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O'Rourke Out-Raises Reyes

In a very surprising development, Beto O'Rourke was able to raise more money than Congressman Reyes in the first campaign finance report of the season.

O'Rourke released a statement that says,

"I'm very grateful for the support from my fellow El Pasoans. We've out-raised a 16-year incumbent, despite his access to D.C. Special interest and PAC money. El Paso is clearly ready for a representative who will make growing the economy and saving jobs, taking care of our veterans and standing up to special interests his top priorities."

It's not only surprising, its significant.

Congressman Reyes response was:
“It’s no secret that my opponent comes from deep pockets and is supported by wealthy development interests in our city. At the end of the day, however, no amount of money in the world can help cover up his radical agenda of wanting to legalize drugs, raising the retirement age on seniors, cutting housing for disabled people, opposing health care reform which provides free preventative services and helps seniors to pay for prescription drugs.

“The difference between my opponents and me is how we see the value of work. Everything I have, I have worked for and earned. I wasn't born with people owing me anything. Respect and gratitude are earned -- and I have worked very hard to earn the trust of the people, and worked even harder to keep it throughout my time in public office. This election is like no other. Money can’t buy it, only hard work will help win the trust of the people, I will keep working to make sure that every single person is counted and that every person is heard, regardless of how much money my opponents are able to raise, what their income levels are, or which special interest groups are spearheading or backing their campaigns.”

First, here's what's not surprising:

- Its not where he got the money from. The Paso Del Norte Group which was started by his father-in-law according to the El Paso Times has long been tied to O'Rourke. Yes, there were a lot of individual donors on the list, but its also accurate to say that a lot of those individuals were PDNG members. Sure there were a lot of individual contributions (O'Rourke says over 600 individuals) but the big checks came from the big boys.

- Congressman Reyes got a lot of money from PACs. Again, no earth-shattering development there. He is SUPPOSED to have a better relationship with PACs as an incumbent. I'd be surprised if he didn't have that relationship.

- A majority of Reyes' money came from out of town. Again, not a surprise. That probably fits the normal pattern of members of Congress. I doubt very many of them raise more money from in their districts than from outside their district, with the exception of a few honey-holes.

Here's what is surprising:

O'Rourke - $221,704
Reyes - $177,344

O'Rourke got more money than Reyes. ANYTIME a challenger out raises an incumbent, its a big deal. I'm sure the Reyes' will try to downplay it, but it is significant.

But O'Rourke shouldn't count his chickens before they hatch. Its very possible that Reyes hasn't really pushed for the big bucks yet because of redistricting. In fact, it may even be that the PACS are holding off on dishing out cash until after redistricting and election dates are decided.

Thats absolutely what is happening on the state level. The fact that Reyes received more money from out of town also fits the pattern of incumbents in Texas. Ever read a campaign finance report of a member of the Texas legislature? They get more money from Austin than they do from El Paso.

All of them.

Hell, the credible challengers will get more money from Austin than they will from El Paso. Its the nature of the game. You might not like to hear this El Paso, but rich white people in lobbying firms in Austin pretty much pick the winners of campaigns through their contributions.

Don't believe me, follow the money.

So if you cry foul because the money comes from out of town, be consistent with the critique and apply it to members of the delegation, all of whom get more money from out of town than from people in their district.

The 30-day report will be the real indicator of money because they will have to have their resources in the field by then, so that will be the most insightful report.

It appears that Reyes is currently spending more than he is taking in and that's never a healthy sign. No need to panic for Reyes, but they should at the least bit be very concerned.

So now the spin will start from everyone. We are now about to hear the most pointless debate of all time...who's campaign money is worse.

O'Rourke's people will cry foul about PAC money supporting Reyes.

Reyes people will cry foul about rich white business people connected to the PDNG supporting O'Rourke.

Meanwhile Tilghman and Mendoza are going to be sitting on the sidelines wishing they had just one of the big checks Reyes and O'Rourke received.

The tighter this race gets, the uglier its going to be. Mark my words.

TOMORROW...Where did they spend the money?...

Annunciation House


Trouble for Arditti Campaign

I honestly feel bad for Judge Regina Arditti. She seems to have had the worst run of luck of any politico I can recall in recent history.

