Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rep Gonzalez Awarded Freshman Legislator of the Year

Representative Naomi Gonzalez was awarded Freshman Legislator of the Year by the Mexican American Legislative Caucus, which marks the second time in a row that the award went to a member of the El Paso delegation.

Joe Moody won the award last time.

That is a big sign of support from her colleagues and will likely be something that any possible challengers, even former seat-holders, will have to consider when making a decision to take on Gonzalez or not.

Contrast that with the performance of Dee Margo, who has only passed a couple of pieces of legislation, one of which was written by the County. Margo has basically done nothing, despite being in the majority and having a Republican in the delegation, according to Margo, was supposed to be a good thing for El Paso.

So far, it hasn't amounted to anything.

The one thing both legislators have in common now is that they now have a record to run on, or for an opponent to run against.

Dee Margo has made some really bad votes for El Pasoans. Gonzalez really hasn't made a bad vote this session and has done much better than expected. Margo is vulnerable in a primary and dead meat in a general. Gonzalez might have to face the ghost of politics past, but I think she'd win a re-match fairly handily and I haven't heard rumblings of anyone else stepping up to run against her. General elections in the valley are a non-factor.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Doing Things A Little Differently

As I said when I returned after my brief absence from the blogosphere, I'm doing things a little differently now.

I'm going to be having more guest posts on my blog. Here is the first one below. Its written by Ernesto Villanueva, Jr, who was recently a candidate for city rep in District 8.

Are the Tides beginning to Turn?

By Ernesto Villanueva, Jr.

Since last November and the election that laid siege to the House of Representatives and lessened the hold Democrats had in the Senate, the Republicans have run on a motto, a motto that suggests they are the will of the people, on the premise that their motives and governance is in line with what that American people truly want out of Washington. We will get back to that in just a minute.

Looking at the record of the 112st Congress we can examine if our new law makers are truly doing the will of the people or simply putting forth a Republican agenda under the guise of reform in politics.

Since January we have seen the House vote to repeal the affordable Health Care Act, knowing there is no way it would pass the Senate or survive the President’s veto. Still they trudged ahead in with, what some called, a symbolic vote. A curious move, I thought, from a group of politicians interested in spending, debt and an unemployment rate at 10%, but hey who I am to judge. Then the new congress decided to hold up discussions, after finally reaching a somewhat compromise on the budget, over Planned Parenthood. Now I know that tackling the women’s rights issues is important to the economy and creates jobs,*sarcasm*, but with all rhetoric coming from the right on jobs, the economy and how poorly the Democrats have done in what they call “Obama’s Recession., “ I thought they would have some out swinging with jobs in hand….not s. In fact the first “jobs bill” that was proposed was not until last week, nearly 6 months after taking the reigns. Needless to say, they were riding a wave of Republican mojo…..until it happened, they went after Medicare and that’s when people really started to look closer at the agenda.

See the problem lies in that these are not new ideas, the right has been trying to privatize Social Security and get rid of Medicare for a long time, I guess with the last election the party felt bold enough to push forward old agendas and as a result millions of voters are having real buyer’s remorse from the 2010 election.

In Wisconsin, Scott Walker and the state legislature voted to strip union rights citing a budget crises as the reason and as a result of this highly unpopular bill we now we see a 43% approval rating for the governor and six state representatives facing a recall only months after they got to work. Ohio’s Governor Kasich, who in most respects has mirrored WI, has seen his approval rating plummet to right around 30%. Governor Rick
Scott out of Florida has seen his approval plummet to 29% after slashing education under the pretense that cutting billions form education was needed to help balance the budget, only to give that saved money away in corporate tax breaks.

Now May has been an interesting month for the Republicans while 2011 has been a kind of scary year for the republican legislators at the state level. The biggest issue Republicans are facing though is…you got it, Medicare! Paul Ryan’s plan wants to take the Medicare that we have today and make it a voucher program where seniors would be given a voucher of 13,000/year to purchase private insurance, let me repeat that….to
PURCHASE private insurance. Now what we have to take away from this is that the coupon, as it is, will not cover the expense of healthcare costs, it is only meant to pay for the premiums. So what happens when the bills come, especially when most insurance companies pay about 80-85% of total costs, what happens with the difference, what happens when its time to pay up? Now as we know to treat senior citizens is not cheap,

And if you’re a senior you probably had a hard time getting insurance, why, because you cost too much! people need to realize that an insurance company is a business and their primary purpose is make a profit to make money, which is why people get denied and why there is an entire practice in law dedicated to fighting insurance companies. This is the reason we have Medicare, because when you have a profit motive your not too inclined in taking someone that going to lose the company money. I know I sound like a cynic but it’s a valid argument, an argument we can have in another discussion.

What I can say is that voters in New York’s 26th congressional district wondered the same thing, and in arguably the reddest district in America, votes that traditionally went to Republicans, now went to a Democrat. Kathy Hochul campaigned on preserving Medicare while Jane Corwin aligned herself with Ryan Budget. It’s a catch 22 though because if you’re a Republican candidate if you support the Ryan plan, you loose votes in the election. If you don’t support the plan, as Newt Gingrich found out, the party turns
you like a pack of wild dogs, what to do? In this case, a district that was considered a gimme, in the bag, went to a Democrat over this very real concern. The 26th is not alone; Jacksonville, FL elected a Democrat for mayor for the first time on over 20 years when the Republican candidate aligned himself with Rick Scott and the Ryan budget plan. A similar result in Tampa, and in Florida the last thing you want to campaign on is killing Medicare.

So getting back to where we started, are the Republicans truly the voice of the people, are they acting solely on the will of the American public? Well looking at what’s going on at the state level and Republican seats dropping like flies, I’m inclined to disagree.

Are the tides beginning to change on this issue? Can the Democrats take the overreach from the right and turn to their advantage? I don’t know but I do know this, according to the New York Times Mitch McConnell, The Senate Minority leader, made it pretty clear the Republicans are not backing down and in fact want to make the Democrats share in their misery by making them cut Medicare before the Republicans cast a vote to raise the debt ceiling. If the Senate and House Democrats are waiting for an opportunity to strike,I think they have it, the base is beginning to reenergized and the Medicare is going to be a major issue in 2012 …and if what’s happened in 2011 thus far serves as an indicator to the next election, the right had better start thinking of an exit strategy and distance themselves from this budget. People in Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan learned there lesson on voting Republican, the question is if the rest of the country is learning.

