Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dee Margo's Newest Charge Against Joe Moody

Sources in the Margo camp tell me that the next critique leveled against Moody by Margo will be that Moody was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Interesting change in tactic, but it might signal an attempt by Dee Margo to try to appeal like more of a regular guy and less of an establishment country club Republican.

Dee Margo has acquired quite a bit of wealth since inheriting ownership of his father-in-law's insurance company. I wonder if he would characterize his own children in the same manner as his campaign is apparently going to characterize Rep Moody?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"We Don't Recognize Tim Collins as a Candidate"

That's a direct quote from Oscar Gonzalez, the campaign manager for the Republican Party's candidate for Congress, Tim Besco. The alleged Democrat said that to me on the phone Monday night when I invited his candidate to come on my show and debate Tim Collins.

This is why I hate dealing with gate keepers because they often think they are doing whats in the best interest of their candidates and very often they are wrong. Dead wrong in this case.

Besco has very weak support, even in his own party. Tim Collins is the candidate the Republicans wish they had. A guy who is solid on the issues, understands the regular people, and can present well.

The Besco campaign has an excellent opportunity to put any fears of the base to rest and show that he belongs in the discussion as a top tier candidate. You don't just automatically inherit that status just because you are the Republican nominee in El Paso. That's like being the prettiest girl in the ugly contest.

I seriously doubt this came from Tim Besco himself. Again, I think its an instance of his campaign manager telling him what he thinks is the right move. If I'm Besco, I remind the campaign manager who is boss. Near as I can tell, Gonzalez doesn't have a lot of campaign experience, which is unfortunate for any congressional candidate. You absolutely need a seasoned campaigner. So far the only campaign experience of any note that I can dig up on Gonzalez is with Joe Wardy's mayoral campaign, which was non-partisan. I've checked in the party and he doesn't appear to be known in the Democratic Party either.

My sources in the Republican party tell me that many of the party volunteers and activists have had some kind of run-in with Gonzalez along the way and they have been hesitant to help out with the campaign.

What's more disappointing about this particular situation is that Besco will be meeting Collins at a community forum hosted by Emma Acosta. So are they recognizing Collins at that event.

BTW, that event is scheduled for October 9th at Burgess High School from 10am to Noon. I guess I'll have to attend that forum and post the video online.

The point here is this, just because you'd rather they weren't running doesn't mean you get to decide whether or not someone is a candidate. The people recognize him as a candidate and he has secured the necessary number of signatures to get write-in votes counted.

In my book, and for my show, that's good enough. I hate to break it to Gonzalez's, but far more people listen to talk radio than have heard from his candidate. You'd think they'd jump at the opportunity to show what Besco is made of. I've had him on previously and gave him a fair shot.

I recognize Collins. I extended the invitation to the Besco camp.

I hope they reconsider and take me up on the offer.

Lets keep this in perspective, both camps are going to get creamed by the Congressman and combined I doubt they get much more than 30% of the vote, and that's being generous!

All the more reason for Besco to engage Collins.

Is There a Doctor in the House?

That's probably what many in the Mexican American Bar Association were wondering on Saturday morning when the organization was holding its endorsement interviews for the upcoming election, especially when it came to the interview for the only contested County Commissioner race between Republican incumbent Dan Haggerty and Democratic Party challenger Dr. Eduardo Servin.

From The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia
Servin was a no show.

Not only was he a no show, he failed to turn in the extensive questionnaire.

Yes, that is sarcasm.

The questionnaire was only around 10 questions. At this point in a campaign the candidate should have so much experience giving a stump speech that 10 questions on a form should be something he can do in his sleep.

You'd think a college professor would no all about completing a 10 question quiz!

In the history of easy endorsements to win, the MABA endorsement for Servin should be in the Hall of Fame of easy wins. Not because of the process, the MABA endorsement actually calls for 2/3 majority of the membership in order to be secured.

But that's not a hard thing to accomplish when your opponent has been publicly critical of the organization.

But wait, it gets worse for Servin. Sources indicate that not only did Haggerty have the balls to show up to interview for the endorsement, but I'm told the long-time Republican compared the organization to the clan.

There's no way that Haggerty is going to get the endorsement, but this mistake on the part of Servin isn't a little one. It's a major mistake, and furthermore, its indicative of the fact that Servin's campaign has never really got in gear.

