Monday, June 27, 2011

Smart Phone Wars

If you know me, then you know I am a gadget guy. If you are in the market for a new phone, I wanted to pass on a little insight to you because I have used all of the major types of smart phones and I know it can be hard to sort out which one is the best.

Blackberry – the innovator of the smart phone world has been passed up by the other smart phone brands over the last year, but at one point, Blackberry was ubiquitous. They were everywhere and everyone had them. They were also addicting, so much so that they earned the nickname Crackberry. They did, and still do, one thing well…email. They are simple and reliable without a lot of frills. They are also without a lot of apps these days.

i-Phone – The new “it” gadget for a very long time, and it was basically the Blackberry killer. Faster, better graphics, more memory, more capabilities, and a much sexier look, the i-Phone, with its integration with music, photos, and video quickly rendered the Blackberry obsolete.

Android – The “droid” is the new “it” gadget for many people and the latest craze. If you pay attention to social medial circles it can basically do anything from keeping track of your appointments to rescuing little kittys from treas. Okay, I made the last one up, but to hear droid users, they make some pretty ridiculous claims sometimes. It’s more hyped than a pro-boxing fight these days.

Since I’ve used all three, I have to say that I think i-Phone is king. Droid is cool, but there are two things that bother me about droid, aside from the annoying people in social media that are constantly blabbing on about droid like they are getting paid for it.

#1, apps. Sure, there’s probably more apps available in the Droid Marketplace than in the Apple store, but the difference is, Apple’s apps actually work. In a couple of days I have lost track of how many apps I downloaded either didn’t work, or interfered with someone else on my device. Boo, I hate having to uninstall an app. The strength of droid is also its weakness. Anyone can make an app and have it in the market place. Apple is much more Darth Vader about that kind of thing, which is what I don’t like about Apple. But for as much innovation as you get from droid, you also have to filter through a lot of bullshit apps that basically suck.

#2 – lack of consistency. Performance of droid OS and the apps is going to depend on the hardware of your phone. That is a MAJOR weakness of droid. Some apps run great on some phones, and run horrible, lock up, or crash on other phones because of memory or processing speed.

i-Phone has uniformity and when an app is rolled out for i-Phone, you know its going to work. Oh, and the facebook app on i-phone is better than droid. I can manage pages from i-phone, I can’t from a droid. 

That being said, both i-Phone and Droid are light years better than anything Blackberry has right now. 

The next battlefront...tablets...


wood said...

"Apple is much more Darth Vader about that kind of thing, which is what I don’t like about Apple."

the reason you give for not liking apple is the same reason you like the iPhone.

"i-Phone has uniformity and when an app is rolled out for i-Phone, you know its going to work."

Anonymous said...

I agree Jaime!

Anonymous said...

The Android is just the operating system, since there is no control over the hardware then we will see a lot of these issue with applications done by mom n pop shops. We need a year or two for the Android devices and app design process to mature .... this is the MS/PC model. The big advantage of the Android devices is the weakness of Apple, being an open standard.
Apple keeps the lead by being innovative and a symbol of status, however there is no reason why the Android should not take the lead at some point.

As far as the Tablets, I visited the Apple store and the MS store this weekend in San Diego, they are next to each other on a local mall. The Dell tablets at the MS store are clunky and heavy and look like shoe boxes. I think Apple still has the lead and will have it for a while.