Get Your Facts Right Sammy

Poor Sammy, he's become quite the puppet, first of the Republicans, now of Ness-Garcia haters. Its not my job to dispel everything the two conservative bloggers write. Frankly there are just not enough hours in the day to clean up after those two to begin with and no one ever really accused them of being accurate.

But the two have been on a real rant lately writing about me. I understand why Sammy does, he really wants to develop an audience of readers. He's even remarked about how writing trash and lies has been popular for him in terms of traffic.

Photoshopped image of Sammy. Relax David K, he's not really a Democrat and under my mind control powers, or is he?
Sammy recently wrote about the El Paso Stonewall Democrats so I thought I would answer some of what he wrote. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but you aren't entitled to your own set of facts.

First of all Daniel Rollings is the President, not the Chair. I am the Vice President, not the Vice Chair. Sammy can't even get that basic part of his piece right. In fact, that's pretty much the closest he came to being accurate.

Rule number 1 Sammy, in the words of Ronald Regan, "trust but verify".

Sammy was furnished information by someone who doesn't like Danny Rollins, Elizabeth Hapsburg-Kelly. She has a pretty deep beef with Danny that goes back a long way. Sammy either doesn't know that, or did know and choose to leave out that little detail. I suspect he knows.

I don't know what the beef is about, and frankly I don't care, but the reason she provided Sammy with the info was because she had an axe to grind. She tried to give me the same info about Danny.

So let's get in to the meat of his claims. He alleges that several potential members of the group quit before the group got off the ground and that the organization had trouble getting started. As Vice President of the group I can tell you Sammy is lying. It was only 2 members. One of whom was Elizabeth. She was upset because she wasn't elected President of the organization. No one made a second to her self-nomination. Apparently not even the other member who quit.

There was a previous incarnation of the group in El Paso with Elizabeth as the head. I don't know how many members there were, but for whatever reason, the group just sort of died off.

The new group was formed earlier this year. There were some meetings that took place in order to create the chapter. That is normal and it is also normal for a group to have some internal issues before getting off the ground.

Sammy should know that pretty well. The same thing happened to the El Paso Chapter of the Latino National Republican Coalition. You know, the one that has Sammy as its Chair. I was actually at the meeting they held to elect a leader. Do you know what happened at that meeting?

Some people argued and actually quit the organization right then and there. And it was more than two of them. Hell, they couldn't even agree to a name.

At our last meeting, we welcomed 5 new paid members. The chapter is growing and has really only been around a couple of months, so it takes a while for things to come together, but it is far from the previous incarnations failure and is moving forward with several events already planned.

Sammy posted an email response from the state level and it contained a litany of things that had to be done before the chapter was officially recognized. What Sammy didn't do is check his facts to see if it was done. It has been.

Sorry Sammy, yet another strikeout.

But wait, my favorite part of his piece is the part where he says the President isn't a registered voter in El Paso. So let's go through a litany of our own shall we?

Sammy says, "If Rollings is a registered voter in the state of Texas than he is breaking the law by being registered in two different states".

TRUTH- No he isn't. Its not against the law. He would only be breaking election law if he voted in two different states in the same election. I have voted in more than one state, but not in the same election. I'm certain that if Sammy voted while he was in the military, he likely did the same. The mere fact that a state still lists him as a registered voter doesn't mean he still votes there. All it means is that his name hasn't fallen off of their rolls yet. Hell, this is Texas. Lyndon Johnson had dead people vote for him if I'm not mistaken.

Sammy apparently doesn't research very thoroughly and can't seem to get anything right. He alleged that Rollings isn't qualified to be the President of the organization because he's not a registered voter in El Paso County.

That's funny, because according to the Secretary of State's Office, he is. Here's a screen shot that I took to prove it. Unlike Sammy, I do my own homework, not take the work someone else did and put my name on it.

Like the Gipper said, "trust but verify".

Maybe Sammy thinks the Secretary of State is part of a cover-up, after all, he has become a bit of conspiracy theorist lately.

Here's the part that is really going to make poor Sammy flip out. Danny registered to vote in Texas because he moved here and wanted to vote for Richard Wiles to be sheriff.

Sammy goes on to allege that the group was started to help Lyda Ness-Garcia's campaign.

Once again, Sammy charges ahead without knowing the facts. The talk of the group forming was before Ness-Garcia had even decided to run for the position.

But again, Sammy doesn't let the facts get in the way of what he writes. The Fox News school of thought, it doesn't have to be true, you just have to repeat it enough times. Sort of like the President not being born in the United States.

He also alleges Lyda Ness-Garcia was a speaker at our first official meeting. TRUTH: No she wasn't. She wasn't at our first official meeting and has never been a speaker at our meetings.


We have yet to support or endorse any candidate in any election. We have not assisted anyone's campaign and there are not even plans to do so. In fact, the discussion has never come up in our meetings and come to think of it, we have never mentioned Lyda Ness-Garcia's name in a meeting, formal or informal.

I am not going to take sides between two good Democrats like Elizabeth Hapsburg-Kelly and Daniel Rollings. Elizabeth has been an active participant in the Democratic Party and I'm proud to know her. Danny is the President of a Democratic Party club.

Its not a crime that Danny was once a Republican, though it probably should be. But Sammy doesn't mind when Democrats switch to his side and even one of the Haggerty's switched to ours.

Liz has her issues with Danny. I frankly don't care and neither does Sammy. I'm not sure if its Sammy being used for a personal vendetta that Liz has with Danny, or Sammy taking advantage of her beef with Danny for the sake of trashing Democrats.

But the bottom line here is that Sammy and Republicans are not friends to the gay community and Sammy is taking shots at Democrats. Just count how many times he's ridiculed Danny about his sexuality and even implied that Danny performed sexual favors for advancement. That's not something a friend to the gay community does.

Sammy has been supportive of several members of Pastor Brown's flock of candidates, including Manny Hinojosa and Zulema Lazarin. Those are the facts.

Too bad he's not interested in the truth, he might have more credibility if he was.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Margo’s First Session a Failure (by his own definition) Part 1

When asked by Sito Negron of the El Paso Inc if failure to secure the third building of the medical school would mean that the session would be a failure, Dee Margo said, “From my perspective it would be”

That being said, then yes, by Margo’s own definition, he failed in this session.

