Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dear Readers

I'll make this quick. This is America. The great thing about America is choice. You can CHOOSE to read this blog, or you can CHOOSE to not read it.

If you have a problem with something in my blog, contact me directly. thelionstarblog@gmail.com is my email address and its synced with my phone, so the minute you hit send, I will get the email.

Stop going through other people, or calling them, to have me delete something, or reword something, or not write about something just because it gets your panties in a wad.

You might not like me, but you have to admit, I've got the balls to tell you to your face what I think, no matter who you are. All I ask is the same in return. I'm a big boy, I can take it.

I'm approachable. You can talk to me.

I can't be bullied or intimidated, so if that's your avenue, you should probably still try it because it will be a fun experience and I will probably write about it.

I value my readers, but I can't be controlled.


The Vato Who Takes the Time to Write this Shit


Anonymous said...

Dear Lionstar
You need to use pictures instead of words, many of us frequent "readers" don't do well with words. We feel dienfranchised from the political debate by your lack of sensitivity to our reading disability.

Cisco said...

They should have a "Panties in a Wad Showdown!" Looser goes on the 2012 calendar.

Anonymous said...

Why don't put names or actually mention what was that you wrote that annoyed that someone.

Gerardo R.

The Lion Star said...

Because it happens all the time and isn't necessarily just one thing.

But your point is well taken. Maybe I should name names...

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Lion Star,

I take offense to everything you write about me. Unless you repent and apologize, I will bring the wrath of my wife and don't know how to think for themselves congregation down on you. You can avoid this by buying all of my wonderful products. I can save you from being gay. I can save you from being Hispanic. I can save you from thinking for yourself. Just fill my pockets with $$$$$.


T. Brown

Just kidding. Diana