Friday, September 2, 2011

Decision Time for Gonzalez

I think Rep Gonzalez needs to do some political soul searching. I think she will likely not get a challenger in this election cycle, but I would be willing to bet that before long, she will have one. It doesn't take a genius to see who represents a big chunk of her district at another government level that recently won re-election by a big margin.

Rather than try to mend some fences with former rivals or non-supporters, Gonzalez has stayed largely within her friendly confines of the Tejano Democrats. Frankly I am mystified as to why.

Gonzalez was on the receiving end of a now-famous political drama captured on video.

City Rep Susie Byrd helped in her campaign. And I don't just mean Byrd told a couple of people to vote for her, but Byrd actually block walked and other stuff.

Now Byrd is the subject of a recall movement less than a year after helping Gonzalez win. Gonzalez wasn't at the No Recall Rally. Gonzalez pretty much only attends Tejano functions and yet Stuart Leeds and Theresa Caballero are with the Tejanos and are assisting in the recall effort. Blanche Darley (seen below with Gonzalez during the Democratic primary last year) went on a rant supporting the recall at the last meeting.

The point is, Gonzalez needs to go and try to mend some fences. State Rep Marisa Marquez had to campaign against most of the Democratic Party establishment to win her seat, but after election she reached out to as many people as she could. So now, in the famous picture of the party establishment with Paul Moreno, most of the people in the picture are now political allies.

Chavez supporters are still out there. They have to go somewhere. Why not learn from Marquez and try to extend some olive branches? Its part of politics.

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