She wasn't on the bench for most of her first term. She had a trial looming over her head. Now there is this story in the El Paso Times.

Trust me, its a big deal. When the details come out, you will see what I mean.

Thats IF they come out. There are privacy issues in this story and lets be honest, she is a judge, so everyone will be more deliberate and careful about how its approached.

So I won't comment on the specifics of the story, but I will comment on the campaign impact.

The article says she couldn't be reached for comment. Well, the media isn't going to go away on this one. Especially if documents, tapes of the 9-1-1 call, or other stuff isn't available. They will ask questions until they get an answer.

That means that she will either have to keep a low profile on the campaign trail, or she will have to take on the issue.

Either way, its not going to go away.

Depending on the details of what happened, it could have a really big impact on how the race turns out. And my guess is that the details will have a huge negative impact for her on the outcome of the election. But that's just a guess.

If I were Arditti, I would do what she does best. Deal with the issue head on. Issue a statement, deal with the initial media storm, and then try to move on with the rest of the campaign. She's handled the issue of her court case remarkably well and with grace and poise. Something I've written about previously.

Otherwise, this is going to hang over her head for the rest of the campaign and it won't be positive for her.

Reyes Camp Makes Blunder

This happens every election like clockwork. Every election some genius decides they are going to send campaign emails to employees of some government body. Sometimes its city employees, sometimes its county employees, etc. This time it was to employees of EPISD.

For some reason candidates don't understand that you can not do that. I don't really understand what is so hard for them to grasp about that, but it never fails. You could almost set your watch by it.

Every campaign season will have someone that sends emails to a public entity, candidates will have their signs stolen or defaced, someone will do something really stupid and get attention for the wrong reason, someone will forget the word "for" in their campaign signs, and someone will screw up on their campaign finance report. These are just universal truths for El Paso politics.

But the Congressman's campaign sending an email to the EPISD employees is a big deal because of the fact that it tells you something about the campaign.

First thing I would say to watch for is the quote in the El Paso Times for Chuy Reyes, the Congressman's brother and campaign manager. The Times quotes him as saying, "We are looking into it...we have ways of trying to find out if it was one of our workers."

That is the campaign floating the idea of distancing themselves from the person that made the mistake. And thats what it was by the way, a mistake. There's nothing malicious there, probably just an over-zealous campaign staffer that didn't know better, but should.

But here are the things that the blunder point to:

1. Mistakes like this are bound to happen when you haven't had to mount a serious candidate in over a decade. They are out of practice and will stumble a few times. But we are fairly deep in to the campaign now, so this kind of stuff shouldn't be happening.

2. This tells me they are having internal communication problems. Too many chefs spoil the dish people.

3. gmail? Really? For a Congressional campaign?

4. Someone has no idea what the term "targeted messaging" means. Sending emails for a candidate to a huge listserv is like sending a campaign mailer to everyone in a district. Only an idiot would do that. You send things out strategically. With today's technology there is no excuse for using buck shot with a sniper rifle.

5. Once again the focus of the Congressional race is about campaign activities rather than issues or message. That means something is wrong. And not just for the Reyes campaign. The fact that issues aren't being discussed in this race represents a failure on the part of all the candidates. They have failed us. Except Ben Mendoza. That whole Mexican Commonwealth was freakin' hilarious. Something tells me he'll never be able to get away from that campaign message.

The Reyes' have to get it in gear. They are running a campaign for a sitting multi-term Member of Congress. Its time they started looking like it. Stop letting your campaign be hijacked by campaign antics and blunders. The campaign is yours to lose and anything less than winning by two touchdowns will raise eyebrows so get your head in the game.

Mistakes like this one are for rookies. Not for campaign veterans. Its constructive criticism so don't get your chones in a wad.

No Way to Top it, So Just Read it and Laugh...


David K nails it.

Go read this post.

How Redistricting Uncertainty Impacts Local Races

Redistricting is a mess in Texas and since we do things bigger in Texas, redistricting is a big ol' mess in Texas. A lot of people might not understand why thats a big deal in terms of local campaigns, so let me break it down for you on why this has turned out to be a big Texas-sized pain in the nalgas.