Quietly some activists in the party have complained that Servin and a couple of other Democrats aren't doing their part in terms of campaigning. That's particularly troubling for Servin because those same activists were hopeful that he would be able to take out Haggerty.

But there doesn't appear to be a lot of money in Servin's campaign and there appears to be even less effort. While other campaigns are doing megawalks and are putting money in to signage, Servin has done very little on that end.

Dion Dorado is another one who many party activists are saying aren't doing their part to get out the base. He's a westside candidate for Justice of the Peace. Not too many people know who he is, even in the party, but he will benefit from running as a Democrat. The party is relying on the volunteer structure of ALL the candidates in order to mobilize the base and getting out the vote.

Especially the westside candidate because of the seat belonging to State Rep Joe Moody. Many in the party are worried that some of the candidates think its the other way around.

The bottom line is that its getting late in the game for Servin to still be making campaign blunders. He needs to get his campaign in gear and operate with a sense of urgency. He's got an opponent that regularly says things that are offensive or inappropriate and Haggerty is practically trying to lose. Servin may squander a good opportunity for the Democratic Party if he doesn't start mobilizing, spending money, and getting more than just a sprinkling of campaign signs out in the field.

Congressman Ciro Rodriguez Visits El Paso

Here is a slide show of Congressman Ciro Rodriguez's visit to El Paso last night. The Congressman spent the day in the far east part of El Paso County visiting with constituents and trying to push hard for a get out the vote effort for November's election.

El Paso Times Merida Report Story, What's the Angle?

I read a front page story in the El Paso Times yesterday about delaying aid to Mexico as part of the Merida Initiative.

Its a really interesting story and something we should all be paying attention to, especially considering the tragedy happening in Juarez and throughout Mexico.

But I am totally confused by the timing of the story. This report came out September 2 and they are just now getting to the story? The Washington Post wrote this story about the report on the 3rd of September.

In their defense, the Times does state that the report was released two weeks ago (it was actually more like over 3 weeks ago, but you get my point).

Maybe they think we don't read publications outside of El Paso, but some of us do use the internet, follow RSS feeds, or Twitter.

Nonetheless, I thought it was a good story, I'm just totally confused by the timing.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Rain Song - Radio La Chusma LionStar Live Remix

Ernie Tinajero stopped by the Lion's Den on Friday to talk about some upcoming shows for Radio La Chusma.

As always, the homies from La Chusma play a little when they stop by and Ernie sang a song called Rain Song, and gave it a little Lion Star remix!

Check it out.

Moody Trails Margo

The first bit of polling this year was done for the only race in town that matters. It's the only one that matters because its the only one the Republicans have a shot at winning other than possibly hanging on to Haggerty's seat. The rest of the sacrificial lambs are going to get beat soundly, as usual.

Though the poll shows the now-Latino Dee Margo with a slight lead, the poll shows that the race is pretty much a statistical dead heat.

From The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia
That's really, really, really bad news for Dee Margo. At this point in the race, given the demographics of District 78 (it's the richest, whitest, and most conservative area of town), and the overall sentiment towards Democratic incumbents, I expected Margo to be ahead by at least more than the statistical margin of error.

Especially given the passion and energy of the Tea Party Movement. In fact, Margo, who was ahead most of the way in polling in the last race, should be getting a big boost from the Tea Party Movement. The Tea Party Movement should be his version of the Obama Tsunami, which is what he credited his loss to last go around.

Here's why Dee Margo should be concerned.

He pretty much has everything going in his favor in the race at this point. The only thing not in his favor is the fact that he is facing a candidate that is, with the exception of State Rep Joe Pickett, the most polished and liked member of the El Paso delegation. Let's face it, State Rep Joe Moody isn't going to help Margo along the way, the way State Rep Chavez helped now-Rep-Elect Gonzalez.

Chavez basically did everything she could do to lose the race, Moody just doesn't have a political self-destructive nature.

But with everything else going Margo's way, including a rumored infusion of cash from the Texans for Lawsuit Reform, Margo should be very worried. (You remember the TLR right? They are the Republicans that funded Rep-elect Gonzalez's campaign to the tune of 98%. That's gotta be awkward for Moody knowing that his Democratic colleague padrinos are now funding his opponent.)

