Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sunland Park & Small Town Politics

The reason that a lot of the bad stuff that happens with government in our area is at least partially because there is a perception that no one is watching.

Its not wonder that some of the alleged scandals have involved such brazen acts. They allegedly operate with impunity.

I have a theory. The smaller the form of government, the less scrutiny, and the more opportunity for funny business.

Even if its not corruption, my theory is that the smaller the form of government, the more the leadership feels like they can get away with anything because the perception is that no one is watching.

Thats the reason the idea small-town politics is a cliche.

I'm concerned about Sunland Park, New Mexico. The Mayor admitted being drunk when signing an agreement. At least he was honest, but we shouldn't let the guy off the hook because he was honest about being drunk when signing a document.

But what is really raising red flags for me is the recent firing of Mariana Chew. I know her. She's an asset to Sunland Park, New Mexico. She was fired for what looks like, being on the wrong side of a faction war.

Once again, small-town politics at play. The pettiness is so counter-productive. She was working on an important project that could've raised a lot of money for the impoverished community.

Without Chew to spearhead the project, it will likely never come to fruition. If it ever does come to fruition, someone should calculate the estimated revenue they missed out on in the mean time and remind voters in Sunland Park.

Good luck trying to replace someone like Mariana Chew. They don't make a lot of people like her. I sure hope Sunland Park had a good reason to let her go.

They owe it to their constituents.

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