Here are the top ____ reasons the redistricting mess is a big pain in the butt to local candidates:

1. You don't know who you are running against. The Texas Courts haven't said when the filing or residency deadline is. Better to err on the side of caution and make sure you live in the district asap. Which leads to the next problem...

2. No one knows what the district lines are going to look like yet. So you have to hold off and getting a place in the district until you find out what the district looks like.

3. You have no idea where it is safe to start walking and who to start calling.

4. If you are already walking and have already cut turf, there's a good chance that you might be walking in areas that might not be in your district when all is said and done.

5. Voter confusion. Voters don't know what district they live in and who to vote for. It costs a lot of money to educate a voter and money is scarce as it is. With voter turnout already pretty low, I'm willing to bet that there will be a pretty big chunk of voters out there that stay home because they are confused about when to vote.

6. Visibility. Campaigns have no clue were to put signs if they already have them. They might have signs up in an area that ends up being outside their district, further confusing voters.

7. Timelines are all screwed up. Campaigns normally have timelines of when they start certain activities and when they start letting voters know when and where they are supposed to vote. Can't do that when you don't know when the election is.

8. Droppin' mail. Again, without knowing election date and early voting dates you can't plan on when to drop your mail. Some stuff never changes like droppin' a negative piece on your opponent's head so that it lands on the Saturday before early voting starts. But introductory pieces, etc are done at different times during a campaign.

So in short, the maps are FUBAR and so are the campaigns...for now.

(BTW FUBAR is an abbreviation, so technically I haven't broken my resolution)

Monday, January 30, 2012


I think CUNNING has officially replaced WINNING as the craziest thing I've heard over the last year that wasn't meant to sound crazy by the person saying it.

But it has a flow don't ya think?

Just substitute it for whatever you were going to use the word WINNING for.

Like this, "Democrats should cross over in Florida and vote for Newt Gingrich to extend the Republican Primary fight...CUNNING!"

See, I told ya it had a nice flow to it...

El Paso Stonewall Young Democrats to Hold Endorsement Roundtable

Dear Incumbents and Candidates for Elected Office:      On behalf of El Paso Stonewall Young Democrats (EPSYD), I would like to cordially invite you to participate in our organization's first-ever Endorsement Roundtable Meeting and Endorsement Election.  El Paso Stonewall Young Democrats is a progressive new organization that was founded last year in September to give voice to and empower young Democrats in El Paso who are gay, bisexual, lesbian, or transgendered, and their straight friends, family, and allies that share a common interest in advancing the interests of progress, equality, and justice in El Paso, Texas, at the local, state, and national level.  
      Since we began, our organization has achieved extraordinary success in its formation and has received a great deal of support from many powerful and influential leaders in the El Paso area who support the gay community in El Paso and their allies.  El Paso Stonewall Young Democrats is officially recognized by and fully affiliated with the El Paso County Democratic Party, the Texas Stonewall Democratic Caucus, and National Stonewall Democrats. Our organization has over 40 paid members and over 80 gay and straight allies throughout El Paso and within our County Democratic Party.  
     Our Endorsement Roundtable meeting will be held on February 2, 2012 at 501 Bar and Bistro at 6 p.m.  Each Incumbent or Candidate for elected office will be given at least 3 minutes to introduce themselves at the beginning of our Endorsement Roundtable and will be given additional time after their introductions to answer any questions our members might have about any of the Incumbents or Candidates that are seeking an endorsement from our organization--which is a valuable endorsement in light of the fact that El Paso Stonewall Young Democrats is the largest LGBT Democratic Party organization in El Paso County and is one of the most powerful voices for equality and progress in El Paso County.   
     Additionally, in order to be placed on our organization's ballot for endorsement, each candidate for endorsement must provide a written response to the following El Paso Stonewall Young Democrat Endorsement Candidate Questions:

1)  What office are you running for and why are you running for that office; and

2)  If you are elected, what role do you believe you and your office should play in advancing the interests of progress and equality in El Paso County?

