Saturday, April 30, 2011

Anybody Want My Video/Photo/Audio Archive?

As I wind down my blog it occurred to me that someone might find use in my video/photo/audio archive.

I have over 20 hours of footage from this election alone.

If anyone is interested in all or part of the archive, contact me via email and we can discuss.

I'd hate for it to go to waste so hit me up.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Too Funny to Not Write About

So I wrote this post called "Where's Waldo..." and I was wondering what every happened to Abe Peinado, candidate for District 1.

If you say the polls released by the El Paso Times, he was running dead last in the race.

But I guess he decided to have a little fun with the post and I guess this is his new campaign material...and no this is not a joke...and yes, this is real.

Now there's a candidate with a sense of humor!!!!!!!


This is why people think David K is a dick.

On a personal level, I’m pissed because yet again, for the millionth time, he’s said something as fact with absolutely no proof, and this time it involved me.

I’ll get to that part later, but for now lets talk about how reckless he can be.

I’ll be the first to admit, I am not always right. But I try to be accurate and if I present something as fact, I back it up. David Karlsruher blends the two so often that it affects his credibility. Speaking of which, David K telling me about credibility is like me telling him he needs to watch his weight.

At the end of DK’s piece, he wallows in personal shit. That’s not really my style, but to each his own. But what pisses me off about it is that he should at the very least, ATTEMPT to be accurate. Get off your ass and actually look shit up, its all public record. Stop posting shit that's handed to you, it makes you look like a jackass. Especially because I warned you in the piece I wrote yesterday that you were going to look like a pendejo. 

I’ll double check the rest of his allegations to see what other bullshit I can find, but I want to start with the part where he goes on a personal attack against Ness-Garcia. He says the following:

"All of that must be coupled with rumors of her being married to two men at once (allegedly - probably not true) and those men are brothers."

He thinks by saying probably not true, that people actually believe he thinks its not true. If he thought it wasn’t true, he wouldn’t have posted it. That’s the game he plays and its fucking irresponsible.

The lady has children. Once something like that is posted online, it never goes away. People talk. Imagine if your own child heard bullshit like that on the playground because they overheard their parents talking about that.

That shit isn’t funny.

Dk’s not the only one spreading shit like this either. There’s a guy on Facebook who’s been saying Ness-Garcia was never married and also mentioned the multiple husband thing.

So while DK and his ilk deal in fairy tales, let me show you the documents.

This is the annulment of her marriage. So she WAS married.

Ness Garcia Annulment                                                                                           

The reason there was an annulment and not a divorce is because the case involved fraud. Her ex-husband had another wife Ness-Garcia didn’t know about at the time she married him. That’s why the documents read “Respondent induced Petitioner to enter into the marriage by fraud”.

That's like attacking a rape victim for being raped.

So way to go dick, you spread something around, apparently without check out whether or not its true. That’s irresponsible. Someday Ness-Garcia’s kid is going to do an internet search on her mom and she’ll eventually come across what he wrote.

Way to go asshole, hope you are proud.

And since he’s dragging her family life in to it, the document says “…no child was born or adopted of the marriage…”because they had the child before the marriage. There, enough of her personal life for you dickhead?

As for some orchestrated move on my part with Ness-Garcia, David K has a history of saying shit he can’t back up. I’m really tired of that shit.

I’m also tired of his incessant desire to say I’m in love with people. Muthafucker, I have a family. You wouldn’t appreciate people throwing around shit like that about your ass, so cut your shit. People can take shots at me all day long, but doing something that would affect my family is bullshit and crosses a line that should never be crossed.

Oh, and to “Hammer” home one more point for the guy on Facebook who spent quite a bit of time debating me on Facebook (sure hope he's not a government employee because I'd hate to think the tax payers are paying for someone to play around on Facebook) and said a marriage never occurred…here’s a wedding picture.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Poll Numbers & What They Mean & Why Some Voters Are Stupid

Okay, if you've seen the paper, you've seen the numbers. None of them really shock me, although some might try to make something out of them but they might be taking a leap off of a flawed premise.

I'm mildly surprised that Lilly looks comfortably ahead, though there are almost as many people voting for someone else other than Lilly and about a third of the electorate is undecided.

Tim Besco should be shitting his pants right about now. Some of you are probably surprised that he's in second, but I've said before he'll do better than people think. As I previously stated, in a crowded field, the names most familiar to voters usually do the best. Besco was in a recent election, he had a couple of billboards up along the freeway in that election, and his two best performing districts in the congressional election were in that district.

So I expected him to have that share of the vote. I didn't expect that he'd be second. But nonetheless, all that going for him, along with the fact that Lilly can't spell, has questionable contributions, is managed by a duo that are El Paso's political answer to Al Qaida (look at their website, if you float over their name, it says "Sweep the leg") and who has trouble speaking a sentence clearly after running in a congressional election just months before and his still more than 20 points behind?