Moody hasn't had the big money come in yet.

Moody hasn't had the staffers from the Texas Democratic Party come in yet.

Moody hasn't really started an air war yet.

And the voters haven't had a side-by-side comparison yet.

With a margin as close as it is now, with more than a month to go in the race, the fruition of any one of those factors can flip-flop those numbers.

Contrary to what Margo believes, the reason he lost wasn't Barack Obama. He lost because he underestimated his opponent. He lost because he basically surrendered Canutillo to Moody by not purchasing Spanish language advertising. He lost because they thought they were running in front, when they were actually behind. The polling last time around didn't reach Moody's supporters because they pollsters called landlines.

Margo is making some changes this time around in order try to rectify the mistakes of the past. He's now Latino. Not sure if he's buying Spanish-language media this time, but he did make an internet video highlighting is new-found heritage. To his credit, he has embraced the El Paso Chapter of the Latino National Republican Coalition, which gives him a starting point at reaching out to Latino voters.

Margo underestimated his opponent last time. You get the sense that he looked at Rep Moody as just a kid and not a serious threat. Then when they actually got in to debates, Moody cleaned Margo's clock. Moody is an attorney so debates are his strong suit. Margo always appeared to have an edge to his presentation. You just had this sense that he was always on the edge of losing his temper.

The two really haven't had any side-by-side time in this campaign and if he's smart, Margo will avoid it as much as he can. A big part of earning an undecided voters vote is likeability. Margo, contrary to popular belief is a pretty likeable on one. But in groups he just seems uncomfortable and awkward. Almost needlessly defensive.

So Margo is clearly doing some things differently. But there are at least two factors that are going to be a huge uphill battle for Margo to overcome.

One is the fact that Margo is has to show why the district shouldn't return Moody to Austin.

That's not an easy task because Moody received accolades, passed meaningful legislation, and basically didn't do anything particularly wrong. Margo's only card to play is guilt by association. He has to run against the Democratic Party brand. There aren't many major issues that affect El Paso that the two would have different approaches toward. In Austin, the delegation generally worked together on El Paso-based issues over the last 20 years.

Margo has to convince voters that the same plays will be called, but he should be the starter instead of Moody. Not an easy thing to do without at compelling issue or ideological difference on the local stuff.

But the biggest worry for Margo should be the Moody ground game. Moody's people have been working the ground game for a while now and its the single biggest defining factor in El Paso elections. Republicans just don't seem to be good at grassroots organizing in this town. The Tea Party Movement sort of fell apart here locally, so there is not really a structure in place to take advantage of the energy of the Tea Party Movement. The LNRC is an organization with some committed people to execute a grassroots operation, but there is no one within the party that actually has the know-how to direct and manage a grassroots operations.

With a credible threat to Governor Perry coming from Bill White, there will be more chess pieces in the field that Moody will be able to benefit from and the Democrats won't be falling asleep at the wheel, which would've benefited the Margo campaign tremendously.

The bottom line here is that Dee Margo shouldn't be cracking open the champagne bottles yet. He still has a long way to go and a lot of things have to go his way in order to take the seat from State Rep Joe Moody.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My First BJ!

Relax cochinos, I wasn't talking about that!

I'm talking about the other BJ, the Border Journal!

I just wrote my first piece for the Border Journal, which you can find at

Remember you can always submit a piece to either myself or David K and we will post it up on The Border Journal.

If you've ever wanted to have something published, now is your chance.

We seem to get a pretty fair amount of conservatives submitting pieces, but it would be nice to hear from our liberal friends as well.

Now go get your daily BJ!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Escobar V Perez, The Debate on the LSL!

The Democratic and Republican Party Nominees for County Judge will square off in a debate on The LionStar Live! on Thursday, September 30th in an special expanded edition of The LionStar Live!

Due to time constraints, call-in questions will be limited but you can email your questions to

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

EP Dem Party & Gay Rights

From The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia
Now is the time for the El Paso Democratic Party leadership to step up and do what their job requires them to do, take the lead.

The Republicans are holding funding for our ENTIRE military hostage in order to make a political statement that is about one thing...bigotry.

