Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sanchez & Jones Trial Delay Until 2011

An unopposed motion to delay the trial until next March was granted by Judge Frank Montalvo in the public corruption case involving District Clerk Gilbert Sanchez and Luther Jones.

I’m not a big shot lawyer like Theresa Caballero and Stuart Leeds, but they said something on yesterday’s edition of El Paso on the Move with Paul Strelzin that I found pretty interesting. I’m paraphrasing here but essentially they said that the delay doesn’t bode well for the prosecution because of the delay and that if they had their case together they wouldn’t need a delay.

Before you all start nodding in agreement, let me point something out. It was the defense teams that requested the delay and the reason the requested the delay is because there is a large quantity of evidence including phone calls, emails, text messages, and computer files.

The real threat to the prosecution’s case, and this is something Caballero and Leeds didn’t mention, is the fact that there is a case in front of the Supreme Court involving deprivation of honest services that could have great implications in the Sanchez/Jones case.

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