Lyda Ness clearly needs some help in third place. She's got to get her name in out there more. She has a chance to move up if she's able to connect to the undecided voters. All she has to do is come in second and she'll make the run-off. At that point, she will have to convince the people that voted for the other candidates to back her over the incumbent.

At this point, its pretty clear that Dr. Theresa Ware-Asbury is not a viable candidate and neither is Schecter. She should drop out and support Ness-Garcia if the Democrats are going to be able to get that seat. If Ness-Garcia had those numbers she'd be better positioned to make the run-off. If Schechter dropped out, those votes would likely go to Ness Garcia as well and then we are talking a different race entirely.

Hinojosa did much better than I thought and its not bad for a guy thats basically campaigning by forum.

District 5 is the one I think could have a surprise. They polled likely voters and Sonia Brown is running third. I actually think she might be leading. If there were a candidate that I think could actually create a significant number of new voters, its Sonia Brown. New voters would be under the radar of pollsters because they have no history. That's why Joe Moody beat the polls in 08, there were voters in the mix that weren't there before.

So while Noe and Mejia are fighting it out in a close one over the existing regular voters, Brown is a solid third place, without factoring in the new voters. I actually think if the election were held today, it would be Brown and Noe in the run-off.

Over 40% of the likely voters in that district are undecided. That tells me that no one is doing a sufficient job in convincing the voters. There are trust issues after four years of representation by Quintana and the voters are being more selective this go-around. Plus, there are a lot more voters in that district than there have been before and the new people in the area might not be familiar with the candidates.

But proof of just how stupid some voters are, a full 6% of the voters are saying they are going to vote for a guy who isn't even in the race anymore...Phillip Garcia. Garcia pulled out about a month ago and said he is going to support Mejia.

This race is going to get expensive.

District 6 has Holguin firmly ahead. His numbers look similar to the last election polling numbers. His numbers might look a little better in reality though because of one interesting factor not present in the other races. In District 6, north of the freeway and south of the freeway look like they are in two totally different towns. They voting patterns are different. There are far more 100% voters as a percentage of the electorate north of the freeway than south, so that might explain the high undecided voters in that race. But Holguin looks like he's coasting to victory there.

District 8 is a big fat yawn. Niland is ahead of her nearest opponent by 20% of the vote. I figured she'd be over 50%, but she still has a lot of money left and plenty of time for mailers.

Once again, with almost 6% of the vote, I am puzzled by the support of Jorge Artalejo. The guy needs subtitles and yet people are supporting him. I just don't get it.

The biggest loser?

Pastor Tom Brown. Looks like all of his candidates, with the exception of his wife, are getting soundly defeated.

Mexican Stand-off in District 5

As I have previously written and also reported in real media outlets, Sonia Brown accepted a contribution from a corporation.

They claimed ignorance. Which is weird because the company is called Dynamic Tool Company, Inc. The “Inc” means INCORPORATED!!!!

It turns out, its actually a felony to receive the contribution. But nothing will come of the alleged felony unless someone complains to the District Attorney’s Office.

That means nothing will happen because the campaigns are in a bit of a Mexican Standoff.
The three front-runners have all made mistakes that haven’t really been complained about and the minute one of them does it, it is likely the others will follow suit.

What do I mean?

Sonia Brown – Allegedly committed felony by accepting a corporate contribution (actually she admits to receiving the contribution in this document). She also doesn’t have the word “for” on her signs, which means they are not in compliance with election code .

Mayela Mejia – Her signs have the word “for” but not in the place where it needs to be.

Mike Noe – Fixed the “for” problem on his signs, but didn’t file a campaign finance report for January as required.   

Unless another party or candidate decides to make a complaint, Brown will essentially get away with a felony during a campaign, in my opinion. Allegedly. 

Who’s district is it?

Okay, so I wrote about the fact that all the District 5 candidates have talked about the intersection of Joe Battle / Montwood/ Zaragoza. I mentioned that it wasn’t in their district.

Several people, including one of the candidates, have tried to convince me that it is. They must be using Zulema Lazarin’s GPS, because it isn’t in their district. Its in District 6, go check out the map.

Its not a big deal, but if you are going to say I’m wrong, you had better be right!

Kidding, in all seriousness, its no big deal. The intersection needs to get fixed, but it’s a state maintained area so there isn’t much that can be done about it from a city council perspective. 

Where's Waldo? - What Happened to Abe Peinado's Campaign?

I’ve been doing some checking and I’m trying to figure out what ever happened to Abe Peinado, candidate in District 1 for City Rep. If I’m not mistaken, I think my blog might have been his last sighting.

I haven’t heard of him walking, haven’t heard of mailers, phone calls, nada.

It’s a big sea of candidates and it can sometimes feel like you are playing Where’s Waldo, but I was surprised that he’s sort of fallen off the campaign planet lately.

That's not good for a candidate...

Duds will be dropped...

David K is off on yet another conspiracy theory tangent. I guess he doesn’t have anything better to do now that the President has released his birth certificate.

He’s got everyone geared up for a major bomb.