They want the chance to kill the repeal of DADT and the DREAM Act one at a time. Their opposition to the inclusion of the two amendments in the funding bill isn't about process, its about their fear/hatred of gay people and brown people.

Locally, we will be dealing with a related issue in Novemeber. The city will have a ballot initiative that was started by the Christian right but will affect more than just the gay community.

But some people are nervous when dealing with gay rights issues, even if the issue locally isn't just about the gay community.

This is the time when Chairman Danny Anchondo, Committeewoman Yolanda Clay, and Committeeman Don Williams have to have the courage to fight the November initiative.

They should fight it hard and publically!

Gay rights is part of the national platform and our local Democratic Party leadership should not be afraid of it because of the demographics of our community. What's right is right, no matter what.

Part of the job of the Democratic Party leadership is to raise money and to expand and mobilize the base. The El Paso Democratic Party has a chance to bring more people in to the party fold. God knows there's not a place for them in the GOP!

I can't think of too many opportunities to expand the ranks of the GOP and get more people in the habit of voting Democrat in El Paso like the chance that now presents itself.

I have faith in our party leadership. I hope its not misplaced...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Poll

Take the new poll I just posted here on The LionStar Blog.

Why Antcliff Can't Lose...

A couple of more thoughts on the Antcliff/Lizarraga race.

Antcliff seems to always find his way back on to the bench after adversity, mostly because he’s very dialed in with appointment process.

I recently wrote about the departure of Judge David Guaderrama. Even if Antcliff loses, which he will, he will likely be reappointed to replace Guaderrama until he loses to the next Democratic Party challenger.

He’s a well-respected jurist by his peers and dialed in to the appointment process, so his re-appointment is likely.

That is of course, predicated on a victory on the part of Governor Perry. That’s no longer a foregone conclusion…

Chris Antcliff Gears up Campaign

Chris Antcliff who was appointed to 168th District Court is trying to hold on to his seat from the challenger Marcos Lizarraga.

From The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia

Antcliff is gonna lose, and more than likely lose big, but it won't be for lack of effort.

Antcliff has been campaigning hard over the last month or so and over the last couple of weeks his campaign signs have started to sprout up all over town.

He also opened up a campaign headquarters recently. He moved in to a building hear the downtown are just off the freeway. It used to serve as the HQ for the Sergio Coronado campaign who ran in the Democratic primary for county judge.

Lizarraga isn't taking his victory for granted and has been attending nearly every Democratic party political function and will likely be fielding campaign signs soon himself.

Antcliff has clearly put some money in this campaign, but Lizarraga doesn't really have to spend too much money to win this election. His biggest threat was a really low voter turn-out and a massive Republican turn-out.

But even then, there aren't the numbers for a Republican to win in a county wide election, which is why it hasn't happened since the 80's.

Factor in the fact that Bill White is doing well against Perry and that means Democrats may actually have decent voter turnout (relatively speaking of course) which means is smoot sailing for Lizarraga at this point.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Interview with Lowrider Girl at Lincoln Park

Guaderrama Gets Fed Job?

Looks like Judge Guaderrama will get that job on the federal court he's been up for. Sources indicate that the long-time El Paso judge turned in his letter of resignation today and his resignation will become effective October 1st.

Though there has yet to be an official announcement, this is a strong indication that the judge is getting the job.

Tune in to Noticias 26 tonight for a full story.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Congratulations David K

David K and his wife welcomed a new daughter in to the world. Its their first baby and his life will now be completely different.

Don't be surprised if you don't see too many blog posts for a while from DK while his new daughter is settling in but something tells me he'll start having open letters to baby formula companies, diaper makers, etc.

Congrats man. Try to avoid being pee'd, pooped, or puked on. (Resistance is futile, its gonna happen.)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sunshine Thinking for the Tea Party

My buddy David K over at Refuse the Juice and many like-minded people in the Tea Party Movement are probably drinking a little too much of their own Kool-Aide, or in this case, tea.

David K and others think Democrats are afraid of the Sarah Palins and Christine O’donnell’s of the world. Take this little excerpt from his piece yesterday:

“These Tea Party candidates like O'Donnell scare the shit out of the democrats and guys like Jaime Abeytia. They aren't your normal republican candidates. They're conservative populists! The democrats don't have anything in their play book to defeat candidates that tend to be more like the voters who vote for them. It's easy to attack a Bush-like character who no one can relate to. It's another thing to attack Suzie Homemaker/Candidate, because any criticism of her is a criticism of the average voter.”