From The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia
The lack of funding for the third building was a major part of Dee Margo’s attack on Joe Moody during the campaign. In this article in the El Paso Inc, Dee Margo says, “My point is not one legislative bill filed by Joe had anything to do with the third building,” Margo said. “If you say it’s that important, I don’t care if you’re a rookie or whatever, go fulfill what you say is important. What changed?”

I don’t care if you’re a rookie or whatever, go fulfill what you say is important. 

That line may very well end up being Dee Margo’s Read my lips, no new taxes moment of his political career.

If you visit video of the debate on ABC 7 Xtra between Joe Moody and Dee Margo before the election, you will see that Dee Margo says that not one bill was brought up related to funding the third building. If you read the entirety of the article in the El Paso Inc above, you will see that delegation made several attempts to secure that funding through riders, which are amendments put on bills in committee.

In my opinion, Margo either lied or didn’t know what he was talking about.

Representative Margo simply was not able to secure the funding that he made such a big deal about during the campaign. I spoke with several sources in Austin that said that Margo was simply out of place in Austin. He was unaware of process and didn’t really other any legislation other than two bills, one of which was The Dora Oaxaca bill, which came for the county.

Sources also say that Margo needed help on how to vote on issues that affected his own district. One lobbyist and a legislative insider said they observed one member of the El Paso delegation having to physically guide Margo over to change his vote on a bill, HB 1649 that was related to building code standards for colonias in the Anthony and Canutillo areas.

Dee Margo did not author a bill to get funding for the 3rd building, something he was critical of Moody for not doing.

He did however author a Tuition Revenue Bond amendment to a bill. Austin insiders say that Margo was actually trying to pull a fast one, but I’ll explain in Part 2 of this piece. 

Margo’s First Session a Failure (by his own definition) Part 2

So let me lay out the situation with State Rep Dee Margo’s TRB Amendment the way I understand the situation.

Senate Bill 1048 is a bill on public-private partnerships to build stuff through public-private partnerships and give agencies the ability to enter into public-private partnerships.

Someone made the decision (likely the Parliamentarian) that TRB (Tuition Revenue Bond) amendments were germane to the bill, so members started loading the bill up with amendments relating to institutions in their area. Margo put his TRB amendment for the Texas Tech Med School on SB 1048.

TRBs are the way Texas builds structures at public universities. They use student fees and/or tuition to pay them off, and the state funds debt service for them. The legislature typically does this every other session. But Texas doesn't have money for them in this session as we all know.

Rep Kolkhorst, a conservative Republican from Brenham, who represents Sam Houston State wanted to know if this was becoming the bill to add TRBs towards. If so, she wanted to put one on for Sam Houston State.

Sources in Austin say when told that wasn't the case, Kolkhorst asked Speaker Straus if the proposed budget (House Bill 1) had any money for TRBs.

Speaker Straus said NO.

Rep Sylvester Turner, Democrat from Houston, asked what the House was doing if there was no state money to fund these buildings. 

They postponed the bill and when SB 1048 was brought back up again; all the TRB amendments were withdrawn.

Essentially, this was a way for Dee Margo to pull the wool over the eyes of El Pasoans.

This bill would have given Margo the ability to go back home and say he passed a bill to get that additional building for the med school. And then not have to worry about the fact that the state wouldn't fund construction of the building- or that El Pasoans wouldn't even see the building actually undergo construction until 2015 - at the earliest.

Couple these actions with the video from News 7 Extra where he says he's talked to the Gov, Lt. Gov, and Speaker - and he'll "make sure it gets there." 

Well he failed.

He tried to pass something that had no real meaning anyway and couldn't even do that!

But Margo and all his connections and backroom wheeling dealing failed. And now he's ended up with one bill passed and nothing to show for 140 days of session, except voting for a budget- that he helped write as a member of Appropriations- that cuts billions of dollars to public schools, cut funding to UTEP, Texas Tech, and EPCC (which by the way will cause tuition to go up).

All of this reminds me of something. I think I remember an article in the El Paso Times shortly after the election in which he says something along the lines that if he’s ineffective, he’ll resign.

With the session basically over with, he might want to get started writing…

Lilly’s Flip Flop Dilemma

Representative Ann "Nana Chanclas" Morgan Lilly is really in a dilemma right now. Shortly after the election, she sold out and signed an agreement with two candidates that she defeated to support their key issues in exchange for their support.

She was originally in support of domestic partner benefits. She publically supported the will of the people, but on more than one occasion in candidate forums Lilly defended her support for domestic partner benefits. And then she flip-flopped again after the election in order to get the endorsement of two other candidates in the race.

The fact that Lilly so often switches sides on issues is problematic for her. First of all, it calls in to question her values as a candidate. We are talking about two very different positions on the issue. And I don’t just mean the actual vote, its more about the subtext of equality. For political expediency, she suddenly switches her position? How do to the Pastor Tom Brown crew trust an agreement with someone who would change with the wind?

And why the hell does Lilly make that agreement for the support of those two candidates? Distant third place and last place. 

Dead last.

And when contacted by the media for comment on the court’s decision about the domestic partnership benefits issue, she said she wasn’t prepared to give a position. Did she change her mind again? Is she channeling her inner Donald Trump now?

Why wouldn’t she give an opinion if she is now against the domestic partner benefits? Seems to me that she would jump at the opportunity to reassure her new allies from the Tom Brown crowd that her new position is genuine and her support can be counted on.

Let’s do some election math here. Does Lilly think that the flip-flop agreement is going to inspire the Pastor Brown people enough to go back to the polls? Newsflash, they probably aren’t regular voters to begin with!

And Peinado’s couple hundred votes? This Facebook page for a Russian hamster has more fans than Peinado had votes. Seriously, look.

Peinado didn’t campaign worth a shit. He literally had fliers like you see at a laundrymat with the little pull off tabs. The votes he was able to win were basically people who knew him. Are they going to feel compelled enough to go to the polls again and vote for the incumbent?  

Not likely.

Rep Ann Morgan Lilly at Press Conference with Drug Legalization Supporters
They are both conservatives. Lilly is pretty liberal in some areas and I wonder if she will flip-flop on those issues as well in order to gain public support.

For example, drug legalization. Lilly signed off on, and attended a press conference for, a document put forward by several members of city council calling for the discussion legalization of drugs. And while I realize she’s getting up there in years at 70+ years old, I don’t think it’s for cataracts.

