Friday, October 29, 2010

Rick Perry Lies to Latinos Today!!!!

Rick Perry's campaign released a video on YouTube that is in Spanish and tells Latino voters that starting today they can early vote.

Are the Republicans trying to embarrass themselves to the Latino community? Today is the LAST day for early voting.

Some Latinos are working hard to get Raza to be Republicans, but the Governor is not helping their cause!

Republican Outlines the Case Against Dee Margo

Today I did a tapping to be aired tomorrow Saturday, October 30 at 10:30 A.M. on Channel 26. As a Conservative, I defended our principles vigorously. On the other hand I am telling the listening audience that I did not vote for either Dee Margo or Moody because neither were conservative and even worse Dee Margo's condescending new found Mexican heritage was the ultimate insult to those of us who are proud Americans and also proud of our Hispanic roots.

Please consider the following:

1. In 1985 Dee Margo was very upset because he was not being chosen by Senator Gramm to be the Civilian Aide To The Secretary of the Army (West Texas). He was told at that time that "the Army was looking for "Hispanics who were also veterans". WHY DID DEE MARGO NOT CLAIM HIS ROOTS THEN. In the El Paso Times Interview He Claimed That The Reason he never claimed his Mexican Roots Before was because he did not see a reason to do so before. I contend that in 1995 he had a good reason. Please also note he was finally appointed to the position after me. I was going to stay away from Dee Margo's race this time until he came out as a "born again Mexican American". The man does not even speak Spanish or know and understand the vast Mexican culture and history. Could it be because he was never interested before this election? He had a chance to publicly claim those roots during the last 2 elections he lost on. Conservative Hispanic Americans are going through great pains to be distinguished as Americans while misguided candidates are spreading the liberal illness of separating us.

2. In 1994 Dee Margo supported financially the Democrat candidate. Not the Republican.

3. In 2000 Dee Margo and his cronies kidnapped the National Republican Hispanic Assembly and re-named it "Amigos de Bush". How could we recruit Hispanics into the Republican Party, which was now perceived to be a convenient arm to get Bush elected by "country club Republicans". El Paso Conservatives lost but Dee Margo won by gaining favor from the Bush Adi ministration.

4. In 2004 Dee Margo sent a messenger to the Party Chairman Burgos insisting that Bobby Ortiz be discouraged from running. Burgos had more integrity than that. However, for his honorable actions Dee Margo paid Burgos by running a guy, who eventually ruined the El Paso Republican Party.

The country is throwing out liberals and RHINOS this year. Why is Dee Margo not in support of checking for illegal immigrants in our border. His Web page simply says he is against illegal immigration. This is also condescending, since we know he does not want to upset the Hispanic voter. I think Conservatives are tired of politicians who claim to be conservative and then prostitute themselves.

We need a truly Conservative movement in El Paso. I pray that the local party and the LNRC gets past this election which they inherited and seriously works for a local, state and federal victory in 2012 with conservative candidates who simply want to serve the people of El Paso and will term limit themselves and propose pay cuts for themselves and the same Social Security and Medical Systems we are all on.

Don't Argue, You Look Stupider...

The logo David K has had his panties in a wad over has started a volley between the two of us in the blogosphere which is actually getting pretty fun for me.

David K is freaking out over a representation of the flag that he thinks is backwards. I know what you're thinking, why is he fussing so much over the logo.

Well, I'm gonna defend David K. If Tim Besco was your party's nominee, wouldn't you find anything you could about the other guy to try to help? I mean seriously, Besco doesn't give David K much to work with, so of course he has to talk about the logo.

What DK doesn't understand is that the logo isn't something brand new, its been that way for 14 years guey. It's been that way for a long time. I know most of the Congressman's staff, they are really really really smart people and mostly pretty young. They aren't stupid or lazy and they do El Paso proud.

Deal with it David K, when you are moving forward, that's what the flag looks like buddy.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Don't Vote & The El Paso Latino National Republican Coalition

Engage, Empower, Educate & Elect!

That’s the motto of the Latino National Republican Coalition.

From The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia
I’m a fan of what the El Paso Latino National Republican Coalition is doing. I know, I know I’m a Democrat and not supposed to say nice things about the bad guys. But I think any effort to get Raza more involved in the political process is something we should all be celebrating.

And when there are deliberate attempts at trying to discourage La Raza from voting, it’s something we should all, Democrat and Republican alike, be against.

When Nevada Senator Harry Reid questioned why any Latino would be a Republican, the LNRC couldn’t wait to send out a press release talking about how evil Senator Reid was doing so. They even called for his resignation because of his comments.

And they were right to be critical of the comments of Harry Reid. If you recall I was also critical of the sentiments of Reid, though I didn’t, and don’t think he needed to resign for being a pendejo.

The LNRC elaborated on their mission statement in the press release calling for his resignation:

El Paso LNRC Mission Statement:

To Engage the Latino community in local Republican Party activities and to work for the advancement of the Party’s principles, policies, and candidates, and to support the platform of the Republican party

To Empower the Latino community by given them a voice, insuring the rightful participation of members in local, state and national elections.

To Educate not only citizens of Latino and Hispanic origin, but all citizens of El Paso in the American political process, the LNRC and the Republican Party.

To Elect qualified Latinos, Hispanics and all qualified Republican candidates to office at all levels of government.

So here’s my question.

Why haven’t the El Paso LNRC issued a statement condemning the group Latinos for Reform for the ads they creating urging Latinos to not vote?

Latinos for Reform is a Republican-funded organization. The HVIC (Head Vato in Charge) is a conservative Republican operative. I traced the PO Box of the organization and it’s the same PO Box used by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

I think the reason that the El Paso Latino National Republican Coalition has been silent on the issue, completely silent on the issue locally, is because the ad is coming from Republicans. Yet it is the El Paso LNRC that should be the ones voicing the loudest concern. Its disrespect of their organization and the goals for which they stand from their own party.

The El Paso LNRC has an absolute obligation and responsibility to their membership to stand up to a move by their own party that runs counter to their own articulated mission statement of empowering the Latino community by giving “them a voice, insuring the rightful participation of members in local, state and national elections.”

You can’t allow your party to work against the stated goals of your group.

It is unacceptable.

The reason I think there was a quick press release from the LNRC when it was Reid’s comments was because he’s a Democrat. I think they forgot that in their organization Latino comes before Republican. They must have because they didn’t say anything when it’s a Republican group being a bunch of pendejos.

The bottom line is Reid was wrong for questioning why Latinos would vote Republican. But an organization spending time, treasure, and talent to get Latinos to not vote at all is way worse and the El Paso LNRC has been completely silent on the issue.
Take it from someone who is frequently critical of his own party, there are times when you have to stand up to the party if they are wrong.

It takes courage to do it, but it’s the right thing to do.

Correcting David K

David K is pissed that I pointed out that he's wrong about how the representation of the US flag used in Congressman Reyes' campaign logo.

He's now fabricating some kind of advertising rules. Hate to break it to my colleague but ad agencies don't set out rules for the proper use and display of the American flag.

I've served under that flag. I've saluted that flag, I've raised it at reveille, retired it at retreat, folded that flag and handed the flag from the casket of a veteran to a surviving family member, so I have to admit I'm a little sensitive about what people say things about it that are wrong.

The image is a representation of a flag, its not actually Old Glory Herself. We never took cues from ad agencies when I wore the uniform and to the best of my knowledge, neither does congress.