I love that DK calls them conservative populists and think Democrats don’t have anything in their playbook to defeat candidates.

You guys go ahead and keep thinking that, I’m sure it helps you all sleep at night.
The reality is, we don’t have to do anything. All we have to do is sit and watch these candidates implode faster than Norma Chavez in a lower valley campaign forum.

The more voters get to know O’Donnell and her Nevada counterpart Sharon Angle, the more people are freaked out by how extreme they are.

Yes, while David K thinks they are “populists”, the fact is they are extremists. Don’t believe me? Check out this fun video of Christine O’Donnell in the 90’s doing an anti-masturbation campaign geared at youth profiled on MTV.

There’s the picture of a populist isn’t it? Sorry, but I don’t recall the evils of masturbation being something the masses have ever really exercised too much political activism about.

Maybe DK doesn’t get it, or maybe it’s just the desperation on the part of Republicans to find a face of the party that is appealing, but the idea that we Democrats are afraid of candidates that actually help us in November is silly.

So silly, someone should investigate to see if we Dems are actually secretly helping candidates that are extremists win GOP primaries!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Podcast: Audio of YISD Special Meeting to Accept Linda Chavez's Resignation

Here is audio of the YISD meeting to accept Linda Chavez's resignation

Linda Chavez Replacement Process Debate

Linda Chavez resigned from the YISD School Board of Trustees and the board voted 6-0 to accept her resignation.

The board also voted 6-0 to approve a replacement process that would allow the board to appoint a replacement until an election in May, at which time the people in the Del Valle community (the area Chavez represented) will vote for a replacement for the remainer of the current term Chavez was serving.

The move was not without criticism. Here's a look at both sides of the issue.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Don’t Play the Blame Game Mr. Leeds

From The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia
Stuart Leeds, the former Chair of the Ethics committee and current member of said committee, in my opinion is trying to play the blame game in the death of his client, David Chavez.

David Chavez was the Ethics Chair that was arrested for aggravated sexual assault involving a relative who was a minor.

Leeds represented Chavez in this matter.

Upon Chavez’s suicide, Mr. Leeds appears to have jumped at the opportunity to get in front of cameras regarding the issue.

In this piece written on KVIA’s website, Leeds appears to put the blame of Mr. Chavez’ death on the public.

"Basically this is the result of people convicting him before he's actually had his day in court and the mob mentality," Leeds said.

Excuse me?

Don’t do your grandstanding at our expense Mr. Leeds.

His comments are predicated on the supposition that he knows the exact reason he took his own life.

The El Paso Times reported that Leeds said that he last spoke with Chavez on Thursday and had given no indication that he was contemplating suicide.

If that’s the case, then why does Leeds make such a rash statement?

The answer is simple in my mind, its political opportunism and grandstanding.

Lucky #13

From The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia
I’ve been going through the indictment to see what other information I can get out of it. So far, there are a couple of parts that have me perplexed but number 13 on page 11 of the indictment is the one that I keep finding myself going back to.

Here’s what it reads, “13. On or about February 13, 2006 defendants, MARK SCHWARTZ, and FRANK APODACA, secured the vote for ACCESS of an elected member of Commissioners Court, in exchange for a $500 campaign contribution to a relative of the elected member of Commissioner’s Court, who was running for elected office.

What bothered me about this particular portion of the indictment was the fact that the feds are alleging that Schwartz and Apodaca bribed a member Commissioner’s Court, but the member apparently isn’t indicted?

Perhaps this something that is coming down the road, after all the FBI did indicate that these indictments marked the end of only one phase of the investigation.

But it’s not too hard to narrow down the possible members of Commissioner’s Court.

I’ll bet I’m not the only one trying to figure out who else it could be.

The biggest clue in the indictment is the fact that feds say that the Commissioner in question had a relative running for political office. So that narrows things down quite a bit. County Judge Briones is actually named (her initials anyway) in another part of the indictment, so that eliminates Briones.

The only other two members of Commissioner’s Court at the time that had relatives running for office were Commissioner’s Teran and Haggerty.