I was actually surprised that the social conservatives didn’t make a big stink about that. I think it’s mostly because they were focused on the gay thing.

But nonetheless, I wonder if she will now run away from that position as well?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Proud of Congressman Reyes

I’ve commented on the fact that I am pretty much sick of Democrats that are afraid to stand up to the right-wing echo chamber of pre-packaged ideological bullshit talking points.

I’ve also commented on how I’m pretty sick of Democrats that are afraid to stand by the values of the Democratic Party and take on the Republicans and call them out on their pre-packed ideological bullshit talking points.
United State Congressman Silvestre Reyes during Vietnam

Which is why I am very proud of Congressman Reyes. It’s about damn time we had a Democrat stand up to Perry’s constant barrage of negative attacks on border communities. I honestly can’t think of a Governor of Texas that has dissed the border region more than Governor Rick Perry.

As if the whole car-bombs-are-going-off-in-El-Paso wasn’t bad enough, to say that the drug lords have operational control over most of the border is shameful, even for Governor Perry. He clearly doesn’t support the work of Border Patrol, Customs, and various law enforcement professionals along the border.

Talk to those law enforcement professionals who are on the front line and really know the situation and they will tell you that the Governor’s statements are not only false, but represent the fact that while the governor is saying that the President doesn’t know or care about what’s happening at the border, its Governor Perry that demonstrates he doesn’t know or care about his constituents and fellow Texans.

I’m glad the at least one member of the Texas border Democrats took the lead in pushing back on Perry’s rhetoric and mischaracterizations of the border.

Perry’s fear-mongering hurts business in the border communities. It’s hard to get people to do business with you when your own governor is trying to re-ignite talk of a presidential run at the expense of the border communities and fellow Texans.

As Congressman Reyes says, "The governor should help create jobs in the region, not scare them away as part of his self-interested quest to bolster his national image,". 

Well said Congressman!

You have a job Governor Perry; you should concentrate on it instead of trying to apply for another one. That’s what Texans elected you to do.

And I think that other Democrats should follow the lead of Congressman Reyes and call for Governor Perry to stop hurting businesses and jobs on the border and start telling the truth. 

Statement from Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance on SB 12

As the clocked ticked down the final moments of the 82nd Legislative session, the prediction of some Senate Democrats that their Tuesday vote to block HB12 was the end of “sanctuary cities” came true.
Sen. Tommy Williams did not try a second time to bring up the Arizona-style proposal and HB12 died a quick and painless death.
This victory belongs to communities in El Paso, Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Texas Valley, West Texas and others. RITA is proud of the efforts of our state-wide alliance and other advocacy groups such as the TRUST coalition. We all made the difference with our actions, our energetic strategy and our dedication to Texan values and rights.
We are also proud of those Senators that stood up for civil and human rights, community safety and economic security. We thank all of them, Wendy Davis, Rodney Ellis, Mario Gallegos, Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa , Eddie Lucio Jr., Jose Rodriguez, Carlos Uresti, Leticia Van De Putte, Kirk Watson, John Whitmire, Royce West and Judith Zaffirini for their commitment to Texas.
The failure of HB12 was inevitable considering the far-reaching opposition to it that included police chiefs and sheriffs, faith leaders, business associations, Texas communities and civil and human rights activists across the state.
If Texas had followed the Arizona-minded path of prejudice, xenophobia and intolerance towards immigrants, the U.S. values of liberty and justice for all would have been eroded in our great state.
Civil and human rights activists should be bolstered to know that if anti-immigrant legislation can’t pass in Texas with a Republican supermajority voting party-line, they can’t pass anywhere.
What was started in Arizona last year was stopped in Texas tonight.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tejanos Celebration for Arditti, et al

A few people wanted me to follow up with my previous piece about the victory celebration for Judge Regina Arditti and her legal council at the monthly meeting of the Tejano Democrats.

I spoke to a couple of the 60 or so attendees and they say that it was a pretty ordinary meeting except for the fact that Arditti, Leeds and Caballero were given a standing ovation. A few of the people I spoke to confessed that they only gave the ovation because they didn't want to be the only ones not standing.

Judge Arditti spoke and thanked her family and supporters for standing by her during a tough time. She also spoke about believing in the system the entire time.

Leeds chose not to speak but Caballero spoke and from what the attendees told me, she was vintage Caballero, taking shots at the District Attorney and the presiding judge.

Interestingly the attendees said she remarked that she was going to go after the judge, but they didn't know exactly what Caballero meant by that remark.


Washington, May 25 Homicides in Austin increase more than 70 percent, yet Governor Perry calls border "a national disgrace"
New FBI data show Texas Capital and cities represented by Boehner, Cantor, McCarthy, and McConnell all have more homicides than Texas border cities combined 
Congressman Silvestre Reyes (D-TX-16) released the following statement in response to Governor Perry's continued attacks on Texas border communities.  New preliminary data released by the FBI this week show that Texas' border cities remain among the safest places to live in the United States:

"Instead of pandering to TV cameras to tarnish the image of Texas's border region, Governor Perry should focus on controlling crime in the rest of Texas.  While Governor Perry falsely claims that 'drug cartels have operational control of a substantial amount' of the border to incite fear, new data released by the FBI this week confirm that border cities remain among the safest places to live in the United States.  In fact, Austin, Texas, where Governor Perry resides in his $10,000-a-month rental mansion at taxpayer expense, reported a 72 percent increase in homicides in 2010.  The city of Austin had more homicides last year than El Paso, Laredo, McAllen, and Brownsville combined.  All Texans should resoundly reject the Governor's fear-mongering rhetoric that harms our state's image and our ability to attract tourism and commerce to the border region.  The Governor should help create jobs in the region, not scare them away as part of his self-interested quest to bolster his national image."

(National Homicide Rate = 5.0 per 100,000 Population) 

Ominous Sign for Republicans

The race for New York Congressional District 26 is usually drama free. It’s a solidly safe Republican seat. Republicans have something like 30,000 more registered voters than Democratic voters in the district.
It’s a very safe Republican seat.

Well, it WAS a safe Republican seat.

How did the Republicans find themselves on the losing end of that kind of election? It all started with photos on Craig’s List. The previous congressman posted a shirtless image of him on the site and resigned shortly thereafter.

Thus the need for a special election. The Democratic candidate, Kathy Hochul used the fact that the Republican candidate, Jane Corwin said she would support controversial House Budget Plan put forward by Congressman Paul Ryan that in part, calls for the privatization of Medicare.