No limit will be imposed by our organization on the length of your responses.  Your responses should be e-mailed to:
epsyd2012@gmail.com by 11:59 p.m. on February 9th 2012  at 11:59.  Every Candidate that answers the aforementioned questions will have their responses published on our website for all of our members to read before they vote for the candidate for endorsement of their choice at: www.epsyd.org. 

Further, every candidate for endorsement that provides a response to EPSYD's Endorsement Candidate Questions will be allowed to provide a picture of themselves and their logo to accompany their response on our webpage.

On February 13th, after each paid member of our organization has been given an opportunity to cast their ballot online for the candidates they endorse, El Paso Stonewall Young Democrats will announce and publish the results of our Endorsement Election on facebook; as well as on our webpage. I wish you all the best of luck in your races.

Respectfully and very Democratically yours,

Antonio Williams, J.D.

Antonio Williams, J.D.
President of El Paso Stonewall Young Democrats

More Campaign Crap

People can say a lot of bad things about me, and I assure you, they do. But one thing no one can ever say is that I don't stand by what I write.

I know that what I write has consequences. I know that it means that a lot of people would like to see me dead. Or at least hospitalized for a period of time.

But I didn't start writing because I wanted to be popular at parties.

So that's why I am writing this piece. I'm pretty sick of the lengths people will go to in order to trash someone. I wouldn't mind it so much if they had the courage to stand by their words. But they don't.

Let me explain what I mean. In the election four years ago, the internet was already a big part of campaigns. David K and I were already blogging. There was always a place that would serve as the cess pool for people's desire to trash people without having to reveal who they are.

Its nothing new. People used to do that on the Strelzin Forum quite a bit, but that died down substantially. Topix was another frequent hunting ground for people to say whatever they wanted without having to stand by their words.

The Times decided to be responsible about how they managed their comment system and now people have to use their Facebook profile to comment. So you can still engage in healthy debate, only now you are forced to own what you say.

I know a former State Rep who used to use fake names when she would comment on my blog. In fact, she threatened me if I ever told anyone about that.

Ooops. Did I write that out loud?

My bad, I guess it slipped.

She would also do it on The Strelz Forum and on Topix. She would also direct minions to do it for her too.

But the tactic has evolved.

Social media is now an integral part of our lives. We use it to keep up with the news. On Sundays Facebook turns in to ESPN. We root for our favorite teams, ask people for movie recommendations, crowd source solutions for our problems and my mother uses it to keep tabs on her children and grand children.

And yes, we use it to keep up with politics and current events. Now she and her henchmen and henchwomen, have created several fake Facebook profiles to trash people and stay anonymous.

I know its juvenile and honestly it can be pretty funny when they comment on something and then jump in and agree with one another. They do it to make it look like a lot of people agree with their position too.

They can't win on the issue, so they would rather pull that kind of crap. Some think its juvenile, meaningless, and a desperate ploy at getting attention.

I think differently.

I think its...what's the word I'm looking for...oh yeah...


(Not really, I think its stupid and embarrassing.)

But in case you are undecided on who to vote for based on issues, think about the conduct of the respective campaigns. People don't just judge the winner and loser based on the outcome.

People remember how you played the game.

Remember who is tolerating and rewarding this behavior. That should tell you who is desperate and feeling the heat...

Audio: Westside Democrats Endorsement Meeting Part 1

I've been a little busy so I didn't get a chance to post the audio of the Westside Democrats Endorsement Meeting. I wasn't able to get video because I was invited to be a panelist for this meeting.

Here is audio of State Representative Marisa Marquez, who ultimately won the endorsement of the Westside Democrats.

This clip is audio of Mary Gonzalez, who is seeking the office of State Representative in House District 75.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Organizing for America Phone Bank Event

Just to remind you, join us tomorrow, Saturday January 28th, for our first phone banking event of the year, calling into the important battleground state NEW MEXICO.  We need bilingual speakers, but we will have a list for English speaking people as well.  Everyone, please bring your cell phones; calling is perhaps long distance.
Hostess:        Isela Castanon-Williams 
Address:        9009 El Dorado, El Paso 79925
Date:              January 28, 2012
Time:              10:30 am to 1:30 pm
Contact:         Sue Doucette

We hope to see you there!