Too bad it’s a dud and Karlsruher is going to be the one that looks silly.

But it should be fun to watch.

It’ll be like a cartoon when Daffy is always trying to blow up Bugs.

Poor Daffy is always the one ending up with burnt feathers.

POTUS Releases Birth Certificate

Okay you crazy nuts, the President released his birth certificates. Are you done with the freak show bullshit so we can move on to more important things, or are you reality show candidate supporters still sticking with the birth certificate thing?

I suggest you stick to it. The more you idiots do, the more people realize the Tea Party is a bunch of crazies and POTUS will have another 4 years.



The Duke of Democrats,

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ima gud spellar

Sorry, this is just funny to me. How a campaign could let this be sent out is beyond me, but its funny!

Mexican American Bar Association Endorsements

The Mexican American Bar Association (MABA) will be giving their endorsement to the following candidates:

District 1 - Lyda Ness-Garcia
District 5- Mayela Mejia
District 6 - Eddie Holguin
District 8- Ernesto Villanueva

Official announcement will be coming soon.

Speaking of Representative Lilly...

If you recall there was an open records request done a while back asking for certain emails communications from Representative Lily's containing several key words identified by the Lyda Ness-Garcia campaign. The request surfaced because they wanted to find out if she was doing any campaign related activities on taxpayer's time or dime.

They selected a range of words, some of which could be entirely normal conversation from a city rep's office that don't appear to be out of the ordinary like: "Transmountain", "voting", "invite", or a staffer's name.

Some appear to be dubious at first glance like the name of the staffer's spouse who is working for her opponent, the name of her opponent, "campaign", "Democrat", "Republican", "donation", or "early voting".

Obviously it would be a whole lot of nothing, or it could be uncovering some interesting stuff. No one will know until the record request is complete.

But here is a list compiled by the city of the number of times the city was able to find emails involving Representative Lilly's office that contained the key words requested along with the number of emails they found with those key words.

Its very preliminary information, so take it with a grain of salt.

I have compiled an unofficial count of the numbers of email for each word on your list.  Here is that information:

campaign 3282
democrat 1705
Diana 23,519
Diana Ramirez 281
donations 1332
early voting 159
Facebook 2109
forma 3912
forum 1632
fundraiser 346
Getsemani 220
Getsemani Yanez 171
invite 4794
Lilly 19,511
Lyda Ness Garcia 35
Mark 10,855
Mark Smith 84
May 14 - 311
May 2 - 423
precinct 219
reforma 98
republican 1122
Rick 4700
Rick Armendarez 0
save the valley 561
scenic America 4
Tony Pearson 1119
Transmountain 1126
Tres Lilly 14
Voting 5668

Going Negative – Will the Lilly Camp Do it?

The short answer in my mind is yes – absolutely.

Her handlers have a history of going negative. I might remind you that they represented both Representative Gonzalez and former Representative Chavez in the past.

But there is a bit of a problem with going negative in this race. Their candidate is basically a nice old lady. She’s very grandmotherly.

Okay, great-grandmotherly.

The point is, if her handlers encourage her to go negative it will be the biggest case of a message not matching a candidate this side of “Read my lips, no new taxes”.

It just won’t stick and it will likely backfire. The last thing Lilly needs in her campaign right now is blow-back from negative campaigning.

But this isn’t a matter of if, it’s a matter of when, how, and how dirty will they get.

Lilly can’t possibly go dirty in public. Its just not in her and she has a hard time staying on message no matter what the message is. Plus, she can’t prosecute a negative campaign; she doesn’t have the verbal acumen to pull it off.

That means it either has to be done by proxy, or it will be done by mail. My guess is that it will be done by mail. The guys behind the scene can craft the message in a mail piece and I’m betting it will come out this week or next.

Keep your ear to the ground on this one…

LifeGate Church Candidate Forum Draws Pastor Tom Brown Candidates

There is still debate over whether or not Babe Ruth ever actually called his shot before a homerun, but there is no debate that I called my shot on the Pastor Brown candidates only going to forums on safe ground.

All of Pastor Tom Brown’s candidates showed up to the forum held by LifeGate Church last night. George “Buster” Russell is the pastor of the church and he was able to do something I haven’t seen done in a while…get new faces in to a candidate forum.

The Tom Brown candidates are in a bit of a pickle. They want to come across as more than one-issue candidates, but the harder they try not to, the more they sound like one-issue candidates.

The candidates were asked a question about what they thought the three biggest issues facing the city were and given 5 minutes to talk about it. The only one of the Pastor Tom Brown stable that is remotely capable of saying they are more than a one issue candidate is Manny Hinojosa. If there were an award given for Most-Improved Candidate, it would be Manny Hinojosa.

Except he has this weird habit now of repeating things three times. Repeating things three times. Repeating things three times.

His stablemate Zulema Lazarin would be given the Least-Improved, I-Can’t-Believe-She-Gets-Worse-Everytime-I-See-Her Award.