Hochul defeated the Republican candidate and the Tea Party candidate, ending with 48%. That is a significant development when you consider that was a very safe Republican seat and Republican special-interest groups dumped a lot of money in to that race toward the end.

Last week, when presidential-hopeful Newt Gingrich said he wouldn’t support Ryan’s plan, he was blasted by the Republicans. Now, after this loss, a good number of Republicans are scrambling to run away from the Ryan plan.

But another big portion of the GOP will be digging in their heels to stick with the Paul Ryan plan. They will want to make it the battle line and may choose to make Mount Medicare the hill they die on.

Democrats need to do what Republicans do very well. Stay disciplined and stay on message. There is blood in the water and the Democrats have to develop a killer instinct and go for the knockout blow. They should hammer this point home, over and over and over and over again.

The American people don’t support their plan for Medicare. The Democrats should remind Americans at every turn what the Republican budget plan really looks like in real world terms.

Much like this video…

A Democratic Party candidate got 48% of the vote in a three candidate race in a solidly Republican district. Imagine what things will look like in November 2012 in districts that are already competitive if the Democrats can stick to this plan.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SB 12 Protest in front of Representative Dee Margo's Office

Yesterday protesters from the Border Network for Human Rights gathered to protest the Republican Party's latest anti-immigrant legislation in Austin.

Protesters Against SB 12
Protesters say that the bill in the Texas legislature is similar to provisions in Arizona's controversial SB 1070.  During the debate for SB 1070, Texas legislators and elected officials including Governor Perry, Senator John Cornyn, and State Representative Dee Margo all said that Arizona-style legislation was not right for Texas.

Texas conservative activists, like counter-protester Sammy Carrejo, actually the ONLY counter-protester at the event, have defended and been supportive of Arizona-style anti-immigrant legislation. (There were other Republicans present, but they didn't want to join Sammy, so he went alone.)
Counter-Protester and El Paso LNRC Chairman Sammy Carrejo 

That was BEFORE the election that is.

After the election, Governor Perry made several anti-immigrant measures part of his "emergency" list of legislative priorities, despite the fact that the legislature had to deal with an economic crisis and redistricting.

Republican Party Chair & Fellow Republicans that didn't join Sammy in  counter-protest

State Representative Dee Margo said he was against Arizona-style legislation while on the campaign trail, as you can see in this interview after a forum sponsored by the Border Network for Human Rights. Representative Margo makes his position very clear that SB 1070 measures aren't right for Texas.

But he has reversed his position once he was in the legislature. Representative Margo now supports SB 12, the bill which has sparked the protest in front of his district office.

(On a side note, I checked with the Border Network for Human Rights to ask why they were protesting in front of that particular building and they said it was for two reasons. They indicated that it was because Representative Margo's Office is in the building and because the El Paso Republican Party's Headquarters was located in the building. I told them that the headquarters for the GOP had been moved and the representative of the Border Network for Human Rights said they called the GOP and were given that address. The Chair of the El Paso Republican Party was present and is pictured above.

Tejanos to Meet Tonight - Victor Celebration for Aditti, Caballero & Leeds

An email was sent around to the Paso Del Norte Tejano Democrats stating that tonight's meeting at Su Casa Restaurant is a "Victory Celebration for Judge Regina Arditti, Theresa Caballero, and Stuart Leeds".

That's really interesting because Caballero is likely going to take on Jaime Esparza for District Attorney. Esparza has been closely allied with the Congressman in the past and the Congressman's staff did a lot of work for the party in the last election and were the go-to people for contributions.

Its also interesting because the El Paso County Democratic Party Chairman Danny Anchondo has long been rumored to be interested in running for a judicial seat and let's face facts, Judge Arditti will certainly have an opponent. She is VERY vulnerable to a challenger and Anchondo would likely beat her in a head to head race.

If he were interested in taking her on that is.

Márquez School Board Transparency Bill Heads to Governor's Desk

Approval by Senate Follows House Passage

AUSTIN, TX-- State Representative Marisa Márquez (D-El Paso) today saw the passage of her legislation, H. B. 336, which requires larger school boards in cities of 500,000 or more to post campaign finance reports for candidates online. The bill heads to the Governor's desk after Sen. Jose Rodríguez (D-El Paso) successfully guided Márquez's bill through the Senate. Márquez previously passed the bill in the House.

"This is a good day for transparency and open government," said Márquez. "No one bill can guarantee an ethical government, but each step towards transparency and accountability is a step in the right direction."

The bill will become law on September 1 of this year upon approval by the Governor.

Márquez is serving her second term in the Texas House of Representatives.  She represents District 77, which includes downtown El Paso, UTEP, and neighborhoods near Fort Bliss. During the 82nd Legislative Session, Márquez is the Vice-Chair of the House Committee on County Affairs, and a member of the House Committees on Corrections, Local & Consent Calendars, and Administration.

Press Release: Border Network for Human Rights

** El Paso believes Texas can do better **
El Paso, TX-The Border Network for Human Rights, a human rights organization based in El Paso, is organizing a vigil TODAY Tuesday May 24 at 4:00 P.M. outside the headquarters of the Republican Party in El Paso (6006 N. Mesa) in opposition to proposal HB12.

After a trick played by Sen. Tommy Williams on Friday, the proposal HB12 (imitation of the Arizona Law), is back in the legislature.
It is common knowledge that HB12 would divert precious law enforcement resources away from their real job: keeping Texas communities safe. Instead, this legislation would turn our local police officers into immigration agents forced to tell the detainees, "your papers, please."

FACT: HB12 is opposed by nearly ALL law enforcement leaders in Texas.
HB12 is a serious threat in terms of racial profiling, unfunded mandates, invasion of privacy, civil rights violations, and the list goes on and on. In addition, this bill sets a bad expensive litigation in Texas, the same kind that has cost millions to Arizona. Texas can do better than this.

It's time to defend civil rights, our communities and our tax dollars.

Just When I Think I’m Out…

I’ll make this short and sweet. I wanted to walk away from the blogosphere but there is a lot of stuff going on in politics and there isn’t anyone else locally to offer balance to the conversation that was basically all from the far right during my short absence.

A lot of people asked me to get back in it, pretty much for over a month now. My kid is really the one that made it happen. She basically repeated things my Dad woulda told me. Stopping a blog is one thing, but I can’t stop caring about politics. As much as I hate to admit it, its in the blood.

