Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hey Norma Chavez...

Yes, I am aware of the shit you talk behind my back. Which is funny because you NEVER say shit in person. I wonder why people are so afraid of you sometimes.

But you recently posted something about me misspelling The Tap. I spelled it with two "p"'s because I saw it spelled that way somewhere else. Clearly a mistake, but unlike some people I know, I have no problem acknowledging the mistake.

I guess you were trying to say I'm not very smart. Maybe that's true, I mean you have a degree and I don't right? And we all know you to be a an intellectual giant right?

Why am I writing about this? Because I thought I would point out the hilarity of your critique. You see in the very same post that you are making fun of my misspelling of the word, you actually misspelled YouTube! Its not Utube.

I would think someone who had an infamous YouTube moment would know how to spell it properly.


  1. Norma Chavez couldn't even get her own neighborhood or community to support her. She's nothing. Not worth the ink in your printer.

  2. No le hagas caso, Jaime. La Norma esta loca. She's like the bitter, dried up, crazy spinster tia in everybody's family.

  3. You loved Norma. Now you hate her. Other than power and personality, what policy positions of hers made you flip flop?

  4. its not a flip-flop. It was an awakening! I saw first hand how she really was.

    But in terms of issues, the recall comes to mind...

  5. no politician is perfect; please do not judge a book by its cover jaime... they are only public servants, trying to do their best ...continue to be open minded...your column is informative and sometimes amusing ...keep on blogging and keep on truckin...paying no attention to negative scorned go guy!

  6. Behind your back? If you are going to write a blog on line you should expect people to have opinions about you and your blog. They do not have to share those opinions with you. Grow up.


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