Thursday, September 15, 2011

Questions Arise Regarding Recall Financing

So if you haven't seen the video of a press conference held by Stuart Leeds, Theresa Caballero, and Tom Brown yesterday on the El Paso Times, you should go and watch it. Its fascinating stuff.

I noticed that during the press conference Theresa Caballero was asked a question from a reporter (from El Diario if I'm not mistaken) about whether the recall people had a PAC. Her response made me curious.

At another point in the press conference in response to another question, Caballero emphatically stated, "We follow the law."

Over the weekend there was a sticker attached to the El Paso Times that reminded people that they were running out of time to sign the recall petition. That costs money. Certainly more than $500.

I mention $500 because that is the spending threshold before you have to file as a PAC. So I went digging around to see if the recall people had filed a PAC.

I didn't find any listing of a PAC for the organization, although I did find a listing for El Pasoans for Responsible Government that lists Nacho Padilla as the point of contact. Which leads to another question, if they have a PAC, where is the financial reporting? I don't see campaign finance reports filed anywhere, but I know for a fact they have spent more than $500 because the sticker on the newspaper alone costs more than $500.

The recall people are acting within their rights as citizens to try to go for a recall. Its part of our system. But also part of our system is a set of rules and procedures put in place that the recall folks are required to abide by.

For the sake of our democratic process, I hope that they have.

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Anonymous said...

I have heard from a reliable source the Bob Hoy and Woody Hunt are paying for the Mayor's legal defense. If they are paying out of their corporations, this would be illegal and if they are paying out of their pocket, the defense would exceed what is allowable.