The Que Dijo? Award would be a close one between Gerardo Rosiles and Jorge Artalejo.

Sorry, got distracted. Back to the answers. The first word out of Sonia Brown’s mouth at the forum was traditional marriage rant. She now has a cutesy story in her stump speech about women and bathrooms and why they need to have bigger restrooms than men.

She, along with the other candidates of District 5 keep talking about how they are going to fix the traffic problems at Montwood, Zaragoza, and Joe Battle. Which is great and all, but its not actually in their district. Its in Eddie Holguin’s district and it’s a state road, so there really isn’t anything that they can do about it, but its fun listening to them talk about it because I don’t think they have realized its not in their district yet.

I think the fundamental reason that the females in Pastor Tom Brown’s stable avoid candidate forums is because they don’t know much about issues. They have little substance. In fact McGregor is also light on the issues, but he is campaigning via forum so he has to go to forums and when he gets in to trouble, he just brings up God.

We were given the chance to write questions on a 3x5 card and submit them. So I asked a substantive question asking about details about attracting business to El Paso. They both fumbled the question.


Because they only know talking points. If it were Biblical, they could quote it chapter and verse, but since it was election issue oriented, they proved what I suspected. That they don’t really have an understanding of the issues, they just work off of a script of talking points.

Watch Sonia Brown giggle with nerves as she stumbles through an answer, even after Lazarin had first crack at answering the question.

Remember, my question was asking them to articulate specifically what they would do to attract business and cut expenditures. See if anything in this answer sounds like an answer or specificity. Also notice how much trouble she has with it.

Clearly she was much more comfortable at the Tea Party Rally where she had a script to work off of. 

Give People a Reason to Take You Seriously

Someone came up and asked me at the forum last night about Jorge Artalejo and if he was a “for real”. He had gotten in to it with the moderator of the event because he kept jumping up to answer questions and started to monopolize the time.

I think that’s the other candidates’ fault for not having the initiative to get the mike first, but in their defense, its hard to take the guy seriously.

Which actually leads to my point. If you want people to take you seriously, you have to give them a reason to.
Artalejo shows up to forums looking disheveled and like he just rolled out of bed. He usually wears shorts and a t-shirt. Last night was a new mark even for him.

He showed up in chanclas.

I’m not kidding.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Kudos to Stuart Leeds

I know, I can’t believe I wrote that either, but I mean it. (Yet more proof I need to quit blogging I guess).

But I have to give credit where credit is due.

I posted video over the weekend of Pastor Tom Brown in front of the Mexican American Bar Association speaking on behalf of his wife, Sonia Brown who is a candidate for District 5 city rep.

I was struck by the fact that Pastor Brown, who many feel would rather be the candidate, repeatedly stated “I” or “we” when answering questions.

Apparently Stuart Leeds was one of the members of the panel and also noticed the repeated utterances of “I” or “we” from Tom Brown. Apparently Leeds raised the question of who would be running the office if Sonia Brown were elected since Tom Brown kept saying “I” or “we” so often.

Glad to see that he raised the issue. It’s a fair question, good for him.

Meet the Tea Party Republican Candidates for City Council

Here are the Tea Party Republican candidates for city council. I think its important people in this town know who they are and what they stand for.

The reason this is important is because the Tea Party movement has done its best to try to pretend that they are just a collection of fiscal conservatives that occassionally have a few weirdos in their midst that like to dress up in period garb or carry around the old Don't Tread on Me flag. It's actually called the Gadsden Flag.

Truth is the Tea Party was actually started by the Libertarian wing of the Republican Party. Ron Paul was their messiah. Then, the GOP decided to infiltrate and envelop the Tea Party in to the Republican Party.

I actually think the Texas Gubernatorial Election was the watershed moment when the Tea Party was swallowed up by the Republicans. Deborah Medina was the candidate of the Libertarian wing of the Republican Party in Texas and most of the Tea Party people were behind her.

That is until Sarah Palin came to Texas and endorsed Rick Perry. At the time, Palin was the big Tea Party darling.

Essentially the Tea Party is now just another term for the far right wing of the Republican Party, and is not only fiscally conservative, but is largely focused on social conservatism.

That, I believe, will ultimately be the undoing of the Tea Party.

Locally, the extremist religious conservatives have taken over the Tea Party and are in charge. Many in the Republican Party don't like the fact that the inmates are running the asylum, but that will eventually boil over.

The high profile Tea Party candidates don't represent the majority of the traditional Republicans in El Paso. They are just the loudest and most extreme, so they get the attention. There is a point when the traditional Republicans will finally get tired of the nuts and deal with them.

In the mean time, the religious extremists are the face of the Tea Party, and the Republican Party, in El Paso. Ironically, the they are Tom Brown's stable of candiadates and its ironic that a guy who basically has no real history in the Republican Party in El Paso is now calling the shots for the most visible Republican candidates. So here they are:

New Poll

Just posted a new poll on TheLionStar Blog. Check it out and vote.