David K was wrong and now he's trying to come up with a way to prove himself right. Sorry David, you walked into it this time.

Reyes' "Backward" Flag

From The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia
I wasn't going to write about this because it seemed silly. But because I'm a vet, I feel a bit obligated to set my buddy David K straight on the American flag.

David K made a critique of the Congressman's signs on the freeway. Here's what his piece says:

"Have you seen Congressman Reyes' billboard on I-10 near downtown? The flag in the advertisement is backwards...

It's the result of a smug Congressman and a lazy staff that are 100 percent sure they'll win as long as his names is on the ballot. They are so smug, they don't even proof their advertisements for disturbingly bad errors like a backward flag.

I'm glad the chairman of the intel committee has such an eye for detail."

This post is an example of a guy who isn't fully aware of the rules relating to the display of our country's flag but challenges the intellect and patriotism of the Congressman and his staff. I might add, the Congressman was a Vietnam vet, so trust me when I tell you he probably knows much more about the display of the American flag.

As a guy who actually wore the American flag patch on my uniform when I served, as many of you out there have done as well, I know that the flag is not "backwards". Anyone who's ever served their country in the military knows it.

When you are going forward, that's what the flag looks like. Thats the message behind the display of the flag in the Congressman's ad.

Specifically in the military, we were told in basic training that the flag is displayed that way on our uniforms because American soldiers always move forward, never backwards.

But here are a bunch of pictures of the American flag that David K would think are being displayed improperly.

From The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia

From The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia

From The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia

From The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia

From The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia

From The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia

Wanna Get Away?

From Burges Candidate Forum
The "Wanna Get Away" moment of this years campaign was brought to us courtesy of Rene Nunez, the Democratic nominee for the State Board of Education.

Nunez was at the Democratic Rally in the Valley this weekend and when he had the opportunity to speak, he urged everyone in the audience to press 5 of the ballot.

Pressing 5 means voting straight ticket...Republican!

He was immediately hissed and whistled at and realized the gaffe. He meant to say press 6 for straight ticket Democrat.

Poor guy felt really bad. He immediatley corrected himself and explained to the audience that in other parts of his district, which covers more areas than just the El Paso metro area, pressing 5 is voting straight ticket Democrat.

Dee Margo’s Campaign Contributions

From The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia
As you no doubt know, I’ve been paying very close attention to the race between Dee Margo and State Representative Joe Moody.

I’m not naïve enough to believe that I am really going to change the mind of too many people, but I nonetheless continue to try.

From The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia
This is going to be a pretty long piece, so bear with me but the short of it is that a great deal of Margo’s campaign rhetoric is very hypocritical and I have serious questions about Margo loaning his campaign money.

Like I said, stick around this is going to take awhile.

It appears from campaign finance reports that Dee Margo has dumped in a large amount of cash in to his campaign. There is nothing new about a candidate loaning their campaign money, but I do find it interesting that he’s charging himself interest.

It looks like Margo spent about $100,000 of his own money to try to defeat Senator Eliot Shapleigh.

On September 27th, 2006 he lent his campaign $50,000 when he was running against Joe Moody the first time. He tacked on 5% interest. The Fed Rate at the time was only 4%.

Less than a month later (October 19, 2006) he lent his campaign another $50,000. This time the interest rate was 4.89%.

The January 2007 report indicated his campaign had a zero balance with $100,000 in outstanding loans.

A few months later in May of 2007 he paid himself back $10,000.

Go forward to July 2008, his campaign account is basically empty and he owes himself around $86,500.

In September 2009 Margo loaned his campaign another $39,500. I’m confused as to why considering he never fully paid himself back from the 08 campaign.

Here’s part of Margo’s hypocrisy. While he’s saying Joe Moody is a child of privilege, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, I think it’s a little ironic that he’s spending more than $100,000 on his own personal ambition in the middle of the worst recession in 75 years.

While families were struggling to pay the bills and some people were losing their homes, the fiscal conservative was dropping over $100,000 on landing a title.

Frankly with that kind of spending, I just don’t understand how he calls himself a fiscal conservative and Joe Moody a child of privilege.

The old finance issues raise several questions. First of all, it concerns me that Margo has had reporting problems and the Ethics Commission in every election he’s been in. Is it ineptitude or dishonesty? It’s not for me to say and you can make up your own mind about it, but I think it’s a fair question.

He still has unpaid loans accumulating 5% interest.

Do you know what that means?

It means that he can be paid back a substantial amount more money than he lent his campaign in the first place.

I’m not the smartest vato on the planet, but I think in business, that’s called a profit. That’s $5,000 per year by my count.

One would assume that the Dee Margo campaign would pay him back eventually. But here’s were things get a little worrisome for me. People can donate money to his campaign and he can pay himself back with that money. That could set the stage for soft money to flow from special interests, to his campaign account, and to his personal bank account.

Let’s put this in perspective. At the time that people in El Paso are losing their homes, Dee Margo is lending his campaign enough money to buy a home in this town.

That’s to say nothing of a critique Margo made of State Representative Joe Moody at a debate at Coronado High School. During that debate, Margo was critical of Moody’s donations saying that most of Moody’s campaign donations in the 2008 campaign came from out of town.

If you saw the headline in Wednesday’s paper you saw that Dee Margo has HUGE money in this race and some have started to say that Margo is trying to BUY the seat. But if you break down the numbers you will see that $145,168.80 is coming in from the Texans for Lawsuit Reform and $34,332.69 came in from the Conservative Republicans of Texas. That adds up to $179,501.49 from out of town.

That’s a majority of his contributions.

There’s that hypocrisy thing again.

I’m scratching my head trying to figure out what Margo’s going to do with the rest of his money. Seriously, there are no media buys left, so where is the money going?

Again I realize that I’m probably not going to change anyone’s mind, but I think the finance issues raise several important questions.

With such a hefty amount of money in his campaign accounts in the final days of the campaign, does he plan on spending it all before November 2nd or will he leave some money in his account to pay himself back?

Does he have plans to pay himself back in the future?

And why did he give himself such a favorable interest rate for the loans?

Which leads to my final question. Margo has anti-incumbent sentiment in his favor, he has more money that his opponent, he will spend more money that his opponent, he has anti Democratic Party sentiment in his favor, he has the energized Tea Party base in his favor, etc.

So if he loses a third time, what will he blame the loss on this time?

Questions About Besco's Nursing Experience

Maybe next time the Republicans will put a candidate up for Congress that is worth the effort and money because they clearly wrote it off this time. Nonetheless, I still think this year's sacrificial lamb is worth an examination.

During the campaign, GOP congressional candidate Tim Besco has repeatedly refered to his experience as a nurse. Interestingly he's failed to disclose any information regarding his previous employment history. This omission is surprising considering how much he relies on his nursing experience to make his case to voters.

Beaco has made repeated references to his experience as a nurse during public forums and debates. His website also proudly highlights his nursing experience:

"Now, as a civilian registered Nurse, it's his job to care for and listen to his patients. Tim has been in nursing for 10 years. He has held the hands of the dying, given mothers their new born babies for the the first time, and has loved every minute of it."

Loved every minute of holding the hands of the dying? WTF?

Is it me, or is that just creepy?

My second question is, why doesn't Besco provide any information regarding his employment history?

