trying to get Sammy kicked out of Commissioner Gandara’s office. I know what you’re thinking, why is a State Rep even sticking her nose in the operations of a County Commissioner’s office?

I think there are two reasons. One, because I think she’s used to being in charge and in control. Maybw its a Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland kind of thing? After so many years in office, getting used to the idea of going back to one of us regular people is probably hard to deal with.

The other reason I think is because I’ve been critical of Representative Chavez. I’m betting she’s pissed and from what I’ve observed, she holds a grudge (so do I) and will be mad for a long time. Sorry, not my problem. I calls em like I sees em.

I think Sammy messed up though. I think he should’ve done something that someone should’ve done with Chavez a long time ago, reminded her that he’s a voter in El Paso County, and therefore her boss.

Apparently she booted him out because he’s “media”. Sammy has a blog and is on my show occasionally. He hardly fits the definition of media. He wasn’t breaking any rule or bothering anyone, so he should’ve listened to her.

When I walked in to the Courthouse, Dora Oaxaca, a staffer to Commissioner Gandara walked up to the Sheriff that mans the metal detector in the courthouse and tried to whisper to him to call for a Sheriff to go in to the Commissioner’s Court area.

Yes, a Sheriff was taken away from his duties to ensure that weapons don’t enter the courthouse because Dora Oaxaca and Norma Chavez wanted to make a scene. Sammy was only in Gandara’s office because the event was marking the signing of the deed for the new port of entry.

The owner of the property filed an appeal and the issue of who owns the land is at least partially in court. The landowner wanted to talk to Commissioner Gandara regarding the issue and asked Sammy to accompany him.

This is one of Chavez’ last chances to take credit for something and I’m guessing she didn’t want anything to mess it up.

Sammy, rule number one about blogging: You make the rules, not the elected. As a tax payer, you are their boss, they aren’t yours. Next time turn on your camera and tell her to mind her own business.

Last I checked, she wasn’t in charge of who is a constituent and who is media.

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