Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Still Waiting Republicans....

I'm still waiting for a Republican to please explain to me how the HPV vaccine  is considered an assault on our "personal freedom" but the sonogram bill is totally okay with Tea Partiers.

Go ahead...I'm waiting...


Anonymous said...

Passing or writing unconstitutional laws regarding abortion is hobby in Repub legislatures nationwide (to be fair some of the laws get a number of Democratic votes).

Sonogram bill: Make the woman suffer!

HPV Vaccine Law: Why does she need it? What! How dare you think my daughter would spread!

Go to hell R.P. for even thinking about public health!

It's not hypocrisy on the Repubs it's their logic.


Anonymous said...

It's not where you side on the issues. The real problem how these things were passed.

HPV vaccine was pushed through by Rick Perry's executive order. Nobody was even told about it until after it happened.

Just imagine the abuse of executive orders if he is president.

Now the sonogram bill was at least passed through using the standard operating procedures.