Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Show Some Love for the Spanish Language Media

For being the highest-rated television station in town, KINT doesn't get the love it should around here.

They are the only local television news station that covers 100% local news. Yes I work for Entravision, but I'm not saying that to be a company man, I just dig local news and they give the most depth to local news coverage on television.

We have a new reporter here named David Stout. The El Paso Times reports that he replaced long-time reporter Luis Villagrana.

He actually is replacing Pedro Villagrana. Come on news partners, get the names right! Especially since Pedro has been a fixture in this town for years.

The Luis that works here is our sports guy, Luis Zuniga.

As far as I know he's not being replaced, especially considering how many people watch him for World Cup updates! But then again, I'm low-man on the totem pole around here so I'd be the last to know. Kidding, don't read anything in to that.

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