For those of you that are pissed that I am blogging again, this is America. If you don’t like what I write, don’t read it. You have the freedom to make that choice. You want to write bad comments, knock yourself out. I choose not to give a shit.

Things are going to be a little different now.

For those of you that are glad I’m back, thanks for the support.

For those that aren’t, just don’t read my blog and go on about your happy little life.

And now, time for the conservative bloggers to write pieces about me in 3, 2, 1…

Domestic Partner Benefits Ruling

Federal Judge Frank Montalvo ruled in favor of Pastor Tom Brown and his allies yesterday. Remember all the people that said that it wasn’t going to affect retirees, etc?

Guess what, they were wrong. It does.

So now you are all screwed.

Remember the group of conservatives that did it to you…

The Right-Wing Attack Machine

I really just wanted to end the blogging and get away from politics. Ending the blog is one thing, but getting away from politics is a lot harder than I thought. Especially given the fact that, as many people have pointed out to me, there is no balance in the blogosphere if its only conservatives left to comment on local political issues.

Not only have they been pretty solidly distributing the talking points, but they both seemed on trashing the personal life of District 1 candidate, Lyda Ness-Garcia. That is, when they aren’t dedicating their blogs to posts about me. By the way, I’m flattered guys. Both of you have made comments about promotion of my blog, while spending a great deal of time promoting it. Sorry, couldn’t let the irony go without comment.

Anyway, we have heard the right wing of the blogosphere spend a lot of time talking about Ness-Garcia’s children, alleged multiple husbands, sexuality, marriages, night-life, and even her eyebrows. That’s not an exaggeration by the way. Her damn eyebrows have been written about.

They’ve even resorted to trashing people around her, mostly through the help of people that don’t like the people around her, so it’s a nice little temporary alliance they have made to go on a personal attack. But as they say, politics makes strange bed-fellows. Which is weird because at least publically, Republicans don’t like to have men be other men’s bedfellows.

Makes them feel weird inside, like the first time they showed with other guys in gym class.

But I think what is interesting about their attacks is that it is essentially the same tactics Republicans use on a national scale, just downsized for a local election. The idea is to have an attack from all sides and be relentless about it. Doesn’t have to be true, it just needs to be repeated enough.  Hell, they don’t even have to keep their story straight.

They went from saying she was a lesbian to implying she’s a floozie in a matter of weeks.

It’s like Obama’s birth-certificate or the endless attacks on the Clintons. It’s a non-stop, steady drip of innuendo, whisper campaigns, half-truths, and a big heaping steamy side of bullshit.

They seemed so interested in taxes, but haven’t said a damn thing about what Lilly is allegedly doing with YOUR tax money, which is allegedly having staffers work on her campaign. Unlike other’s I just won’t make an unfounded claim, watch this video in which a former staffer says he was expected to do campaign work for Lilly if he wanted to keep his job.

They’ve alleged, without support or documentation, that Ness-Garcia had people volunteer for her campaign and get community service hours taken off of their probation. Again, an unfounded but repeated allegation.

They’ve alleged that one of her campaign volunteers is doing what a former staffer alleged Lilly of doing, which is conducting campaign activity on work time.

Did they offer any proof?

Of course not.

They figure that if the person works for the county, then they must be doing campaign activities on the job. (Interestingly they turn the other way when the allegation is raised against Lilly.) But did they offer any proof?

Of course not.

They never let facts get in their way. But the person, a man who has been depicted in high-heels in an attempt to humiliate him, actually exhausted his time off in order help.

The self-appointed guardians of the Constitution should remember that protecting the Constitution means protecting freedom of speech. You don’t surrender your right to exercise your Constitutional right to freedom of speech because you work for El Paso County.

But what I think is most telling about the attackers from the right-wing?

You know what they don’t talk about?


They don’t attack her on a policy positions. I seriously doubt if they know what the policy positions are to begin with and I’ll bet only one of the really has a solid understanding of what the policy ramifications are to begin with.

It’s not a debate about ideas for them. They are emotionally invested in tearing down Ness-Garcia. They think voters care more about her eye brows and personal life than policy discussion.

For them the race isn’t about a debate on policy, it’s about seeing how much mierda they can fling.

Where is the discussion about traffic?


Quality of life?


Competition for utilities?



Business relations?



Financial interests and environmental impact of a Transmountain Expansion?

No discussion about that because it doesn’t fit in to their attack plan. They are more focused on spreading filth and in most cases so far…lies.

Post Election Analysis

There has been some really crappy election analysis floating around so allow me to weigh in.

First of all, the big theme of election night that no one seems to focus on is the fact that two very significant things happened. First and probably most easily recognizable, is the fact that the Brown faction got their clocks cleaned.

There wasn’t a single one of them in serious contention. Hell Manny Hinojosa probably did the best of all the Brown acolytes and he did his level best to not sound like one of them.

The other significant thing about election night is that it was a major defeat for conservatives. The only conservative to do well on election night was a conservative Democrat, Eddie Holguin. He easily defeated a challenge from his left in Gerardo Rosiles, and a challenge from outer space in Zulema Lazarin.

Every other conservative did very poorly. I think that says a lot and should teach the fiscal conservatives a valuable lesson. Last Saturday’s results were an indication of what happens when you let the small, but loud segment of social conservatives become the face of your party. Perhaps they will learn from this since all their good ideas seem to wither away because the social conservatives hijack the ideas.

I think the Republican gains made in November were about their brand. The people that won, won because of their brand, not because of who they are. I need only point to Charlie Garza and Tim Besco (who didn’t win but his performance was exaggerated by the fact that he benefited from people voting for the Republican brand).

I know, some people will say that City Council races are non-partisan.

Sure they are.

City Council races are about governing values and principles. Anyone who has studied the candidates can probably pick out the Democrats and Republicans pretty easily. So when the conservatives ran on their own, without the benefit of a brand, they all lost and none of them were ever in serious contention.

District 1 – Ann Morgan Lilly is in trouble. She’s under 40% heading in to a run-off. For some reason people are spinning it as though everything is hunky dory in her campaign, but the fact is, a large majority of people who voted in the election didn’t vote for her. She has to figure out a way to make them vote for her. Her flip-flop contract signing with two of the also-rans is an indication that she feels the heat. More on that later.

