Friday, June 4, 2010

“…Shut Him Up…!”, Slander & Libel

(The following piece is my opinion and my opinion only. It is based entirely on my good faith belief.)

That’s a quote. And that’s how she rolls.

I’m sick and tired of Theresa Caballero. I’m sick and tired of everyone being afraid of her. I’m sick and tired of her saying and doing anything she wants and no one calls her on her shit.

Let me make this clear to you, her, and everyone else reading: I don’t fear her.
In my opinion Caballero tries to bully and intimidate people in town that don’t agree with her or are critical of her. I believe that if you express a critique or opposition to her, she will apply pressure in order to silence you. I will not succumb to that pressure. I will not be intimidated.

This part isn’t opinion, its fact: Theresa Caballero has made multiple calls to management complaining about me. Her latest call was earlier today.
She left a voicemail that said in part, “…shut him up…”.

Many people have told me that they fear her in any capacity of power because of situations like this. That is of course, their own good faith belief that may or may not reflect the beliefs or fears of any one else.

Personally I am a fan of freedom of speech. I express an opinion that is contrary to hers. I ask publically for her to substantiate the allegations she makes. I believe that my existence annoys her.

I sometimes feel like I am the only one in town with the balls to stand up to her.
I won’t be silenced. I have a right to express my good faith belief. I didn’t serve my country to allow someone else to try to silence me. I’ve earned my right to speak up and plan on exercising it.

Now many have asked the question, does Caballero put herself in a dangerous position in terms of slander/libel because of her assertion in court documents about DA Jaime Esparza being guilty of nepotism and having a child with his secretary.

Because Caballero’s allegations are part of a court proceeding, they are protected.

Essentially if it is connected to a court case, she can say whatever she wants to say and not worry about being sued over it because it’s part of a court case.

Which is interesting considering some of my critiques of her on my show stem from the fact that I alluded to an alleged connection between Caballero and some people who have allegedly been implicated in an alleged court case, allegedly.

Sounds like the same protections she enjoys are also extended to yours truly. I love our judicial system!

All I know is this, you can’t seriously expect to have your cake and eat it too. You can’t possibly think that you can enjoy an easy ride from Strelzin not challenging anything you say and asking questions like “I gotta ask you, what’s your favorite color?” and “Have you done something different with your hair?” and expect no one to critique you.

Some people might think that she was waiting for the opportunity to present itself where she would be able to allege something scandalous about Esparza, like a secret love child, and enjoy shelter from legal recourse.

Still others might point out the fact that she seems to be pretty adept at leveling outlandish allegations like a secret love child belonging to a political rival, or allegations leveled against a reporter who has been critical of Caballero in the past, but seems to have thin skin with anyone challenges her.

It’s an interesting critique and one we should watch as the situation continues to develop.


Memo Medina said...

Good for you, Jaime. This lady is no lady.

Thomas Dorman said...

Here your bumper music when you discuss TC and other lawyers in El Paso in and out of government on the radio.Jackson Brown's Lawyers in love.
What a soup opera!What I want to know is how much this soup has cost the tax payers over the last five years?

Anonymous said...

I am not sure all allegations made in a lawsuit are protected, in defense maybe re 'any theory of defense' but in a plaintiffs suit I think one can still face defamation claims...

A area that is protected is what a person tells law enforcement about other.

Carl Starr

Anonymous said...

also there may be a dispute as to who made claim the defendant or attorney...also while court docs may have some protection, what a person relates to the Media may be less protected.

Carl Starr

elizabeth said...

I do not always agree with you but this time you
are 100% correct about Theresa Caballero.
She is an attention whore and the biggest hypocrite in El Paso. She needs a shrink.

Anonymous said...

Jaime you are my new hero. No one stands up to TC except you. She sues TV reporters for slander and then she goes out and slanders everyone she doesn't like (Jaime Esparza, JoAnn Bernal, David Crowder, you, etc.). Go get her. We're behind you.

Stefanie P.