Rebuttal to Comparison Between Tom Brown & Vince Perez

Sonia Brown is a first time candidate trying to establish her credentials as a candidate in her FIRST attempt to run for elected office. You're gonna compare her candidacy to a 15 year incumbant with a 15 year voting record on the issues??  Really??

Second, this was an endorsement forum not a debate. Congressman Reyes attended this exact same MABA endorsement forum himself, because he's smart enough to know that if your seeking someone's endorsement you better show up in person, not send someone else.  Vince never spoke for the Congressman when seeking a group's endorsement. Pastor Brown is stepping in for his wife before a group that's figuring out what candidates to endorse.

Third, Congressman Reyes may not have made every debate during the campaign, but Congressman Reyes still had the primary responsibility of representing us in his official capacity as our federal representative.  What's Sonia Brown's excuse? 

Congressman Reyes was present at all the most widely-attended debates including the Border Network for Human Rights, the Ray Pearson Forum and a live debate on Channel 7. The only debate that Vince participated in that had more than a dozen people was at Burges. 

Tim, as for the Transmountain debate, Tim Besco didnt even show up, he sent his campaign manager Oscar Gonzalez. At the Riverside debate, there weren't more than 10 people and Besco himself was a no show, and didnt even send a representative. 

I heard there were more candidates than people!!  

It's to the Congressman's credit that he would send a representative even to the most poorly attended forums.  When you're a challenger, it's easy to campaign full time when youre not responsible for executing the official duties of the office.

That also makes Tim Collins WRONG about the Congressman being a no show more than a participant.

Sonia Brown is a challenger who's too busy (or too afraid) to get endorsements on her own and needs her husband to speak for her.  Not smart for a first time candidate trying to earn voters trust.

Ric Schecter City Council Candidate District 1 Interview

Friday, April 22, 2011

Religious Candidate Comes Asking for Vote Religious Tea Party Candidate Asks for Vote by thelionstarblog

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

Here's What I'm Working On

I'm really behind on video and i want to catch up before the 14th.

I still have to edit and post video from the Eastside Civic Association and the Tea Party Rally. Honestly the video from the Eastside Civic Association forum is pretty boring because I thought they all sucked. But the Tea Party Rally video should be a real hoot. The Tom Brown candidates were in attendance and all took the mike.

They all proudly decalred themselves Tea Party Republicans, so just in case there was any confusion, the video will show them embrace their Tea Partiness. Its crappy quality because it was windy and the shadow really screwed up the ability to see their faces, but you can still hear what they have to say.

I also have video from the environmental, Black El Paso Democrats, and Westside Democrats Forums. Its a lot, but I want to make sure you have as much information as possible to make decisions about who you want to lead our community.

Close to the election I will be writing a piece explaining who I would vote for if I lived in the various districts for the city council election. Not that you give a shit, but I like to handicap the races. A friend of mine make bets on it.

Brownfield Makes Me Laugh

Its Good Friday and Brownfield wrote a piece that gave me a good laugh.

You should read one of his recent posts about taking over the LA Dodgers. He has fun with a lot of local elected officials and it gave me a much needed good laugh.

Go read it here.

Browns Claim Ignorance

I wrote about some questionable contributions to Tea Party Republican Sonia Brown's campaign earlier this week and the El Paso Times was able to get comment from Brown...well the husband anyway.

They claim ignorance.

I agree.

But they claim ignorance of the law as a defense. I'm not buying it. This is the second time that the El Paso Times has written about the fact that they apparently can't follow rules and in this case, the law.

Her lack of compliance with campaign laws regarding their signage is another example of not playing by the rules. It has become habitual with Sonia Brown.

She has either no understanding of the law, which in my mind makes her unqualified, or she doesn't care, which in my mind would also make her unqualified.

The contribution was made as the business owner, who is a parishioner made his way in to their church service.

What is most troublesome about the whole situation is the fact that Sonia Brown doesn't speak for herself. Her husband does the talking.

Personally I think women have the ability to think on their own, but I guess that's not the official position of the Tea Party of El Paso.

El Paso Police Officers Association

I have found out the names of two of the endorsements by the El Paso Police Officer's Association. In District 8 the association endorsed Cortney Niland, which comes on the heels of her endorsement by the El Paso Young Democrats.

The endorsement in District 1 went to Theresa Ware-Asbury. This is Ware-Asbury's first endorsement of the campaign season and if the endorsement comes with money or volunteers, could potentially be a much needed shot in the arm for her campaign.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Follow the Money - An Editorial Regarding Ann Morgan Lily & Citizens for Prosperity

Follow the money is an old expression. It has stayed around because its a true statement. Follow the money and you will find your answers.

Here's my opinion regarding Ann Morgan Lily's contributions from Citizens for Prosperity.

Representative Lily was on record as being against the expansion of Transmountain Road. There are people that own land in the area that would like for the value of that land to be more than what it is now.

For some unexplained reason, Representative Lily suddenly changed her position and voted in favor of expanding the road.

