Monday, June 20, 2011

Pastor Tom Brown Compares Himself to MLK...

I know, the headline sounds like a joke. But it isn’t.

Last night on ABC 7 Xtra with Darren Hunt, Pastor Tom Brown and City Rep Steve Ortega were discussing the Domestic Partner Benefits Issue.

It was a thorough beat down and Pastor Brown was actually visibly upset. He also seemed to be walking back the threat of a recall.

Brown was questioned about jeopardizing the tax exempt status of his church by using his church’s website and newsletter for political purposes. Brown on the one hand said that its not a violation if they don’t have political action towards a specific candidate. I think most people recognize a recall against specific members of council would be such an action. And so would endorsing his wife’s candidacy, which was done during the recent city council elections.

He then changes his story to say that the website belongs to him personally and not the church. Funny thing about that, the website has the church address, invitations to attend, video of sermons, etc. from the actually church.

But my favorite part of the discussion is when Tom Brown had the nerve to compare himself to civil rights great Martin Luther King. It came about after several phone calls, emails, and tweets that said Tom Brown was hateful and judgmental. Fellow Christians took issue with his persecution of the issue. He refused to answer those critiques, but at one point he did say that he felt that he walked in the footsteps of Martin Luther King.

A comparison to a civil rights leader, from a guy who is trying to deny Domestic Partner benefits to the gay community. Pastor Brown, you are persecuting a minority. That is the EXACT opposite of MLK.

Preventing them from being treated fairly is NOT being a civil rights leader. That’s like saying the people pointing the fire hoses in the south are the same as the people who had the hoses pointed at them.

Let’s not forget this is the same man who basically said he had to leave Riverside High School and go to Eastwood because it was hard being white at a Latino school. He’s also the same guy who said his wife changed colors for him.

I think we all know how ignorant it was of him to say that he has anything in common with Martin Luther King.


Crissy said...

I think you need to look deeper in to the issue instead of just what the media wants you to see. Pastor Tom Brown is not discriminating against homosexuals he is saying that texas has already voted the the union of marriage is between one man and one woman and the city of El Paso must uphold that by treating them as unmarried couples without bennifits. He also does not hate homosexual couples and everyone was trying to say he did but he does believe that their life style is wrong. I don't think he would treat them any different than he would someone who had just been caught stealing.

The issue however is no longer the issue of domestic partnership. It's now the issue that the people have voted that they don't want their tax dollars to go for domenstic partnership benifits and the mayor and city councel have decided that the people's vote doesn't matter and they will have their own way.

The Lion Star said...

Well it would be hard to look deeper in to this issue than I already have. Pastor Brown is discriminating against homosexuals by singling them out.

If he didn't hate homosexual couples, then why aren't there any homosexuals coming to his defense saying that he's a great guy and not against them? Seems to me that after "curing" them, they would be chomping at the bit to defend him.

In fact, I've never heard of anyone come forward with that opinion.

Perhaps Crissy you should look deeper in to the issue instead of just what Tom Brown wants you to see. You would see that he attempted to make the language very broad, and was warned of the outcome but he chose to ignore it.

Brown should put up or shut up. Put up a ballot initiative that is expressly about the gay aspect and let El Pasoans have an up or down vote with no smoke and mirror language.

If he's right, then he wins. If he's wrong, then he should shut up...and El Paso will win.

Anonymous said...

crissy, you are right. Our vote did not count; when the question was asked, and put on the ballot, Mayor "Crook" should have spoken up then; not after it was all said and done, & the dust had settled. The city manager, wilson,& cook, DON'T CARE ABOUT USING OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY;OR FOR EL PASOANS. THEY CARE ABOUT THEMSELVES. Wake up Sleepy Town;IT'S ONLY OUR TAX MONEY THAT IS BEING WASTED.

Mike said...

El Paso has already voted on a ballot initiative that is expressly about the gay aspect. In 2005, 19870 El Pasoans (68.09%) voted overwhelmingly in favor of Prop 2:

"The constitutional amendment providing that marriage in this state consists only of the union of one man and one woman and prohibiting this state or a political subdivision of this state from creating or recognizing any legal status identical or similar to marriage."

Furthermore, the Texas 3rd District Court of Appeals upheld a similar initiative in Austin where the voters chose to not extend benefits to City of Austin employee's Domestic Partners, much like what happened here in El Paso. ( So you can call Brown as many names as you would like, but there is plenty of legal precedent supporting his positions, hateful or not.

Anonymous said...

The pastor is a PATHETIC preaching putz! If LOTS of people wouldn't give a flaming hoot about what preachy, Geezsus freak Gawd gonzos would say, the world would be a better place.