Organizing for America - El Paso

Segundo Barrio Futbol Club

Fundraiser PDF

Reyes Block-Walking Event

Volunteer Appreciation Celebration”
Saturday, January 28, 2012
11:15 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Please join us this Saturday at campaign headquarters (2004 Montana Ave.) for our next Silver Super Saturday Block Walk. Help us reach out to over 1,000 El Paso households and inform voters why Congressman Reyes is the best candidate to represent El Paso in Congress. 
"Silver Super Saturday Block Walk!"
Saturday, January 28, 2012
8:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

8:30 a.m.: Volunteer Orientation
9:00 a.m.: Walking Starts

Please confirm your participation by sending an email to reyesworksvolunteers@gmail.com or contact campaign headquarters at (915) 222-8091. Please include your t-shirt size in the email. 
We will provide orientation, breakfast, and a memorable block walking experience with other El Pasoans. 
If you cannot make it this weekend, please consider signing up to help in any of the other upcoming Silver Super Saturdays.

For any additional information, contact campaign manager Chuy Reyes by phone at 915.222.8091 or email atreyesforcongress@gmail.com.
2004 Montana Ave.
El Paso, Texas 79903

Haggerty Off the Hook...

And probably the biggest winner in that development other than Haggerty himself was his lawyer Ray Gutierrez. It was a tremendous gamble to take on that case in the middle of a campaign. That really could've blown up in his face.

But no risk, no reward.

Gutierrez comes out of it looking pretty strong. Gutierrez now has to get on the ball and start some aggressive campaigning because despite her many obvious political vulnerabilities, Judge Arditti is very popular within the El Paso County Democratic Party, particularly with the Old Guard.

The elections seem far off right now, but election day comes around pretty quickly and nobody pays attention to judicial races. Its a name recognition game, but Gutierrez has a real opportunity to send out some strong mailers with recent headlines that would be difficult for Arditti to counter.

Gutierrez also needs to raise his profile in the Party. He has almost no presence within the Party. He came in third in a JP race last go around, so outside of attorneys, he's not really too well-known.

Answering a Comment

Somebody put an interesting comment on my blog today that I thought was worth having a conversation about because he makes an interesting point.

Mr Rodriguez writes:

I am an eastsider, taxpayer, and business owner. As time gets closer for us to select a new County Commissioner for our area, We need to really research who we want to elect. This is a four year term and we need to make sure that these candidates are really in it for the right reasons!I see so many recycled polititions and it makes me wonder...."Are they in it to just climb the ladder"? I see four people on the ballot (Exception Carlos Leon) I have only seen two others spoken about on your blog. We as voters would like to see a full picture of who and what will represent us on Eastside. Not who has money or who rubs elbows with the same political circles!! We need someone who knows and feels what we have and is truley in it for the right reasons....Lets not be so bias, report on all the candidates!!

Okay, so Mr. Rodriguez sees two other names that I've spoken about. He also mentioned voters wanting to see a full picture of who and what will represent us on the Eastside.

Jaime Romo (Left)
That is a very fair critique. One of the reasons I blog is for the Mr. Rodriquez's of the world. The other name I assume that he is talking about is Jaime Romo. He is also a candidate for the Eastside's seat on Commissioner's Court. Not to belabor the point Mr. Rodriguez, but in all fairness to me, I think I'm the ONLY one that has mentioned his name. I did some checking on my blog using the search function and it looks like I have mentioned Romo in at least 6 different pieces. One dedicated specifically to Mr. Romo that was written last month.

Mr. Rodriguez, here are the links to the pieces in which Mr. Romo is mentioned:







But the spirit of what Mr. Rodriguez is saying is that I have devoted far more time to the other candidates in the race and he is right about that. Fair and constructive critique. I'll try harder.

I'd like to explain why there is such a difference though, because there are some very good reasons why I have covered him much less than the rest. The first reason being he doesn't have much of a political history to talk about. The other candidates have all previously run for office or have been in the public sector in some capacity within the last 10 years.

Mr. Romo hasn't. So there is less to comment on. To use the vernacular of my generation, I'm not intentionally trying to dis him. There is just less to comment on.