Teran’s daughter Monica was running for Justice of the Peace. Ironically she was running against Fred Chavez, husband of Linda Chavez, a member of the Ysleta Independent School Board that is set to resign today and was one of the 11 indicted.
Commissioner Dan Haggerty’s brother Pat was running for re-election to the State House.

So the next step for me was to check campaign finance reports to see which of the two received a campaign donation around that time in the amount of $500, in order to figure out who the mystery member of Commissioner’s Court is.

Well, after an exhaustive examination of both candidates’ campaign finance reports at the time, I am unfortunately no closer to identifying the member of Commissioner’s Court in question. Both candidates had more than one contribution in the amount of $500 in those reports.

Interestingly, Monica Teran did have a $500 contribution from her father in her run-off election, which was in that time frame. Haggerty had plenty of campaign money and didn’t appear to have a hard time collecting contributions. In fact, I was surprised at the amount of PAC money he was taking.

Sorry folks, I was really hoping to be able to find the Commissioner in question but it appears that I am unable to eliminate the possibility of either. Which I guess means it’s one of the two, but who knows which one?

You’ll have to make up your own mind on that one or wait til the feds reveal it in a later indictment, if that ever becomes the case.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Police Called to Former Ethics Chair's Home

Crime scene tape covers the westside home of David Chavez. Police scanner traffic indicates that there was a suicide at the address listed as the home of David Chavez.

Tune in to Canal 26 tonight, they will probably be the first on the scene tonight.

Special thanks to my source for the tip....

Friday, September 10, 2010


September 13th, at 6:00pm will be a special meeting to discuss the resignation of a YISD Trustee. The meeting will be at the Central Office, 9600 Sims Drive, El Paso.

Here is an excerpt from the agenda of the special meeting:

The subjects to be discussed or considered or upon which any formal action may be taken are listed below. Items do not have to be taken in the same order as shown on this meeting notice.
Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Board Member Resignation, and Announcement of Vacancy.
Consider and Take Possible Action Regarding Method of Filling Vacancy in Trustee Single Member District 7.
ADJOURNMENT This notice has been publicly posted at the administrative offices of the Ysleta
Independent School District, 9600 Sims, El Paso County, Texas, seventy-two (72) hours in advance of the above meeting, as required by the following sections of the Texas Government Code: 551.041 and 551.043. This notice is also posted at all school district high schools.
Marty Reyes, President; Andy Ramirez, Vice-President; Bob Ward, Secretary; Linda Chavez,Ramon Federico, Shane Haggerty, and Rosa Montes Kahoe, Trustees.

Anyone wanna bet its Linda Chavez that resigns???

Thursday, September 9, 2010

No Wonder this GOP Candidate Doesn't Want Debates!

If I were her, I wouldn't want Arizona voters to have a side-by-side comparison either! I can't tell if she was drunk or just an air-head. My favorite part is when she knows she screwed up, she goes after Obama instead of her opponent!

But if you thought that was all the fun, no wait, there's more! Brewer is the gift that keeps on giving! Check this out. When she's asked about the lies she told about her own state, check out her reaction!

Sad thing is, its Arizona so she will probably win re-election. How bad is that!?!?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Commissioner Perez Hosts Tax Meeting; Community Doesn't Give a Shit

Here's what drives me nuts about El Paso.

The County has been going through some really rough budget hearings and some difficult decisions have been made. Despite all the belt tightening, the fact is the effective tax rate is going to go up and there doesn't appear to be a way out of it.

The Sheriff's are getting 8% raise. That sure could've come in handy in this round of budgets and they are the only county employees getting a raise, while the rest are furloughed and/or having their hours cut back.

But a whopping 22 people showed up to Commissioner Perez' meeting on the budget situation at the county. I'll bet anything that you will hear people bitching and moaning about their taxes going up and they will all have their individual theory as to this particular cut, or that particular cut, etc., all over talk radio but no one actually showed up to the meetings when it mattered.

So come election time, you are going to have a boatload of people running for office with all the answers and yet during the actual budget discussions, they are no where to be found.

I'll probably try to post the entire meeting if I can, but here is one interesting highlight of the meeting.

