Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why the Tea Party Will Help President Obama Win Re-election

The Republicans find themselves in a bit of a paradox. The people who will decide the Presidential election are people that live in the ideological center.

Most Americans have a negative opinion of the Tea Party according to recent polls.

Yet within the Republican Party, the Tea Party base has become very powerful within the likely Republican voters. So, the Republican candidates for president have been tripping over one another trying to appeal to that fringe group.

This video makes a very important point. When the audience cheered people being executed, not a single Republican candidate called for civility. When people cheered to let someone die because of healthcare costs, not a single Republican candidate called for civility. And when a soldier in the United States Army asked a question via YouTube in another debate, he was booed, and still, not one Republican candidate pushed back.

This is the type of stuff that turns off people in the middle. This is the kind of stuff that turns them away, or worse yet, makes them stay home from the polls on election day.

This shows Republican candidates having to appeal to the extremists within their party and then they have a very difficult time running back over to the center for the general election. The President might be unpopular, but he looks better and better against the extremists every day.

One last note, before any of you geniuses start to cry wolf and say its because of the "biased liberal media", you should remember the facts. The first debate was hosted by MSNBC. That's an admittedly liberal-leaning network. That debate sparked the applause for the death penalty.

Buy the debate that had the audience cheering for the death of a hypothetical person who couldn't afford healthcare be let to die, was hosted by the Tea Party! And the debate were Republicans actually booed a member of the United States Army was hosted by Fox News!


Anonymous said...

I would turn people off, if they were listening.

At this stage of the 2012 race only the partisans are listening and they already know which party they will vote for.

The Independents an most of the population of the country won't choose until three weeks before the election. Of course you I already know this. As it stands now the Repubs will nominate Romney or the "Tea Party Candidate-that-doesn't-implode".

I doubt a Repub debate 14 months before the election will matter. Unless this type of response becomes a regular thing.


The Lion Star said...

That is naive. The idea that their statements in these debates won't come back to haunt them demonstrates that you don't understand the nature of campaigning. These moments will absolutely come back to haunt them.