He's frequently mentioned that he worked at William Beaumont, and even displays the hospital prominently in one of his campaign YouTube videos.

The problem?

Besco doesn't even work at William Beaumont! And no one knows the dates he was on staff, when his employment ended, and why it ended.

Allegations have been swirling that Besco wasn't even part of William Beaumont's permanent staff during his most recent employment stint. Many of the nursing jobs at William Beaumont are filled on a temporary basis through staffing agencies. A quick Google search of "nursing job" and "William Beaumont El Paso" show several job postings that are advertised by temporary staffing agencies.

Is Tim Besco exaggerating his work experience?

Was he hired on a temporary basis?

How long did he work at William Beaumont?

If Besco is bragging about his experience at Beaumont and is using the hospitals image, then he should be up front and disclose the facts about his employment there.

Besco has also claimed that he handled "multimillion dollar budgets." At the East Side Civic Association candidates forum he's caught on camera as saying (Check my youtube channel for the vidoe

"I've served as an administrator in a hospital, and I'm very familiar with handling multi-million dollar budgets, ok. In contrast to the opponent you just heard from earlier. I've had that experience of handling multi-million dollar budgets."

Really?? When Besco was asked to provide more specifics about his experience as an administrator, he said:

"I've worked at Golden Valley Memorial Hospital in Clinton Missouri. I also worked recently at Big Bend Regional Hospital down in Alpine, Texas as an administrator down there."

Hmmm, something doesn't add up. Besco says he's been a nurse for 10 years, that would mean since 2000. According to his website, he served two tours of duty in Iraq from 2003 - 2004. But he's said he moved to El Paso in 2006. So does that mean he handled multi-million budgets fresh out of nursing school between 2000 and 2003? Or between 2004 and 2006? Or did he handle multi-million dollar budgets in his early 30's before receiving a college degree?

Someone needs to ask some serious questions to Besco, or he needs to be more transpearent about his employment history. For a guy running for Congress riding on his nursing credentials, he doesnt' appear to have held a steady job in 10 years. If he really wants the votes, he's got to be upfront about his experience since he seems to be putting all his eggs in the Nursing basket. And he should've done it a long time ago considering early voting is ongoing now and election day is November 2nd.

Tim Collins has provided a very detailed description of his job history in business and finance for voters, and Reyes worked in the Border Patrol for over 26years.

I'm seeing a pretty bad pattern of playing fast and loose with the truth from the Besco campaign and I point to the complaints filed by Danny Anchondo, Chair of the El Paso County Democratic Party as my proof.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Report Card for Team Democrat

From The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia
It bothers people in the party when I calls it likes I sees it, but this is one of those times that it needs to be done.

I can’t stand when some people advocate for straight ticket voting but don’t actually work for the team. In other words, they want to benefit from straight-ticket voting but don’t want to work for it.

So I thought I’d do a little report card of the candidates in terms of who’s being a team player and who’s not. It’s not personal, so if you are named in this piece and are pissed about it, too bad, get over it.

My measurement isn’t the quality of the candidates or their policies or their track record or if I personally like or dislike them. I’m talking about campaigning only.

Congressman Reyes’ Campaign – They’ve put a lot of money in to the Democratic pot. They are in no danger of losing their race yet they are working hard doing the grassroots effort. The Congressman has been to most, if not all, Democratic Party rallies this campaign season.

Jose Rodriguez’s Campaign – Rodriguez is going to win his campaign by a large margin as well, partially because his opponent is a perennial candidate with a weak record and prone to gaffes, but also because his campaign is pushing hard and not taking the election for granted.

Veronica Escobar’s Campaign – Again a candidate that is in no danger of losing, but is still pushing hard. Her campaign is also pushing for the team, not just her campaign. She’s also sent out campaign emails mentioning volunteer opportunities for other candidates.

State Rep Norma Chavez – She’s stayed behind the scenes and her unpopularity hasn’t hurt other candidates.

State Rep Joe Pickett – He’s attended events in his district and brought along his big fire truck. He has an opponent and is going to win big, but he’s done his part.
Commissioner Willie Gandara – Not up for re-election in this election but still hosted a big rally in the valley. It was well-attended and the heavy weights in the party were there.

Marissa Marquez – She showed up to a forum and spoke on behalf of Bill White’s campaign. She doesn’t have an opponent but she’s been around and showed up to events.

State Rep Elect Naomi Gonzalez has only been a couple events and is only there for a few minutes; even the ones in her district. She showed up for a few minutes and left, but she’s new, was financially supported by Republicans, and doesn’t have an opponent in the general. So she deserves kudos for showing up, even if it’s just for a few minutes and time will tell how well she incorporates in to the party. So far, it could be better, but not too bad.

State Rep Chente Quintanilla – Chente’s gente are mostly Democratic and he should be helping with GOTV. He’s nowhere to be seen. I haven’t seen him anywhere near one of the campaigns, which is counter intuitive because he is the one who’s seat is in most jeopardy of losing his seat to redistricting. It will be strange if he asks to the party for help later considering he hasn’t been seen anywhere during the campaigns.

I feel I should clarify that my grade for Quintanilla is not a reflection of my opinion of his service as a state rep. In fact, I have spoken with several constituents in his district that have been happy with his service and his office has been attention on issues that have been raised to their attention. He is also my state rep.

My critique is specific to his lack of assistance with GOTV operations.

I’m sure there are other people I should’ve mentioned, so if I forget anyone, my bad I’ve been real busy.

Joe Moody needs the help of everyone in the party. His colleagues should be there to help.

What's irritating is that there are a couple of candidates that are going to ride the coat tails of the hard work others in the party have done. If there was ever a candidate that should've gone Lower Valley on his opponent its Dr. Eduardo Servin. Haggerty has plenty to run against and he hasn't hit him hard. Hopefully his last minute push will be enough.

Dion Dorado hasn't campaigned hard enough. I've written that previously and he hasn't changed his tactics at all. If he tried half as hard as Barbara Perez has to win her election, which she's going to win big, he would be winning. He's a guy that is going to benefit from everyone else's work and I stand by my critique of his lack of effort. The only time he showed up to anything significant was over the weekend in Canutillo.

He spoke and board the couple of people in the crowd who were actually listenting. He will end up with more votes than actually reflect the work he put in to the campaign, which is a shame because he seems to be a pretty decent candidate. Ironically he was on with Strelz today, who said he was going to support Dorado, and said that unfortunantely Democrats tend to be "lackadaisical" when it comes to voting.

The dictionary defines that term as "Lacking enthusiasm and determination; carelessly lazy."

Sounds more like the definition of Dorado's campaign.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Look at Dan Haggerty

There is an opportunity to get a different voice and get rid of an entrenched career politician.

I'm talking about Republican County Commissioner Dan Haggerty.

He's known as Dr. No.

From The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia
While the guy is very popular in the Democratic Party, let's not forget the other side of happy-go-lucky, back-slappin', wise-cracker.

The other side of that equation is the fact that Haggerty has said some very biggoted statements over the years and no one has ever called him on his shit. The videos below show just a small taste of Commissioner Haggerty.

Aside from some of the things he's said, let's not forget laptop gate and some of the policy suggestions he's advocated for.

Haggerty recently advocated for the elimination of sheriff's patrols in the county.

Haggerty was one of the commissioners who hired the former medical examiner that was so controversial.