Dick Bowen & Sluts

I almost peed my pants this morning when I was listening to Greg's show. Dick Bowen, Republican candidate for Texas Senate (District 19), called in to his show while they were talking about the crazy nut in Florida that wants to burn the Quran.

Bowen mentioned the belief among suicide bombers that they get 70+ virgins upon their death.

Bowen asked if they had to stay virgins and then stated that he'd "rather have four or five sluts".

Greg saved him and ended the call. God I love talk radio!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rep Chavez Snubbed at Labor Breakfast

According to attendees of the Labor Day Breakfast yesterday commemorating Labor Day, State Rep Norma Chavez was not initially recognized by the event organizers.

Apparently Representative Chavez had not signed in when she went to the breakfast and that was the reason for the oversight.

It’s always awkward when one is overlooked, but it must’ve been even more awkward considering the fact that on more than one occasion people at the mike, including Congressman Reyes, made reference to the fact that the entire El Paso legislative delegation was sitting together at the same table.

Legislators at the table: State Reps Chente Quintanilla, Marissa Marquez, Joe Moody, and Rep-Elect Naomi Gonzalez.

Chavez was at another table and Representative Pickett was not in attendance.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Funniest Press Release I've Ever Seen From a Candidate

I get a lot of press releases and I make note of what they say. I read all of them. Occassionally I pass them on and once in a while I attend something.

If you are on the press list for Jaime O. Perez, Republican candidate for County Judge, then you get a bazillion press releases.

If his intent was to get noticed, mission accomplished because here is the last one Perez sent. I have to give him credit, its pretty damn funny, especially if you like A Few Good Men.


El Paso, Texas - September 3, 2010 - Jaime O. Perez (R), County Judge candidate released a faux transcript (below) of a meeting with Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Ben Bernanke: You want answers?

Jaime O. Perez: I think as an American I'm entitled to them.

Ben Bernanke: You want answers?

Jaime O. Perez: I want the truth!

Ben Bernanke: You can't handle the truth!
Boy! We live in a world that has walls and borders. They are there by design. We do it in order to control those within those borders and keep out those that must be imprisoned and controlled within other borders we have created at will.

And those borders have to be guarded by men with guns.

Who's gonna do it?


You, Barack Hussein Obama? You, Mitch McConnell? You, Harry Reid? You, Nancy Pelosi? You, John Boehner?

I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You weep for "Americans" and the "unemployed". You weep for the illegal criminal "Santiagos" and you curse the bankers.

You have that luxury.

You have the luxury of not knowing what I know: that the death of illegals, the hunger of American children, the decapitations in Mexico, the car bombs in Iraq, the live torchings in Afghanistan, while grotesque and tragic, saves important lives, those lives with value and wealth. My actions and that of international bankers keep control over the out of control population of barely human, ignorant masses and captures raw materials necessary for those we want to survive, to do so!

And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves the global system and ensures your survival, the survival of your insipid and irrelevant existence.

You don't want the truth!

Because deep down, in places you don't talk about at political parties, you want me controlling your lives and your borders.

You need me controlling the world's wealth. You need me on that wall. You need me keeping Mexicans in Mexico, Chinese in China and Greeks in Greece.

We use words like fundamentals, financials, leverage, creditworthiness and assets...we use these words as the backbone to a life spent defending the wealth of our shareholders. They mean something.

You use 'em as a punchline!

You use them as smokescreen for your pathetic little life of poverty and pseudo-intellectual yammerings!

I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very control I provide, then questions the manner in which I provide it!

I'd rather you just said thank you and went on your way earning your sad, symbolic little pieces of paper TO WHICH WE GIVE VALUE that you call dollars!

Otherwise, I suggest you buy a share of stock in our banks and sell longer and more colorful AND worthless pieces of paper that provide commodities to ignorant fools that can't afford them while they bask in the glow of their pathetic pornographic fetishes and suffocating consumerism.

Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you're entitled to!

Jaime O. Perez: Did you order the trillion dollar bail out for the international banks to increase claim on American and Chinese labor and global raw materials?

Ben Bernanke: I did the job of the federal reserve. I did the job I am here to do!

Jaime O. Perez: Answer the question!

Did you order Obama to bailout the banks with taxpayer dolalrs KNOWING the too big to fail policy would create chronic unemployment for 10 years!

