Wednesday, June 9, 2010

TC’s Double Standard

She’s shown her brilliance yet again.

She’s managed to get headlines, grab attention, and take people’s focus off of the issue at hand.

I have to give her credit.

Only TC could make something like this happen.

She completely took the attention away from her client, Judge Regina Arditti and the charges leveled against her, and put the focus on TC’s political rivals. All the while spinning a tale that included an alleged affair, an alleged secret love child, a medical examiner, and more conspiracies than Watergate and the Iran-Contra Affair combined.

I’ve been spit-balling for days trying to figure out how the hell she does it.

What’s worse is I now expect it to happen and it still catches me by surprise. It’s almost like it’s the 80’s all over again and its fourth and goal. The Fridge comes in to the huddle and you just know the ball is coming right behind him. Everyone in the stadium knows it’s coming and even if you stack the line, the Bears are scoring.

And then I figured it out.

The reason she always seems to win (unless an election is involved, she’s still 0-for in that department) is because she plays by different rules than everyone else. And she’s got guts. I hate to admit it, but it’s true. She wouldn’t be able to pull off the magic if she didn’t have guts. Maybe that’s part of her brilliance too.

Here’s what I mean by a different set of rules.

If she’s making a political play, then in my opinion, she can level pretty much any claim she wants at anyone. I sometimes feel like she’s a modern day Don Quixote, only instead of fighting windmills, she’s fighting “corruption”.

Hell, pick your metaphor. Maybe it’s Moby Dick and she’s the Captain searching for the big white whale named “Corruption”, relentlessly pursuing it night and day.

She “crusades” against what she calls corruption. But pointing out the fact that it’s my belief that she’s the one with alleged ties to people allegedly under the shadow of suspicion of alleged malfeasants is somehow out of bounds.

I have made this point before, because several people have pointed it out to me. The only other person that some people I know say is as passionate about fighting “corruption” was former mayor, Ray Caballero, her father. I’ve never met him, but from what I’m told, his pursuit of perceived corruption was the stuff of legend.

For better or worse, I’m a lot like my dad so it stands to reason that she’s a lot like hers.

Hey look there's the apple not falling far from the tree!

I once mistakenly referred to TC and Stuart Leeds as law partners. It’s the only time she’s called my show. She called and told me that they are not law partners and followed by saying, “…so let’s stick to the facts…”

Which is real interesting when you consider that she filed papers in court alleging an affair between District Attorney Jaime Esparza and his secretary and asking for a paternity test of the secretary’s youngest child, all based on “a good faith belief” of what “…employees close to the DA have said…”

That left me scratching my head wondering what the hell happened to “let’s stick to the facts”?

In my opinion, she’s quick to go on the attack, but if she’s challenged she, in my opinion, plays the role of victim. Remember the time I was going to ask her a question at a forum and she was looking for City Rep Emma Acosta to throw her a life preserver?

But let’s take this thing full circle and “stick with the facts”. In documents filed in court, TC alleges that District Attorney Jaime Esparza is himself guilty of nepotism.

I thought of the classic carnival game. Step right up folks; follow the ball under the walnut shell…

So I asked for guidance on just exactly what the State of Texas classifies as Nepotism. I was able to get the same documents that are given to elected officials in Texas when they first take office. There’s a lot of legalese that could bore the paint off of walls, but from what I gathered, it comes down to two types of relation in order to be considered nepotism.

Now mind you, I’m not as smart as big shot lawyers who make significantly more every year from the tax payers of El Paso County than most employees of El Paso County, after all, I have just under two semesters of community college.

But from what I read, any alleged relationship fits neither legal standard, consanguinity nor affinity, to constitute nepotism.

Oh yeah, and another thing. The child doesn’t work for Esparza!

In my opinion, that never mattered. Nepotism was never the point. The point was to get people to stop talking about Judge Arditti and start talking about Esparza.
And it worked.


By the way, management made a decision, so don’t expect to hear TC on Talk Radio 1150.


Anonymous said...

Nepotism is when you hire your own family member...Example: Sissy Hernandez

SammyC said...

Don Quixote, Moby Dick and the Refrigirator Perry all in one post. You brought out the big guns.......LOL

I still think she is trying to get rid of all the dalmations in the world.

Memo M. said...

I hope she is finally banned from KHRO. I’m tired of hearing what a crusader she is as she's pointing out corruption all around her. Well if her SH$# doesn't stink, just the fact that she has tried to silence the Lion Star makes me think she has something to hide. She is worthless unless she can point fingers at others and draw attention to herself. What a loser.

Anonymous said... far as the photos of TC that really the same person?

-Signed Playboy Photog

Anonymous said...

That top photo almost makes her look ... dare i say it? ... decent. Anyone who has seen her in person knows that it clearly has been retouched! No way is TC even a little pretty!

Anonymous said...

Stop using that top pic of her. It looks nothing like what she really looks like. She had that one done for her campaign but it is so air brushed it looks like a "glamour shot". If you see her in person you would never know she is the same person in the pic. Just one more example of how weird she is.

Anonymous said...

So since KHRO has banned her does that mean she has moved from "She who shall not be named" to "She who shall not be heard"?