If you notice on her campaign finance report the money was flowing pretty regularly from that PAC during the campaign, and my guess is that on the next report, we'll see even more money from the PAC.

A review of the PAC and the people who donated to the PAC is the document below.
Citizens for Prosperity Contributions

Then I wanted to know who owned the property on Transmountain. Here they are plotted on a map, numbered with the name of the owner on another sheet of paper.
Property Maps
Property Maps2

Some of the properties are business holdings so that information is acquired from the Secretary of State's Office, which I have provided below.

Property Ownership Sec of State

As you might guess, some of the names will benefit financially from Lily's vote.

I don't think this fits the legal description of corruption, but I think it raises serious questions and concerns. In fact, in my opinion, it stinks to high hell!

This is probably one of the clearest examples of the influence that certain wealthy people have in this community. These are the things you should be aware of when you vote.

If people have a certain level of influence, or probably more accurately put, if people have purchased influence, don't we have a right to know?

By the way, the documents provided are all matters of public record and can be found with a little time and effort, so feel free to check my facts on this one.

I think NASCAR has it right, the more money a company gives them, the more prominent their logo on the car.

Sometimes I wish political campaigns had the same rules.

Lily No Show at Forums

Perhaps feeling the heat, Representative Lily has been a no-show at forum's lately.

Rep Lily apparently told the organizers of two forums held last night that she could not be in attendance because she was attending the other forum. So she told the people running one forum that she could not attend because she was at the other and vice versa.

She attended neither.

She also failed to show up to today's forum with the apartment people. Surprisingly I'm told Zulema Lazarin did show up. Go figure.

Accountability for Manny Hinojosa

Last night's debate on environmental issues was very interesting for a range of reasons, one of which was the attendance of one former elected official who now insists on being called a "private citizen".

Which is funny because most "private citizens" don't run around bragging about their papers being enshrined at UTEP. And the "private citizen" attended a PUBLIC forum to ask a question and made a big deal about not wanting to be video taped.

I guess it was just another case of "private citizen" being "private citizen".

So enough about the has-beens, on to the relevant people that were in attendance.

Manny Hinojosa, a candidate in the crowded District 1 race is a Tea Party guy. In fact, he is the guy that invited the speakers for the Tea Party Rally that was a total flop last Sunday. I have video of his remarks there, I'm sure many of you will find them enlightening.

The point is, the Tea Party and the Republicans tried to de-fund the Environmental Protection Agency.

Mr. Hinojosa voluntarily showed up to a forum on environmental issues. No one forced him to go.

I was bothered by the fact that he was true to his values in front of the crowd and in my opinion, showed himself to be a typical politician like all the rest; willing to say anything they think the crowd wants to hear.

So I asked Mr. Hinojosa about the Tea Party and Republicans wanting to defend the EPA. He avoided the question. Since he was one of the central organizers of the Tea Party Rally and since he is a Republican, the party of personal responsibility and values, I decided to follow him out as he made his hasty retreat from the forum to ask him to clarify.

He still wasn't in the mood to clarify. What bothers me about this video is that he didn't want to stand by the values he holds in front of a group of people that would not be appreciative of his position.

As you can see in the video, I show him not answering in the parking lot, and then show everyone else in the forum answering the question he refused to.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Final Blog Post Will be May 14th

I have decided to end The LionStar Blog on May 14th. I think its fitting that it end on an Election Day. I fully realize that there are a lot of powerful people, business types, politico, etc that are glad to hear that.

The reason I am announcing it now, is because I didn't like the fact that Talk Radio ended so abruptly and without warning.

I wanted to give my readers a heads up because I appreciate the fact that you all took time out of your days to read my often incoherent rants.

I started my blog out of frustration, so I guess its ironic that it is frustration that is part of my decision to end the blog. I'm not the same guy I was when I started blogging, which is both good and bad. I have had the chance to do some really cool stuff because of my blog, including covering a Presidential visit to El Paso and watching Carlos Santana do a sound check in the Don Haskins Center.

I've never made a penny off of blogging, so I was never in it for the money. No one compensates me for my time for the stuff I do. And I never asked anyone to either. I did it because I am a political junkie. As my mother tells me often, I am my father's son.

I want to honor your support of this blog by being straight with you. I'm burned out and frustrated with this town.

I'm burned out because I have taken around 20 hours of video footage for this election season alone. None of the videos have more than 200 views. In fact the ones that have more than a hundred views are probably because people have watched them more than one time.

Of the over 230 videos that I've loaded up to my YouTube channel, do you know which one has the most views?

The fucking UTEP fight song!

Of all the political and community events I cover, the UTEP fight song is what has the most views? I didn't even finish college, much less go to UTEP and that's what leaves the biggest foot print on the internet???? To add insult to injury, its the most watched video by several thousand, the next most watched isn't even close.

My top viewed videos are the UTEP fight song, some Radio La Chusma performances, and a couple of prominent El Pasoans at their not-so-best times.