Sources in the Mexican American Bar Association indicate that Haggerty compared MABA to the Klan.

When speaking before the Rio Grande Adelante organization, a gay political organization in town, Commissioner Haggerty spoke about the first time he's heard about that organization and mentioned that he'd heard about them at some event in town and made reference to the Tigua's. He proceeded to make some joke about indians that represent just how disconnected to this community he has become.

We need to send Haggerty a message. It's not funny anymore. It's no longer entertaining.

Our community deserves better, our community deserves real leadership on the commissioner's court.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Prominent El Paso Latino Republican Challenges Margo's Ethnicity Claims

Bobby Ortiz, the last viable Republican candidate, and elder statesman of Latino Republicans in El Paso speaks about Dee Margo's new-found heritage.

KVIA Needs to Screen Callers

I'm watching the debate between the two candidates in the District 78 race.

Having run debates myself, there is a reason we don't allow people to call-in with questions. The crazies call in and don't know the facts.

But if you are going to let people call in to live television, at least have one someone screen the calls!

Big G, who is a regular caller to talk radio called in and asked an off the wall question that made no sense.

Then the next call was clearly a plant.

That being said, I thought Maria Garcia did a good job stepping in to run a debate that would've normally been hosted by Darren Hunt. Keeping candidates to a strict time limit isn't easy, let me tell ya.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Besco's Campaign Manager MySpace Page


I've been torn about writing this piece but after conferring with some legitimate journalists I've come to the conclusion that it's appropriate to write this piece.

I've been sitting on this information for almost 2 weeks.

First, let me explain why I had reservations about this piece. In my opinion, Tim Besco, the Republican Party's nominee for congress facing Congressman Sylvestre Reyes, is not a viable candidate. He's gonna lose big so part of me said that its pointless to write the piece because he's such a non-factor.

However, after some deep thought on the issue I've decided to post the information because there is a lesson to be learned here. The lesson is that if you are politically connected or have political aspirations, you should make sure you are aware of your internet presence. And you really shouldn't have images that many women might find sexist or offensive.

A reader contacted me after recognizing Oscar Gonzalez, the campaign manager for Tim Besco, in a previous post. The reader said that there was something I should see on the MySpace page of Gonzalez, who is a Democrat. Gonzalez played with the spelling of his name, which is often done by people who want to make sure that only certain people can find the page, though Gonzalez may just be a fan of the Greek alphabet.

As you can see in this image, Gonzalez posted his status as "naughty" on September 21st.
From The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia

The images that I presume he uploaded to the photo portion of the page personally, are pretty harmless, though this one is pretty interesting.

From The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia

The page, which can only be viewed by friends of Gonzalez, has several sexually suggestive images on the page. WARNING!!! There is partial nudity and strong language in addition to the sexually suggestive pictures.

As you can see, I took this video of the screen and scrolled down through the page to give you all an idea of the content.

I know what you are thinking, who the hell has a MySpace page these days other than 14 year old girls? I was thinking the same thing.

According to the reader, if only friends can view the page, then only friends can post images and video to the page. The images may be something along the line of Spam, but he has the ability to delete the images and delete the "friends" he accepted and gave permission to post on his page.

It's entirely possible that Gonzalez doesn't monitor the page very often, but the lesson is, he should.

His last status update was the 21st of September. I reviewed the content prior to that date just to check to see if perhaps it was just a recent development. The content was similar to what you see in the video.

The other lesson here is about Besco himself.

I think this demonstrates just how disconnected he is to El Paso.

He has only been here a few years, had internal disputes with the Republican Party, he didn't receive the endorsement of the College Republicans who refused to endorse him and endorsed a write-in candidate over Besco, and he hired a Democrat to run his campaign with virtually no political ties in town and has this type of material on his MySpace page.

I've hinted to this issue on the air for over a week, almost hoping that Gonzalez would get the hint and remove the content, but as of the time of this posting, the content is still on his page.

County Judge English Language Debate

Here's an English version for the bilingually impaired.

County Judge Candidates

This has been a really bad oversight on my part and I feel really bad about it.

I think I've given you a look at most of the candidates in contested races for the November election and I've neglected to post video of the candidates for County Judge.

Here is some footage from the debate at the Border Network for Human Rights. The candidates speak Spanish in this forum, but I will see if I have any English footage of both candidates and post it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Moody V. Margo Debate @ Coronado High School

Senate Race Gets Dirty

The Republicans, the party that not only invented dirty politics but have perfected it to the point where its actually named after Karl Rove (Rovian tactics), are bitching that the campaign for the Senate seat has turned dirty.

From ECA Candidate Forum
They are pointing to a recent story that aired on a local news station in which the ex-wife of "Professor" Dan Chavez raised issues relating to his ability to handle money in their marriage and during their divorce.

Considering that Dan Chavez repeats the fact that he is a "professor" of economics about as often as he likes to say his opponent is in favor of legalization of marijuana, a news organization would see it as a fair line of questioning.

In case you are wondering about the quotation marks around the term professor, its because as I understand the definition, professor means "In most English-speaking nations professor is the title only of a senior academic who holds a departmental chair (especially as head of the department), or a personal chair awarded specifically to that individual."

So as I understand it, he's not really a professor. But then again, people in the south were known to take on the title "Colonel" all the time, even if they weren't actually a "Colonel". That reminds me, I haven't had Kentucky Fried Chicken in a while...

Sorry to get off track, back to the original subject...

Some in the Republican party go so far as to allege that Chavez's ex-wife is secretly working for his opponent. Queue the Gilberto conspiracy music.

I've never seen Chavez's ex-wife anywhere near a campaign event, and I go to a lot of them. I have scoured my vast photo and video library of this years' campaign events to find her and have come up with nothing. That doesn't mean she's not involved, but if she is, she's doing it in secret and certainly isn't having an impact on anything.

Here's the irony of it all, is that the conspiracy theorists in the local GOP have a theory that's predicated on the Democratic party seeing Chavez as a viable threat. People play dirty only when they feel threatened. Exhibit "A" Chavez V. Gonzalez in the Democratic Primary for HD 76. (Remember that reference later in this piece). Exhibit "B" Dee Margo attempting to say Joe Moody was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Interestingly while the GOP is crying foul over the ex-wife thing, a local Republican, Aaron Medina (Larry's cousin), raised an issue dealing with the Democratic nominee's son at a forum.

For the record, I think it's a fair question to ask. Rodriguez is a candidate and the revelation isn't something that wasn't talked about during the primary election. Rodriguez has been around the block and can take it, so I don't critique Medina for asking the question. I critique the Chavez supporters for being big babies and wanting a special set of rules for their candidate.

As Sammy C writes, the way it went down was as follows:

Question (Audience)(Not Really the Audience but Republican Aaron Medina): "Mr. Rodriguez, good afternoon and thank you for visiting our campus. Mr. Rodriguez, as a public official for several years you claim that one of your issues is being ethical and being transparent."

Answer(Rodriguez): "That is correct, in my 16 (or 17) years as a County Attorney I have never received a complaint against me."

Audience (Not Really the Audience but Republican Aaron Medina): "Okay, I have a follow up question related to my previous question. Can you please go into detail as to why your son Nicholas Rodriguez was not prosecuted for felony possession of marijuana."

Rodriguez: Are you planted by the opposing party?

Audience (Not Really the Audience but Republican Aaron Medina): "No sir, I am just a concerned citizen."

