Friday, September 3, 2010

Clarification about Willie Gandara Jr. Analysis

Apparently there is some confusion over what my analysis was regarding the political impact of the arrest of the Gandara family patriarch Willie Gandara, Sr. on the career of his son Willie Gandara Jr.

I guess people thought I said it would mean the end of his political career. That's not what I said. I said I thought it was the end of his congressional hopes.

I stand by that statement.


Anonymous said...

I agree that Jr.'s congressional hopes have taken a big hit, but the fact that he even had hope is a sad commentary on the state of El Paso politics. Some people will suggest that his father's involvement is minor, but ANY involvement should be a red flag to the voters. It makes me sick to think that either a school district or city could have such ignorant and unethical leadership and not do anything about it. Don't get me wrong, I know very few politicians do an adequate job, but what the Gandara's have done for years in Socorro is ridicules. The city of Socorro and the SISD have been run into the ground and the city is one big Colonia. Poor city planning, lack of services, corrupt officials, and a voting group that is no larger than an extended family.
Jaime-please keep covering this issue and really take a close look at Jr.’s representation on Commissioners Court. Jr. was the Mayor of Socorro around this time and it’s not like he didn’t know this was going on. Thanks for the coverage.


Anonymous said...

Ain't that a kick In the pants for the Gandara rats? Two weeks ago Dora Oaxaca “political consultant” for the Gandara rats, was screaming bloody murder over MAD’s organizational structure. Concerned how it would tarnish The Kennedy’s of Socorro legacy (The Gandara rats’ nickname at the Socorro scrap metal yard). After this morning, father and son walk of shame as “daddy rat” turns himself into the FBI for indictments of public corruption. Has put Dora Oaxaca crawling, clawing, climbing, undermining, backstabbing attempts to portray themselves as trustworthy civic leaders to vain. Along with making so many empty campaign promises of scholarship, funds and philanthropy projects that never, surface once in office.

Will Dora Oaxaca beg for her job back with Dee Margo as “domestic consultant?” Adair Margo has not been able to find someone to scrub the Merlot out of her nylons since Dora changed her title from “domestic” to “political” consultant. She could also land on her back, at the Alameda Bates Motel with her latest opportunist’s conquest as “Chambermaid Consultant." These two-bid floozies climb, claw, and stab without ever turning back since they are always plotting and scheming to jump on their next victim.

Proud Socorela
From Campestre area Socorro, TX