That isn't anything to be proud of.

For every hour of footage that is loaded, there are more hours traveling to events and editing the video.

It has taken a toll on my family life and again, I don't get paid for it.

I'm frustrated by the people in this town. For all the stories I have written about in this town, regardless of the backlash, threats, intimidation, etc I have faced in the process, El Paso hasn't learned. We still elect stupid people to office. We still support sub-par leadership. We still insist on being sheep!

Worst of all, we still don't vote, get fucked over on the state and national level, and then have the nerve to act surprised at the result.

This town is filled with a bunch of haters too. Every time someone steps up to do something good for this community, there are no shortage of people that seem like they have nothing better to do than jump all over them and criticize what they are trying to do. I've seen good people try a lot of different things to make this a better place only to be blocked by the very people that they are trying to help.

There are tranceros all over this town and we sit idly by and watch them fuck us over. The few people that are smart enough to see it, lack the huevos to do something about it.

I'm tired of going to important events that affect this community and seeing the same people there over and over. Its always the same small group of people while the rest of this town float on by without a care in the world inside the giant toilet bowl of life.

I sick of seeing young people not vote. They are letting other people make decisions for them that they are going to be stuck with the rest of their lives and their dumbasses are more concerned with Facebook and American Idol than anything of substance.

I sick of Raza not being sick and tired of the shit that happens to our community and not rising up.

I'm sick of elected officials not showing up to a God damn thing on Cesar Chavez Day.

I'm sick of the stupid factional tribal bullshit of the Democratic Party. I'm sick of advocating for our values as a party and then hearing washed-up old has-beens, wanna-be's and never-were's talk shit. I'm sick of having more respect from Republicans, who have referred to me as the Duke of Democrats, than my own pinche party and then half of them don't stick to the national platform to begin with!

I'm sick of people who care more about seeing the train wreck than care about policy. I'm sick of people being too stupid to know that politics affect every aspect of their life.

I'm sick of the Tea Party.

I'm sick of Democrats that are afraid to stand up to the lunacy of the Tea Party.

I'm sick of Democrats that are ashamed of their values of Democrats.

I'm sick of Republicans that think Liberal is a bad word, that liberals don't believe in God or families, and that liberals are unpatriotic.

I'm sick of hearing "cost benefit analysis" from candidates every time they don't really know the answer to a question that is posed to them.

I'm sick of "let's have a dialouge" being a substitute for action.

I'm sick of the lack of quality candidates in this town.

I'm sorry, but I had to get all of that off my chest.

I will push hard for the next few weeks on this election and I'm not going to just mail it in. I promise.

But after that, I'm done.

There are a few good bloggers coming up and David K was here before I got here and will be here after I leave.

Newspapertree will be back sometime soon and I'm sure they will be back stronger than ever. I know I won't miss a single article.

So thanks to all of you that have read my blog over the last few years. Thanks to all the people that have been mentors to me, thanks to all the people that have challenged me and sharpened me as a person. I cannot express my gratitude for all that you have taught me.

My goal was to interview a sitting or former President. I didn't reach it, but I made it to the tarmac once and that's not too bad for a Chicano from the barrio.

So no sappy good-bye's when I sign off on the 14th of May.

For all you haters, what are you waiting for? You only have until the 14th to talk shit to me...tic, toc, the clock is ticking!

In conclusion, I hope some of you who aren't registered to vote decide to vote. I hope you vote regularly and I hope you teach your kids to do it.

And when shit hits the fan, stand up for what you believe it, kick 'em in the huevos, and Speak Truth to Power!

Questionable Contributions

Several candidates have some notable issues on their campaign contributions. Representative Ann Morgan Lily has so many questions, it will be its own piece.

But in the mean time, here are some questions that have arisen about contributions and reports of other candidates.

Zulema Lazarin in District 6 spent and raised more than the $500 limit she first committed to. Thats not really too much of a big deal, but it does represent the fact that she reversed her position on contributions. Flip flopping appears to be somewhat of a habit of Lazarin.

Sonia Brown appears to have accepted donations from three companies, two of which appear to be corporations. If that is in fact the case, that is a violation of the ethics code and might even be a violation of campaign finance law.

The same appears to go for Dr. Michiel Noe. His business is an LLC and made an in-kind donation for office space rental. I don't know if the fact that it is in-kind gives him any wiggle room, but it certainly raises some questions.

Mayela Mejia also has a couple of contributions from companies, but they don't appear to be incorporated. 

Greater El Paso Republican Women District 6 Candidate Forum

Interview with Mayela Mejia - City Council Candidate District 5

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shake Up in Lily's Campaign

Multiple sources close to Ann Morgan Lily indicate that there is a big campaign shake-up in the works with Lily's campaign.

It appears that Lily will basically fire the PAC and her advisors, Forma Group, in an attempt to distance herself from the fact that she took so much money from the Citizens for Prosperity.