Rodriguez: "This is a personal matter, all I am saying is he was found not guilty. I will not go into any more details."

I actually believe Medina when says he wasn't planted by the opposing party. I know the vato and he's got balls, so I have no doubt he did that all alone.

But you memmer when I said to remember the HD76 race and cited it as Exhibit "A" of a dirty campaign? Well, Medina was a big time supporter or Naomi Gonzalez in that race.

The point is, the story about Chavez's financial issues was relevant considering he cites financial prowess as his primary asset.

Congressman Rodriguez Raises Concerns About Opponents' Loans

This is a press release from Congressman Ciro Rodriguez's campaign.

From GOP Grand Opening
CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 23 _ With less than two weeks to go before the November 2 election, Francisco “Quico” Canseco has used more than a quarter million in campaign contributions to repay massive loans he made to his own campaign, according to the Federal Election Commission.

Reports show that for the fundraising period ending September 30, Canseco repaid $344,000 of the $597,550 he loaned himself, according to the FEC. The reports show Canseco is carrying $1 million in debt, some of which stems from his second failed bid for Congress in 2008.

“For a millionaire who claims to understand the needs of everyday, working Americans, the three-time candidate sure has a lot of money to spend trying to buy a seat in Congress,” said Rodriguez Campaign Manager Cesar Blanco. “Maybe that’s why his campaign accepted over-the-limit contributions from individuals during this same period. He’s running scared and is trying to pay off debt before losing for the third time.”

Meanwhile, Canseco’s campaign released poll numbers Thursday showing him leading Rodriguez, but Blanco said the data should be taken with a grain of salt, to say the least.

“If Canseco is using the same partisan polling firm he used last time, it’s no wonder he’s getting these numbers,” Blanco said. “As of Thursday, the New York Times has the 23rd Congressional District leaning Democratic and has Ciro ahead with 49.5 percent of the vote. I’ll take those non-partisan odds over Canseco’s lapdog pollsters any day.”

Margo's Math

It was really hard to pick a winner in the debate at Coronado between the candidates for HD 78. But there was one interesting exchange over campaign finance that I thought was pretty interesting.

Here is video of part of the exchange:

Interstingly Dee Margo says that in the 2008 campaign he raised $582,000 and that his opponent raised $629,000. Moody immediately took issue with Margo's numbers.

So I checked out the reports and here is what I was able to tabulate in terms of campaign funds being raised by each of the candidates for the 2008 general election:

Dee Margo - $684,108.71 which is actually $102,108.71 more than what he told the audience at Coronado High School.

Joe Moody - 635,497.34 which is actually $6,497.34 more than what Margo told the audience at Coronado High School.

By my calculations, Margo out-raised Moody by $48,611.37.

The discrepency may be "in-kind" contributions, which have a quirky way of being reported, but in either case, I can't figure out how Margo arrived at his figure. In fact if you remove in-kind contributions, Margo's spending margin in the last election over Joe Moody would have been even larger.

Margo pointed out that most of his money came from in town during the last election and also mentioned a 6 figure contribution ($100,000)in this election. I wonder if most of his money is still coming from in town because that 6 figure donation appears to be from a state organization.

Visiting Judge in Town Over PCT 6 Constable

A visiting judge is in town to preside over a proceeding relating to Jesse Gustavo Ramirez, the Constable for Precinct 6 out in the Clint area.

He was arrested on an aggrivated assault charge in 2009. The judge is hearing the proceeding as we speak at the County Courthouse.

Tune in to Canal 26, cable channel 2 at 5 and 10 for more details.

Jay Kleberg & Diaz Take Different Approaches...

I saw Jay Kleberg, the one-time Republican challenger against Dee Margo in this years Republican primary at the Coronado High School debate.

I heard that Rene Diaz, who is now working for Dee Margo, accompanied him to a meeting of La Red to try to clarify remarks Margo had previously made that the group wasn't too happy with. Diaz apparently even offered to translate for any of the members of the organization that were more comfortable in Spanish.

La Red is a group of businessmen that would normally be the kind of guys that would back Dee Margo because he's a businessman and they tend to be conservatives.

Kleberg has kept a low profile since the election and I think its the first political event that I've seen Kleberg at since the election. If you follow David K's blog you will see some interesting back story here.

I talked with Kleberg after the debate to get his feel for how things went at the debate. Kleberg is always very careful about what he says to me (I get a lot of that)and chose his words carefully.

Kleberg is a guy with a political future and didn't have anything negative to say about either candidate.

I think its interesting that the two one-time rivals of Margo have taken such decidedly different tactics after the race. One being very calculating for his next run in the future and the other getting behind the nominee, to the point of becoming Margo's employee.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Starting Quarterback

So I was reading my homie Sammy C's blog today in which he was referring to Congressman Reyes as a quarterback and made a reference, complete with picture to Bret Favre, complete with picture.

Specifically, Sammy writes:

"Let's go ahead and use the Congressman's analogy. Do we give Silvestre Reyes a two year extension on his contact and hope he stays healthy or do we let him go and go after a younger quarterback who brings in new and fresh ideas and who we can get another 8-10 years out of. I honestly think it is time for Reyes to hang up his hat and go into full retirement.

It is a tough decision for any coach to make and this November you will be the head coach. I just hope you make the right decision in the voters booth.

He also writes, "A quarterback who is getting older, who is way past his prime and who can only go around flaunting his seniority. I think we are seeing that story play out as we speak and it is not pretty."

Brett Favre, that aging quarterback, beat the Cowboys yesterday in a come-from-behind victory. Although, the Congressman is a big Cowboy fan, I still think the timing of Sammy's post is hilarious.

But there are a couple of funny things about that post. #1, Sammy makes the point about getting a younger quarterback who brings in new and fresh ideas. Did you notice he never said which of the two candidates should be that new quarterback? He never goes so far as to say it should be Besco, the Republican nominee.

#2, is age his measuring stick in terms of effectiveness in Congress? If that's the case, there's a certain senior senator from Arizona who was his party's nominee for the last presidential and he was a pretty old guy. Now that I think about was Ronald Reagan.

Earlier in his piece Sammy mentions the Congressman coming out strong against his opponents at the Ray Pearson Forum. "He must feel somebody on his heels for him to come out swinging like he did."

Interesting. Does he have any polling data to support that claim? If so, exactly who does he think is going to beat the Congressman? The Republican candidate that is looked at like a joke by a large part of his own party that really wished they had another canidadate? Or perhaps the other candidate they wished they had as their candidate that doesn't have enough money, volunteers, or resources to be a contender?

Exactly which one of those guys are on his heels?

Nacho Padilla & Domestic Partner Benefits

You'd think a guy my size would really like a vato named after snack food, but given a recent phone call in to Abel's show yesterday, I think I'm done with Nachos for a while.

Here's the issue, Nacho called in about the El Pasoans for Traditional Family Values initiative that is on the ballot to attempt to reverse action by city council granting benefits to domestic partners.

Domestic partners means a lot of things, like straight couples who co-habitate, possibly have children, or gay couples.

Nacho mentioned that people talking about the potential implications of the poorly written initiative weren't being "truthful". I think it's funny that Nacho's talking about truth.

First of all, because of how confusing the language is, the proposed ordinance could in fact impact retirees. Either Nacho Padilla hasn't read the ordinance closely enough to understand that, or he's deliberately not being "truthful" with the public.

