Saturday, September 10, 2011

Aztec Calendar Community Forum

Dozens of community members attended a forum this morning at the Armijo Center hosted by City Representative Cortney Niland to discuss plans for the Aztec Calendar in downtown El Paso. The calendar, originally a gift to the City of El Paso from Pemex by way of the Mexican Consulate is one of only three of its kind still in existence.

The other two are in New York and Moscow.

The calendar was not cared for properly and has become damaged over the decades due to the elements, but primarily the vibrations in the road of downtown traffic.

There was talk that the city and the consulate had decided to return the calendar to the consulate, but if the calendar fell apart during the move, the parts would be then housed in a city warehouse. Conservationists had already evaluated the condition of the calendar mold and concluded that it would fall about if moved.

Community members organized themselves to gather signatures from constituents wanting to keep the calendar at its site, in Calendar Park.

Based on the feedback of the community, Representative Niland said that funds will be directed towards preservation of the calendar as opposed to removal.

Here is audio of Carlos Aceves' remarks at the forum. Aceves is an educator in El Paso, Texas and gave a particularly effective statement at the forum:

If you would like to hear more of the forum and the other speakers, including Rosa Guerrero, JB Ochoa (who made a compelling argument), Miguel Juarez, Hal Marcus, and Ho Barron, here is the audio file:

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