She's certainly not the first candidate to make the mistake of taking a majority of their political campaign contributions from one source. Joe Wardy and Naomi Gonzalez have done so. It hurt Wardy and didn't hurt Gonzalez.

At any rate, its a very bad sign for Representative Lily who was already facing an uphill battle in a crowded race.  Residents in the district say they have received a couple of pieces of literature from Rep Lily's campaign this week and I hear she's been walking.

More details as they become available.

Don Kirkpatrick is Wrong About the El Paso Young Democrats

Every once in awhile something or someone gets under my skin. I'll admit, its a bit of a weakness of mine, and it may someday be my undoing, but I love a good fight.

But this is beyond the rush of a good exchange.

I'm pissed.

Don Kirkpatrick,precinct chair, longtime Democratic Party activist and member of the Democratic Party Hall of Fame, sends out emails to party activists. Next to Don Williams' email list, its the largest in the party. 

Today, following the announcement of the endorsements of the El Paso Young Democrats, Mr. Kirkpatrick sent out the following email:

It is difficult to understand the Young Democrats' endorsement of a candidate who is backed solidly -- with significant financial support -- by a coterie of wealthy Republicans.  Their purposes, obviously, are diametrically opposed to the goals of all Democrats.
It seems to me, in view of the fact that City Council elections are non-partisan, that endorsements by political parties are inappropriate.

I'm pissed because of the audacity of the statement. 

So, I thought I would respond. Let me be clear, I am a member of the El Paso Young Democrats. But I am not writing this on behalf of the El Paso Young Democrats. I am writing on behalf of myself. My comments are mine alone and not necessarily a reflection of anyone else in the El Paso Young Democrats. 

Mr. Kirkpatrick says that it is difficult to understand the organization's endorsement of a candidate who is backed solidly by wealthy Republicans. What Mr. Kirkpatrick fails to do in his email, is name names. But I can only assume he meant Cortney Niland. 

Personally I find it difficult to understand why he has the courage to lay the critique of members of his own party, while failing to name the person of whom he speaks. 

Mr. Kirkpatrick's critique is hollow and without merit. Mr. Kirkpatrick himself has supported, endorsed, and voted for candidates that have been financially supported by the very same people. The wealth Republicans, whom he also fails to mention by name, also support nearly every Yellow Dog Democrat elected official in town now, and for the greater part of the last two decades. 

To criticize the El Paso Young Democrats for doing what he himself has done is the height of hypocrisy. Furthermore, he seems apt to point the finger at the El Paso Young Democrats and yet has remained silent about the other groups in town that have endorsed candidates that are financially supported by the very Republicans he fails to mention by name. 

I need point only to a recent election in which a Democrat was overwhelmingly, almost exclusively in fact, supported by Republicans. Mr. Kirkpatrick was silent on this issue. He has also been silent on the fact that several of our Democratic legislators have voted as Republicans. On issues that are central to our parties values, and dare I say, "diametrically opposed to the goals of all Democrats", several prominent Democratic members of our delegation have voted with the Republicans while Kirkpatrick was silent on their votes. 

And to be accurate, the candidate that I referred to earlier that was funded by the Republicans, has actually voted as a solid Democrat. I believe, that is an indication that a candidate can have a certain set of values that are independent of their benefactors.

Mr. Kirkpatrick also says that he thinks that endorsements by political organizations in non-partisan elections is inappropriate. Again, Kirkpatrick's hypocrisy knows no bounds. In the very same email he argues that Republicans are supporting candidates and also argues that parties, most notably the El Paso Young Democrats, should not support candidates. 

Well if the Republicans are doing it, why wouldn't we as Democrats?

I think I've made my point. But there are a couple of things I would still like to get off my chest. 

The El Paso Young Democrats are quickly becoming the life blood of the Democratic Party. To imply that our loyalties are anywhere but with the party we work so hard for is an insult. Some people are idle while members of the YD's are knocking on doors, phone-banking, educating voters, performing opposition research, and even managing campaigns of Democrats. 

We also had a thorough vetting process. Each candidate that addressed our organization was asked serious and in some cases, tough questions about their position on a range of issues. Yours Truly, and you can verify on any of the videos of the meetings, asked every candidate that addressed our organization the following question that they were required to answer, "Though this election is non-partisan, our organization is a partisan organization. Why should we as Democrats support you?"

That question was meant to reveal their values. It was on this question that many of us were able to find the candidates who's answers best reflected the values of the Democratic Party. 

If Mr. Kirkpatrick finds fault with our process, I humbly suggest he should join our organization and make contributions towards a process more to his liking. We have a special membership designation for people that are older than requirement for membership.

Because we represent the future of the El Paso Democratic Party, we don't hold to the sometimes petty ways of other Democratic Party organizations. We don't hold grudges. We don't exclude people that want to be part of the organization. Mr, Kirkpatrick's membership would be welcomed and his mentorship would be valued. 

Ultimately we are all on the same team fighting for the same goal. There is always room in our foxhole for a veteran who has been through many scraps with our mutual opponent.