Padillas central argument was that since gay marriage is not legal in Texas, why would the tax payers have to have their property taxes raised to pay for domestic partner to have benefits.

Again, he's either ignorant of the facts or lying purposely. His argument is predicated on a fallacy. City employees don't get tax-payer funded healthcare. It comes out of their check every month. I read the original ordinance and the proposed ordinance and there is nothing in there about property taxes being raised.

Anyone who's ever heard Padilla speak on the radio for any particular amount of time will know that he is, in my opinion, homophobic. Its not very hard to see through his rhetoric.

But I think the real reason Padilla is commenting on the issue is because he has visions of grandeur in terms of a political comeback. Hate to break it to him, but I don't see him as a viable candidate for anything in the near future because he doesn't have a base or the right set of circumstances to get serious consideration.

One last bit of irony though, I think it's a little funny that a divorced guy comments on marriage and traditional family values, but that's just me I guess.

Antcliff Wins Second Bar Poll

From Burges Candidate Forum
No, it's not a poll on bars.

No, it's not a bar with a stripper pole.

Its a poll done with members of the El Paso Bar Association. Antcliff won the original poll done during the time of the primary season that included all the candidates (the two Dems & Antcliff).

Antcliff won the first poll and won the most recent head-to-head poll with Marcos Lizarraga.

The notification reads in part:

The El Paso Bar Association conducted a Bar Poll for the 168th Judicial District Court and the membership voted as follows:

Chris Antcliff - 81.3%
Marco Lizarraga - 18.7%

There was no indication as to which members of the El Paso Bar voted or how many members the local Bar Association has. There is no indication of how the poll was conducted.

Marcos Lizarraga, the Democratic Nominee stated, "Thats not the poll thats going to elect the Judge of the 168th. I believe I got as many or more votes than he did in the primary and I had an's not an accurate reflection of people who elect judges here in El Paso."

During the primary election season, the El Paso Bar Association sent out their poll to membership via mail. This time it was an electronic poll, something like a survey monkey type of deal.

Interestingly, neither candidate was asked to appear before the Bar membership, because it was a poll. But in a side-by-side comparison, the Mexican-American Bar Association (MABA), endorsed Lizarraga. A 2/3 majority by membership is required to earn the endorsement.

Republican Candidate Fails to Report Campaign Finances

Apparently I am the only one who cares about this, but Tim Besco, the Republican Party's candidate for congress appears to be in no hurry to file a campaign finance report. If you follow this link, this is were you should see a report for Besco, but there is none.

By his own admission at the grand opening of the new GOP headquarters in town, Besco has spent at least $10,000 on a billboard and would therefore be required to file a report.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

EP Chair Files Ethics Complaint Against Dee Margo

From The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia
In a complaint filed with the Texas Ethics Commission today, Chairman Anchodo alleges that "Margo did not include the full name and address of the payees, and the dates and purposes of political expenditures that in the aggregate exceed $50 to a single payee in the reporting period as required under...Texas Administrative code."

The complaint further alleges that "Margo accepted a contribution from a for-profit corporation in violation of Sections 253.003(b) and 253.094(a)."

The latter complaint appears to be the violation that carries the most weight because if the Texas Ethics Commission finds he violated that Section of the Code, he could potentially be charged with a 3rd degree felony.

"This is not the first time Dee Margo has willfully or accidentally misreported his assets and campaign expenditures..." Anchondo stated in a press release. He went on to say, "This is the third time in as many failed campaigns that Mr. Margo has been caught violating ethics rules, paying out $2000 in fines as a result."

Anchondo, an attorney finished his statement with the following, "Dee Margo talks alot about openness and transparency in government these days and that there are consequences to elections. These demonstrations demonstrate a lack of openess, a lack of transparency and a lack of respect for the rule of law, and there just might be serious consequences for him as a result."

College Republicans Endorse Write-In Candidate over Republican

From Burges Candidate Forum
The UTEP College Republicans have endorsed write-in candidate Tim Collins for Congress in his bid to unseat Congressman Sylvestre Reyes.

Tim Collins is also facing the Republican nominee, Tim Besco. The College Republicans have had a pretty public dispute with Besco and his campaign manager over alleged interpersonal disputes between the campaign and key members of the Republican party.

This is perhaps the most significant endorsement Collins has received to date. "I appreciate their endorsement. They were very vocal about their criticism of the Republican nominee."

Collins said that he was contacted by the UTEP College Republicans and was sent a one-page questionnaire to find out about his positions on various issues before he was awarded the endorsement.

Since they are Raza now...

I figure since many proud Republicans are now claiming their Hispanic heritage like Dee Margo and Governor Perry, it got me to thinking.

Since they are new to the club, they need a mentor. They need someone who can show them the ropes. Someone who can show them around the valley, maybe introduce them to some of the businessmen at the Bronco, perhaps take them to boxing matches, or explain who are the rudos in lucha libre.

I figure the only real authority in terms of Hispanic Republicans that they can turn to is Jaime O. Perez, who is a new to the Republican Party, but has been Raza his whole life. I think Jaime should start out with a little vocabulary lesson for his new Hispanic compas.

Spanish words Republicans must know

Sodas- My vieja cooks good and sodas her sister.

Cheese - Maria likes me pero cheese too fat.

Chile - When my wife and I were dating, she was fine, but since we got married chile herself go.

Juarez - My vieja slapped me and I said, juarez your problem? Bish!

Chicken - My wife wanted me to go to the store, but chicken go herself.

Harrassment - Orale vato my old lady caught me in bed wit my sancha pero harrasment nothing to me!!!

Water - My vieja gets mad and I dont even know water problem is.

Brief - My homie farted really bad, and I could not brief.

Mushroom - Orale vato, when all my familia gets in the car, there is not mushroom.

Frito - After arguing with the pinche policia he told me i wuz frito go.

Wafer - I wanted to go to the movies with my friends, pero los mensos didn't wafer me.

Liver and Cheese - Some vato tried to sweet talk my ruca, I told him "orale loco liver alone cheese mines"

Chinos- My mom thinks chinos everything! Chinos nothing!

Bishop - We went to the movies and Rosa fell down & I had to pick the bishop!

Horchata - You can keep talking your crap horchata hell up!

Herpes - Me and my girlfriends ordered some pizza, I got my piece and she got herpes.

Pikachu - My dad took me and my brothers to payless and told us to pikachu.

July- You told me you were going to the store and July to me! Julyer!

Monday, October 18, 2010

I hate to say it, but David K is right...

As much as it occassionally pains me to admit it, David K is right in a recent piece he wrote Dee Margo's latest plan of being Latino.

You can read it here.

When even Republicans think Margo's tactic is becoming an embarrassment it says something.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

If You Can't Beat'em...


That's the old saying and for at least one former candidate from the GOP primary, it holds true.

Rene Diaz, who once challenged Dee Margo along with Jay Kleberg for the Republican nomination for House District 78, is now working for JDW Insurance.

That is the insurance company that Dee Margo took over from his father-in-law.

I attempted to reach Diaz for comment but he did not return my calls or text messages.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Republican Matriarch Endorses State Rep Joe Moody

From The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia
Eleanor Haggerty, mother of Pat, Dan, & Brian Haggerty, and head of the most well-known Republican family in town endorsed Democrat State Representative Joe Moody.

