Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another Budget Meeting, Another Gandara Absence

I swear I'm not picking on the guy, but its starting to get a little ridiculous.

The County is dealing with the budget issues, a circumstance were really important decisions are being made on behalf of taxpayers of El Paso County and yet again, Precinct 3 County Commissioner Willie Gandara is not at the meeting.

Click here to see the live video stream.

What monies go to which precincts, departments, and programs are the decisions made in these types of meetings.

Why are we talking about who can speak to voters in Spanish rather than who can speak on behalf of voters at the County?

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely, Gandara's absences are WAY above and beyond normal "sometimes life gets in the way" absences. He responds with being absent because he's too busy working for the district. Find the people he was "working" for during his absences. I guarantee you won't find anyone because he wasn't out on the streets with the people. Also, isn't it crazy that he declined to be interviewed and show up to the "debate"? He seems to be absent everywhere...