Tim Besco. What a joke. I hope he sees how futile elections are for him. He has to give people a reason to vote for him, he doesn’t. I don’t think it has much to do with his now-infamous letter where he went all C-Lo Green on the Republican Party. I think it’s just proof of what many of us said, the votes he got in November were anti-Reyes votes, they weren’t votes for him. He should never run for anything again…ever, but part of me hopes he does because it’s so comical to see him and his campaign manager Oscar.

Rick Schecter – Retire the mullet. He’s a much smarter guy than people give him credit for, but he’s been on the ballot enough times, and lost enough times, to finally get the hint. He doesn’t campaign the right way and so he will not ever be looked at as credible. He will still be a thorn in the side of people at city hall, which is why I root for him. I hope he continues to do that.

Lyda Ness-Garcia – She has some work to do, but she’s solidly in the run-off. She gained the most amount of support from the undecideds that were profiled in the El Paso Times poll done before the election. In fact, she gained a pretty significant amount of support, despite the efforts of the two conservative bloggers to trash her personal life and people around her. She lived through the scorched earth portion, the question now is if she has the organization to get enough of the votes that went to other candidates behind her as opposed to the incumbent.

Manny Hinojosa – Well, if there was an award given for the Most-Improved Candidate, it would go to Manny hands down. The guy came a long way in his campaign. From crazy religious zealot, to fiscal conservative, and now back to religious zealot. He tried his best to not come across as anti-gay and sound like a fiscal conservative, but once the election was over he sent a letter showing his true colors to Ann Morgan Lilly in which he gets back aboard the hate slate.

Dr. Theresa Ware-Asbury – She shouldn’t have run. She wasn’t the stronger of the two progressive candidates. She didn’t have a clearly articulated message, she didn’t have much of a campaign structure, or money. Her core support likely would’ve gone to Ness-Garcia and that would’ve changed the race much earlier. She also improved a lot as a candidate along the way, but she split a key voting bloc unnecessarily.

Abe Peinado – Simply put, he was never viable. Nor will he ever be. He didn’t have financial support but ran as a conservative. I didn’t see a lot of substance in him and let’s be honest, who takes someone seriously that puts on their campaign announcement press release that they enjoy weight lifting? He’s not a top-tier Republican so it’s doubtful he will ever be in line for one of the three or four seats the Republicans have in town.

District 8 – Snoozer. This one was over a long time ago. Despite a crowded field, Niland won without a run-off. Despite some early trepidation about articulating a position on issues, she came around to be pretty well put-together as a candidate. Good poise, much stronger on issues (even if I don’t agree with her all the time) than the other candidates. This is a pretty simple equation, no one distinguished themselves from the pack, so the person with the highest name ID wins. Plus, when they actually had a chance to distinguish themselves from her in a debate, they didn’t.

Jorge Artalejo – I think he actually managed to take this race even less seriously than the previous races. He showed up in shorts and chanclas to at least one debate. He is not a serious candidate and should NOT EVER RUN FOR ANYTHING EVER AGAIN.

But he will. Sigh.

At least he gave me and Sammy a good laugh about candy bars at the Greater El Paso Republican Women candidate forum.

Only in El Paso can you have two candidates that no one knows what they are saying and one that doesn’t know where she is.

Lisa Turner – See my note about Rick Schecter.

Sergio Contreras – Not ready to run. No clear message. Has to improve communications. He came across as a burned-out stoner. But that vato is great on paper…

Malcolm MacGregor – A total joke and looks like El Paso’s answer to Mr. Magoo. He gave me one of my favorite lines of the campaign, “Let’s get back to Biblical common sense.” Even in the most conservative part of town, he really wasn’t able to grab much support. There was so much I couldn’t written, but it wasn’t worth the energy.

Ernesto Villanueva, Jr. – Probably the only candidate that lost on Election Day that might have a future in politics once he gets some fine-tuning on presentation and message. He worked hard and had a kid along the way. Some pics of him drinking didn’t harm him, so he should be good to go in the future. Next time, have the financial backing first…

District 5 – Proof El Pasoans can be really stupid. A guy who dropped out of the race, and never campaigned ended up with votes. This race is about to get really interesting. Dora Oaxaca and Alice Rosas are both backing Dr. Noe. Ken Sutherland is no long with Mayela Mejia’s campaign (this happened before the election) and Mejia bought in a pretty good duo to give her campaign a shot in the arm, Kathy Coronado and Pee Wee Mier. They came on pretty strong during the last couple of weeks of the campaign and are likely the reason Mejia made it to the run off.

Why is this race going to get interesting? 

Two reasons, money and mud. 

First, the money. I’m interested to see what kind of financial support either of them gets in the run-off and how well they put it to use. I’d have to give the edge to Mike Noe in that respect. I’m betting he can put some of his own money in to the race if he needs to.  Now for the mud, all four of the campaign workers I mentioned are very experienced. They have all cut their teeth on campaigns over the years and this is not their first rodeo. They all know one another pretty well. They have all campaigned in the valley.
And 3 of the 4 of them have a reputation for being pretty rough, some say dirty, campaigners. For campaign wonks, this is going to be the race that will be the most-fun to watch.
Precinct 111 is key in this race.

District 6 – The most conservative candidate in town to win was Eddie Holguin, a Democrat. It looks like he carried all of the precincts in his district, north and south of the freeway. In fact, I think he even carried the home precincts of his two opponents. That’s probably not going to make Troy Hicks very happy, but Holguin actually campaigned in this race, and it’s been a while since he has. Lilly Ruiz, a longtime staffer, even came off the bench to help out with his race on Election Day.

Gerardo Rosiles – I hope he sticks around and stays involved. Aside from my many jokes about his lack of English proficiency or needing to subscribe to Ingles Sin Barreras, I honestly think he has a lot to contribute. He probably shouldn’t ever run for office again, but he should get involved in boards and commissions. We could use his input.

Zulema Lazarin – I almost don’t know where to start. She should not ever run again. It’s embarrassing. She started by not knowing what district she lives in and it only got worse from there. She made so many mistakes I got tired of writing about them, which is why I never wrote about the fact that she never went back to file the proper paperwork for campaign finance. She went over the $500 self-imposed limit and needed to file another report. She should just go back to Planet LNRC and help people that are actually qualified (and know what district they are in) run for office.

Friday, May 13, 2011

LionStar Signs Off

Well, that's it folks. I've posted my last posts.