In her endorsement letter, the Republican matriarch closes by saying, "As a loyal, long-time El Paso Republican I rarely endorse any Democrat. But today I recommend Joe Moody for your consideration as the far better candidate for State Representative for District 78."

Many Republicans will no-doubt downplay the endorsement of Mrs. Haggerty, but her influence amongst seniors and veteran Republicans is something that shouldn't be underestimated.

Moody issued a statement with the endorsement in which he said, "I am very honored to have received the support of lifelong Republican and mother of longtime Representative for District 78 Pat Haggerty - Eleanor Haggerty. Mrs. Haggerty's lifetime of service to her community establishes her as the matriarch of the Republican Party in El Paso and I humbly thank her for supporting me in my race."

The Moody campaign has been rolling out a series of endorsements lately but given her stature in the community, Mrs. Haggerty's endorsement that will have the most impact in terms of the election.

Margo Contributed to Norma Chavez

From The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia
Dee Margo's campaign sent out this latest mailer and it hit homes over the last couple of days. Margo is dropping big money for the mailer and on Spanish-language advertising.

In the latest mailer featuring a picture of State Rep Joe Moody and former State Rep Norma Chavez, he alleges State Representative Joe Moody is “more liberal than Norma Chavez”. I don't think the Margo campaign means that.

Mostly because Norma Chavez isn't that liberal to begin with. First of all, as David K writes in Refuse the Juice, what liberal brings up the sexuality of an opponent?

The tactic says a couple of things. First it says that polling done to test the viability of Norma Chavez for the State Senate seat must've been really, really, really bad. The other thing it says is that there must be polling that shows that Margo isn't in front, otherwise he wouldn't be going negative.

The point isn't whether Norma's liberal, the point is she's unpopular and that's why he's trying to tie Moody to Chavez.

But Margo should be careful with trying to connect Moody to Chavez because Margo himself has some interesting connections to the very person he is trying to tie Moody to.

Let's start with the fact that Chavez was a Craddick “D”. She sold out the rest of the Democratic party in order to get the controversial Republican Tom Craddick to retain his seat as Speaker of the House.

Craddick is a Margo supporter.

But perhaps the most ironic part of Margo's mailer is the fact that according to this campaign finance report, Dee Margo actually provided financial support to Norma Chavez's campaign! If the critique is that Chavez is too liberal and by extension so is Moody, then why would Margo contribute to her campaign?

Campaign finance reports show that Dee Margo contributed $500 to Norma Chavez's campaign on October 1st, 2003, which was right around the time she started dancing with Craddick.

To further underscore the ideological paradox of the Margo mailer, Rick Armendariz, an on-again, off-again Democratic Party political operative is handling Margo's Latino outreach. Armendariz's last gig, with Forma Group, was during the primary race for this election cycle. He worked for Democratic Representative-elect Naomi Gonzalez's campaign.

Armendariz also worked at one point guessed it, Norma Chavez. In fact, the controversial organization of the Camino Real Mexican American Democrats was done under Rick Armendariz's name, though the club has always been known as Norma's club.

Below is a republication of a piece by Don Kirkpatrick from the 2006 Campaign That
References Margo Name Dropping Chavez:

“Deevious – Drop a name, tell a lie”
Perspective and Commentary
by Don Kirkpatrick
October 22, 2006

The stealth Republican candidate for the Texas Senate from El Paso has
employed a new tactic in his effort to unseat incumbent Democratic
Senator Eliot Shapleigh. Dee Margo drops a name, then tells a lie.

When Margo used Hall of Fame Coach Don Haskins’ name in his campaign
materials without the coach’s permission, he lied.

When he spent $500,000 to attack Senator Shapleigh about
Republican-delayed funding for the Texas Tech medical school in El
Paso, he lied. Lt. Governor Dewhurst, a Republican, called him on that
one Saturday. Both of Margo’s lies were front-page stories in the El
Paso Times.

Today, in a joint appearance with Senator Shapleigh on KVIA-TV, Margo
dropped Norma Chavez’ name, saying that Chavez called him about a bill
that she could not pass.
He left the impression that Chavez supports
him. That is a lie.

During Representative Chavez’ 2004 campaign against Marty Reyes,
Senator Shapleigh took a strong stand for her. He endorsed Chavez in
that race and Chavez has endorsed him this year. Shapleigh and Chavez
have worked together to pass dozens of bills in the ten years that
they have served together.

Today, Margo talked about HB 3426, Chavez’ bill concerning underage
drinking on the border. That bill was passed by Senator Shapleigh in
the Senate and took effect on September 1, 2005.

Margo uses standard Karl Rove tactics: put forth the Big Lie, then
keep an opponent pinned down responding to the lie..

In today’s TV debate, Shapleigh did respond. He apologized to El Paso
for all of Margo’s negative, untruthful attacks, part of what Senator
Hillary Clinton called the “blizzard of negativity that is the
hallmark of modern Republican campaigns.”

By now, El Paso knows Dee Margo. The latest poll proves that El Paso
voters do not approve of Margo’s “Big Lie” campaign. After spending
nearly $1-million on his race -- considering contributions he has
reported, what Laura Bush raised for him last week, and what
Republican fat cat moneymen Robert J. Perry and James Leininger will
deliver for
last minute attacks -- Margo is still 30 points behind Senator Shapleigh.

El Paso voters do not like attack ads -- or liars. When Dee Margo is
done, he will have spent more money than any candidate in El Paso
history -- for far fewer votes.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Besco's Billboard

From Burges Candidate Forum
Its gone and has been replaced by a car dealership sign. Earlier this year while speaking at the opening of the Republican Party's new headquarters, Besco was asking people for campaign donations to help him keep his sign up and he mentioned that it cost him $10,000. (BTW, if Besco were a legitimate threat to the Reyes campaign, they probably would've mentioned the fact that his billboard didn't appear to comply with election code that states that the disclaimer is easily visible. In my opinion, Besco's sign was the biggest violator of that rule that I can remember.

He's had some new campaign signs showing up around town and they are full-color signs. Full color signs cost more that most candidates' three color signs.

My GOP sources have told me that Besco has talked about having a poll done and that he indicated to them that it showed the congressman with a low approval rating. Polling for a congressional race runs around $9,000 on the low end and can go up to nearly $20,000.

So that got me curious. I wanted to know where he was getting all this money. Even if the poll was just a rumor, Besco publicly stated that it cost him ten grand, which would put him in the category of having to file campaign finance reports with the Federal Elections Commission.

Funny thing about that...he doesn't appear to have filed a campaign finance report, which he should've by now.

Why isn't the Besco camp compliant with election rules? How much money has he spent, what has he spent it on, and where is it coming from?

I check with some GOP sources in Washington and he hasn't been designated a “Young Gun” as some of the viable Republican challengers have and hasn't received national money.

Besco @ Burges

From Burges Candidate Forum
As I watched the debate between two of the congressional candidates and the press secretary for Congressman Reyes at Burges High School last Saturday, I kept going back to something I constantly find myself thinking about in forums, which candidate looks like the office they are pursuing?

The Congressman is the congressman. Tim Collins looked like a congressman. Hell Vince Perez (the congressman's press secretary) even looks like a congressman. But Besco just doesn't strike me as congressional material.

I don't know if its shallow grasp of the issues, his constant desire to agree with his opponents, his perpetual awkwardness, or his constant head nodding and repetitive “ya know”, but there is just something about Besco that says he's not ready for a congressional seat.

