Thursday, August 11, 2011

EPISD School Board, Past & Present

Couple of quick hits on EPISD School Board. First of all, they made the right decision in my opinion, in terms of their selection of the newest member of the school board.

Second of all, a $1000 cell phone allowance? Seriously, who’s the freakin’ idiot that approved that? Let me make sure I got this right, the reason that this scandal allegedly happened was because no one was questioning big ass expenditures and so part of the remedy is to put the Superintendent on unpaid administrative leave, but in the process approve a big ass expenditure for his cell phone bill?

Why don’t you guys start being good stewards of tax payer money and not approve a stupid big ass expenditures like a $1000 a month cell phone allowance and get him a Cricket phone. Hell, their MOST expensive plan is $55 a month and includes unlimited talk, text, and data. That would save the taxpayer $945 of the $1000 month you people were going to pay for a cell phone bill.

What kind of suckers are you geniuses that you are paying $1000 a month for pinche phone bill?
And lastly, its time to start looking at who was on the school board at the time that this stuff allegedly went down? Its time to start asking them some hard questions and start looking at voting records. I know, I know, they are all going to say that they had a feeling something wasn’t right, or they were completely in the dark, or they trusted the Superintendent.

That’s all bullshit. If they had a feeling, they shoulda said something. There were way too many people raising a fuss about stuff for any of them to say they were in the dark, and in this town, when it comes to public money, don’t trust ANYONE!


Anonymous said...

I need that $1000 per month. How else can I afford to have a naked UTEP coed handle my communications stuff?

All the best,

Dr. Garcia's penis

Anonymous said...

Did you see the board president's response on the Times about the cell phone amount? It is part of his contract??? Well, they are the ones that renewed his contract so maybe they should all pitch in and pay that ridiculous bill. Sure would like to know WTF his phone does that it costs $1,000 per month.