No sappy good-bye's. I posted my reasons for ending the blog a while back and my mind hasn't changed, despite the fact that some very good people have made some very compelling arguments.

To dispel a few rumors, I am not leaving to go write for someone else or Newspaper Tree. Not that I wouldn't, I probably would in a heart beat, but the truth is I haven't talked to anyone about that.

I've done some cool stuff as part of the blogosphere and had a chance to meet some really interesting people along the way. I still have some audio and video I haven't posted and I will post it over the next couple of days, but this is basically it.

Thanks for reading. Take care.

And oh yeah, one more thing...

Speak Truth to Power...

State of Chaos – The El Paso Democratic Party

The El Paso Democratic Party has been in a civil war for several years now. Just when things looked like they were getting better, they came to a boiling point the day of the President’s visit to El Paso.

The President’s visit was a policy visit, not a campaign stop. So the Democratic Party was only given a small amount of tickets. That made a lot of people pretty mad.

Organizing for America pretty much ran the show. Organizing for America is the remnants of the Obama delegates in the last Presidential election state convention.  Basically they were the people that were most screwed over the by the Hillary delegation.

At a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Party, the people who felt like they didn’t get their fare share of tickets were bitching and moaning about it.

One of them was Blanche Darley. Why Darley was even in the conversation is a mystery to me because she hates the President. She has state publically in the past that she didn’t vote for the President and once again stated that she was not going to vote for him in the next election. As an officer in the Democratic Party, it is actually a violation of Art. I Section B.4 of the TDP Rules: (Paraphrased) Any person who accepts a party office at any level must support the party nominees at any level or be removed. 

Don Williams responded to Darley’s aggressive tone by talking about the fact that he was contacted by the national and state party to coordinate various aspects of the Presidential visit, but the other top two officers in the Democratic Party don’t have regular contact with him about Party related matters. Don Williams is the SDEC and the other two top Dems in town are SDEC Yolanda Clay (niece of Blanche Darley) and Danny Anchondo, who is the party Chairman.

At some point Blanche Darley made yet another racially charged remark about the reason that Don Williams was given a certain amount of tickets. According to several witnesses, she something to the affect that it was because the President is black and only likes black people.

Others walked out of the room because it has devolved in to a shouting match between several people associated with Blanche Darley who apparently decided to raise historical beefs with one another going back to Democratic Party conventions in the past.

Alex Guzman, a Precinct Chair and witness to the events states, “It was appalling to have to witness Ms-Moreno-Darley publically spew racial epithets and then proceed to justify her statements as freedom of speech. What I find incomprehensible that the El Paso County Democratic Leadership would dismiss what is defined as hate speech, as simple disorderly bickering among members. Then to have, Yolanda Moreno- Clay’s daughter tell usDemocratic Monthly meetings are a safe haven for us to vent each other’s frustrations and whatever we say must not leave this room.” When civility, decorum, professionalism, and mutual respect are practice among a party, discreetness will follow and doesn’t need to be asked.   

To ask a Democrat from the X, Y Generation to tolerate racist statements is like asking us to conspire in a crime. History has taught us the complicity of others is what fueled the Holocaust. Regardless of the backlash and retaliation I will receive for speaking out, we must set a precedence, personal attacks on someone race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion; sexual orientation will NOT be tolerated and will have severe consequences within the El Paso County Democratic Party”.       

Christina Fenstermacher is the daughter of Yolanda Clay that Guzman was referring to.

To his credit, witnesses say Anchondo finally had enough and pounded the table and loudly called the room to order and laid down his authority saying something to the affect of shut up or get out and that he’s had enough of people not listening.

At some point former SDEC Michael Apodaca basically stated that the reason the administration works around the El Paso Democratic Party is because it is common knowledge that there is a lack of coordination and an abundance of in-fighting.

It is stuff like this that makes people stay away from the party. Instead of coordinating activities to benefit our platform, we point fingers. Instead of recruiting future candidates, we create enemies. Instead of expanding our base, we turn people away. Instead of fighting out combined enemy in El Paso, the Republicans, we fight each other.

The actions of a few, but loud, bad apples have hurt our party. The tolerance of their behavior and presence has hurt us worse.

I know that many of you in attendance didn’t want this to be written about. But it is only by shedding light on the situation that we can ever hope for the situation to be resolved.

Its about time someone did something about it. 

Blogger for Sale...

Actually, I think he's probably already spoken for. 

David K has set a lot of bad stuff about me. Actually, about a lot of people. But then again so have I. The difference, David K lies and I back up what I say. 

And by lies, I mean he willfully and maliciously lies. Either that or he's more stupid than you might have given him credit for. 

I actually feel a little stupid myself. I couldn't figure out what his weird obsession with Lyda Ness Garcia was all about and why all of a sudden he became Ann Morgan Lilly's night in shinning armor. 

Then I saw the emails from the open records request. Now its clear. DK has been with her for years. I know, I know, he's talked a lot of shit about her in the interim. Of course he has, he does that to a lot of people. I guess he figured he need to be two-faced to speak out of both sides of his mouth.

For a guy who wrote this piece in a comparison to me earlier this week:

I, on the other hand, do not talk to candidates unless I have a prior personal relationship with them.  I don't advise people on running for office.  I don't plot with them at their headquarters.  I don't care to know them in any way. 

I'll bet this email is a little embarrassing. 

David K Email

This guy has said a lot of stuff about people that isn't true and has nothing to back it up. And I'm not just talking about me.

Lets not forget that he said Ness-Garcia had two husbands in two countries. She didn't.

He also went through the trouble of posting an "anonymous" comment from another person's blog on to his blog to trash Mayela Mejia. Part of the comment reads

"Her most recent marriage was to a drug dealer in Juarez with ties to one of the cartels. He was murdered a couple of years ago in Juarez."

Mejia's husband did pass away. But he died in a car accident and WAS NOT murdered. 

Having lost a spouse myself, I know its difficult. Its even more difficult when someone takes your personal life and fabricates stories in an effort to trash someone. More difficult than that is to turn a tragic accident into a murder and then have the surviving children read about it online. 

All because he doesn't like someone or their politics. Say what you want about me, but I don't do personal. Its bad enough that he made Mejia sound like a whore, something her adult children probably don't appreciate much, but to go as far as he has really shows the type of guy he is.

Way to go asshole, David K strikes again.