Not that he has the remotest chance in hell of winning.

But I guess it was around the time that Besco's attempt at humor went down in an embarrassing silence that something funny occurred to me. The candidates had a chance to provide some wisdom to the students in the audience.

That's when something interesting hit me.

Some of the students have been attending Burges High School longer than Besco has been in El Paso!

If you've seen some of the video of Besco in forums then you have also noticed the awkwardness that sort of reminds you of a newborn deer struggling to get their legs underneath is body. That's pretty normal for people that are not used to public speaking.

Not so normal for a congressional candidate. Unless you are talking about Jorge Artalejo, in which case its par for the course.

I think I figured out why he's still so awkward and unsure of himself. I don't think he feels passionate about what he says. I don't think he's convinced himself that he believes what he believes and that's why I think he hasn't been able to stand in front of a crowd with confidence in his presentation.

Dems to Hold Fundraiser for Rep-Elect Gonzlez

My question is why?

The Republican-backed Texans for Lawsuit Reform funded 90+% of her campaign. #1, what debt does she have left, #2 why would the Democratic Party pay any outstanding debts if she was getting such a large percentage of her money from the Republicans, #3 why should the party pay up if she doesn't participate in Democratic Party functions and isn't helping Democratic candidates in November, and #4, why would Dems fund her after the people who were backing her are now backing Dee Margo?

I know these questions aren't going to be popular, but somebody has to question the wisdom of this move.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Democratic Party Unity?

I'm being a team player here, so I am not going to mention names...yet.

But you know who you are.

Stop the bickering. Stop the infighting. Stop the hoarding of volunteers and pettiness.

It's stupid and most of all its unproductive.

You have a job to do in November and thats to elect Democrats. Cut the bullshit because you are pissing off some hard working people and you can't win them back once they get fed up.

Be team players.

Pass out everyone's literature.

Share resources.

Think about the team and remember what is at stake. Understand you are not an island and you or your candidate is not the priority, the Party is.

Joe Moody needs our help and you people need to stop the stupid turf wars. That's what turns people away.

Get your asses in gear and your shit together.

I figure if I write this piece the people who it applies to will get the message and act accordingly. The ones it doesn't apply to can continue to do the hard work they are doing.

Its not personal, but its a message that some people need to heard regardless if it hurts some feelings. I'd rather be the asshole that said something when there was time to right the ship than the asshole who didn't say anything until its too late.

Monday, October 11, 2010

College Republicans Don't Endorse Republican Tim Besco

The College Republicans, an organization that has been recognized as one of the most active chapters in the state did not endorse the Republican candidate for Congress.

Generally the Republicans do a pretty good job of not having public disputes, which is more than I can say for my own party.

However, the recent rift has an interesting root. Many party activists have expressed disappointment with the candidate that the party has put up to run against Reyes and others have expressed anger over Besco's campaign manager, Oscar Gonzalez.

Several Republican Party activists have told me that Gonzalez has been confrontational with people within the party and has burned more bridges than he's built for his candidate.

Specifically they site a particular incident in which Besco allegedly berated the Mary Homesley, wife of the Republican Party Chairman, Tom Homesley.

"After seeing that situation, there was no way we could endorse Besco in good conscience. We support Republicans and the party platform, but not that Republican", confided one high-ranking member of the College Republicans.

To back up their concerns, the College Republicans site a couple of recent examples. In this footage you can see some of the debate. You can watch the video and make up your own mind about it.

But you can also see that Tim Besco does something you should never do in general, but particularly someone you are trying to impress, like a voter.

He insults the audience.

Congressional Debate

Here is video of the debate for the Congressional seat during Saturday's forum. Before you ask, the Congressman was not in attendance because he was speaking at the funeral of his mentor.

El Paso State Senate Candidates @ Burges Forum

Here are the State Senate Candidates for District 29 debating at the Burges High School forum.

Linda Chavez-Thompson in El Paso

Linda Chavez-Thompson stopped by the forum hosted by City Rep Emma Acosta at Burges High School.

Rep Marquez for Bill White

This is footage from Saturday's debate at Burges High School. State Rep Marisa Marquez is speaking on behalf of the Bill White Campaign.

Slideshow from Burges High School Forum

Video will follow...

Which candidate insulted the audience they were in front of? Stay tuned to find out!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

On Second Thought...

I wrote a piece a while back in which I mentioned that some party volunteers and activists were critical of some of the campaigns for not pulling their weight and thinking they were going to coast to victory.

I still think that's a valid criticism.

But I also think its equally valid that the party leadership share in some of the critique on that issue. The party bosses are supposed to be the ones lighting a fire under the campaigns that haven't really gotten their collective campaign asses in gear.

Under previous party leadership, there were campaign walks organized and quarterbacked by the party leadership. There are walks and volunteers are working, but its coming directly from the campaigns in tight races.

While thats all well and good, the point is, the party bosses should be pushing the mega walks, phone banking, etc. This is an effort that is supposed to come from the top down, not from the bottom up. Afterall, the party bosses' job is to get Democrats elected.

Luckily there are party entities like the Young Democrats and party regulars like Xavier Miranda and Jeanette Walker plugging the wholes and being Johnny-on-the-spot.

I noticed that Representative Chavez made a similar critique through social networking.

And you know what?

She's right.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Well, that's awkward...

From The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia
I've written about the fact that its a little weird that the big money people behind Rep-Elect Naomi Gonzalez, namely the Texans for Lawsuit Reform (TLR) have been rumored to be getting ready to drop some cash on Republican Dee Margo's campaign.

It's weird because he's taking on Democratic State Representative Joe Moody.

Turns out that the TLR isn't the only connection between Gonzalez and Dee Margo. They have another common denominator...a well-known political operative, Rick Armendarez.

Armendarez did some work for the Gonzalez campaign in her successful bid to unseat State Rep Norma Chavez. Looks like Armendariz is handling the Latino outreach for the Dee Margo campaign.

I guess I should mention the weird case of El Paso style three degress of separation here. Dee Margo is now running a social networking ad that tries to tie Joe Moody to the unpopular Norma Chavez.

Ironically, Armendariz used to be a close political associate of Norma Chavez and was the founding name of record with the Camino Real Mexican American Democrats (Norma's political club) was created.

Gotta love the incestious nature of El Paso politics!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gracie Valenzuela a No Show @ ECA Forum

Republican candidate for Justice of the Peace on the eastside was a no-show at a campaign forum in her own backyard yesterday.

Heavy favorite, Democrat Barbara Perez was in attendance and stressed several important issues specifically dealing with truancy.

Perez appears to be campaigning rigorously despite the fact that she is a heavy favorite. Perez will benefit by her name recognition and straight ticket voting and could easily choose to coast to victory if she wanted to, but Perez doesn't appear to want to leave anything to chance.

The former talk radio personality has been at most Democratic Party functions and has stressed the importance of all the Democrats campaigning rigorously during this election because turnout is so important.

Valenzuela formerly worked for Democratic Justice of the Peace, Fred Chavez, who may be a little ticked off at the party because he lost a couple of elections ago to Monica Teran, who's father is reported to be a subject of the public corruption investigation.

Fred Chavez's wife, is Linda Chavez, the YISD Board member that was recently indicted by the FBI in the same public corruption investigation.