Ben Bernanke: You're goddamn right I did!! And there is not a fricking thing you can do about it! What are you going to do? Eliminate the Federal Reserve, print and control your own money and regain control of your small worthless piece of real estate called the US of A?

You! In your delusionally fancy Tide with Bleach washed cotton Mexican shirt?

You messed with the wrong banker. Someone fricking call the new US Attorney I placed in his district and order him to unleash the bitches and investigate and indict this sommamitch. NOW!

Jaime O. Perez: My fellow Americans. You are the Judge and Jury. You now know the truth. I ask that you find the federal reserve, their international banking interests and representatives in Congress and the White House, Guilty! and sentence them to a loss of their privileged position as Americas bankers and leaders.

Let us retake our country and our currency and recommit to the fundamental principles of our founding document. AND BEWARE their law enforcement arms! "



I strive for accuracy as much as possible when I post on my blog if I am doing an informational piece. Most of the time I write commentary or editorial.

But if I am writing an informational piece, I try to be accurate. Even though I’m just a blogger and not a real journalist, I above all, want to get it right.

Which is why it sucks that the information I was provided was not 100% accurate as it relates to the names of the people that I was told were ALLEGEDLEY going to be indicted.

In my defense I included the following disclaimer: “The names that are ALLEGEDLY going to be indicted tomorrow are (these names are UNCONFIRMED):”

To ensure that I was clear that the names were as yet UNCONFIRMED, I later ended the piece by stating, “Remember this is the information provided to me by my sources and may or not be 100% accurate. Watch for developments/arrests/turn-ins, etc. tomorrow.”

That being said, Craig Patton’s name was included in the list by my sources but that information turned out to be inaccurate. I’ve been told that I should apologize to Mr. Patton.

I had a good faith belief that the information I provided was accurate. In fact most of the names were accurate.

But in light of the fact that the information regarding Mr. Patton was inaccurate, he is entitled to clarification. Mr. Patton was not included in the list of the people indicted. Although I stand by the work I did in the piece, Mr. Patton should interpret this retraction and clarification as an apology.

Mr. Patton's record of public service is admirable and its unfortunate that my sources erroneously included his name.

Norma Chavez Talking Shit...

From The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia
Tuned in to the Strelz and I heard Norma Chavez talking shit about me. Everyone is a bad ass over the air, but she made a remark about me publishing the names of some of the people that were allegedly going to be indicted.

That was after she was kissing Strelzin's ass for posting something about the story on his blog earlier in the week. But Strelz is the only talk show host that she has a relationship with anymore after all the stuff she's done, so he's her only option at this point and has to work hard at keeping that last relationship intact.

Thanks Norma, but after seeing some of the decisions you've made lately, I'll make my own decisions thank you very much.

Chavez has been pushing Willie Gandara, Jr as a future leader, etc for a while. When the Camino Real MAD Executive Committee ditched Chavez recently, Chavez publically characterized it as amicable.

Let's see how she acts now...

"I am an El Paso Republican" and...

I am clearly reading cue cards.

Apologies to my homeboy Sammy C, but this is some funny shit.

Republican Governor Refuses to Recant False Statement

Clarification about Willie Gandara Jr. Analysis

Apparently there is some confusion over what my analysis was regarding the political impact of the arrest of the Gandara family patriarch Willie Gandara, Sr. on the career of his son Willie Gandara Jr.

I guess people thought I said it would mean the end of his political career. That's not what I said. I said I thought it was the end of his congressional hopes.

I stand by that statement.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

***Potentially Breaking News Re: Public Corruption Scandal

Multiple sources are reporting to me that several high profile people in town are going to be indicted tomorrow as part of the public corruption scandal.

The names that are ALLEGEDLY going to be indicted tomorrow are (these names are UNCONFIRMED):

Charles Garcia-SISD
Ray Rodriguez-SISD
Willie Gandara Sr.-SISD, Mayor of Socorro
Linda Chavez-YISD
Mickey Duntely-YISD
Frank Apodaca- Formely of Access Health
Luther Jones
Gilbert Sanchez
Linda Hays

Remember this is the information provided to me by my sources and may or not be 100% accurate. Watch for developments/arrests/turn-ins, etc. tomorrow.

Photoshow of Presidential Visit

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