Second, I do a great deal of my blogging based on the candidates' events. Case in point, Mr. Leon's event earlier this week. I attended and captured some video. Mr. Romo has really had a public campaign event yet, though he did have a campaign announcement on a Saturday night that I had another commitment, so I wasn't able to attend. Quick sidebar - Saturday night is the worst time to have a political event other than Sunday morning at 6 am.

Third, I was only recently able to get in touch with Mr. Romo, who actually took the initiative to contact me. Due to his work schedule (he has a full time job), we just aren't always able to connect. But I did see that he attended the State of the Union Watch Party and that was the first time we met in person. I wanted to get an interview with him but he had to leave before I had a chance to interview him.

I was able to steal a picture of him from Don William's photo slide show, so here he is on the left with who I believe are supporters of his candidacy.

However, Mr. Romo and I will sit down for an interview very soon. He reads my blog and is probably reading this now and will likely contact me sometime today to set it up, if not, I will make sure I contact him. So, Mr. Rodriguez, I will try to have an interview with him posted up on my blog by Monday, si Dios quiere.

Now a couple of other quick notes before I wrap this up. As I have stated many times, I am not a reporter. Reporters are actually highly educated journalists with an education, standards, and credibility. I state that regularly because I think its important that people understand that anyone can be a blogger and no one should confuse a blogger for actual legitimate journalism.

But I do try hard to exercise a little reportage, which is to say a factual representation with a journalistic style. So I see how people sometimes confuse the two, but I am not a reporter. But admittedly information is my currency so I do endeavor to try to cover all the bases, talk to as many people as I can, dot my i's and cross my t's. The point is, although there is reportage in what I do, there is a great deal of opinion and analysis in what I do. Please never take me as a news source because I'm a pretty poor example of one.

So my coverage, or lack of coverage of Mr. Romo doesn't represent a bias (although I am voter and will ultimately vote for whomever I think is the best candidate). Its more a representation of circumstance. The other candidates are making all the noise, Mr. Romo is still in an early stage of his candidacy.

Which brings me to my final point. Its not up to media or bloggers to prop anyone up. Its not bloggers job to go out and speak the message of the candidate. That's the candidates job. The candidate is responsible for developing and delivering a message that voters will, or won't, identify with. So sometimes the fact that a candidate isn't as well known as an opponent is usually the fault of that individual candidate.

In races were there are a lot of candidates you will often see the cases of the haves, and the have-nots. I'll give you some examples. County Commissioner's Court #3 - Vincent Perez, Dora Oaxaca, Chente Quintanilla, and Rudy Loya are all in that race. The ones that make all the noise in terms of visibility in the media, in the community, and in the campaign are Perez, Oaxaca, and Quintanilla. Mr. Loya just doesn't have the same profile as the rest. To the point were I gave him the nickname "The other guy", because I kept forgetting his name.

In the Congressional race, Congressman Reyes and Beto O'Rourke are the candidates that everyone knows. That's because they are the ones that have built-up credibility and have been working at campaigning. The other candidates, Jerome Tilghman and Ben "Buddy" Mendoza, will likely never get more than single-digits in terms of support because they aren't working hard enough to get their message out or they don't have a clearly defined message. That's problematic for someone like Tilghman who has been a talk radio personality in the past. High efficacy voters know him, they just don't seem to buy-in. Something's not connecting.

Mendoza...well, he wants to make Mexico part of the American commonwealth and he's anti-gay running on a Democratic ticket. No one will take him serious.

When its a two person race, the challenger usually gets a certain amount of attention for no other reason than the fact that they are running. A good example of that is HD 77. That race is between the incumbent State Representative Marisa Marquez and Aaron Barraza. Barraza is the opponent so he will get some attention just because he's the only other person in the race. However Barraza has taken advantage of that fact and has built up some momentum from it so he's now a noteworthy candidate, despite being an incredible long shot.

So the point is, you have to go out there and get attention. Its not the responsibility of media or bloggers to go out and create it for the candidate.

But Mr. Rodriguez, as I state previously, you raise a fair critique and I hope to have something for you in the near future.

Aaron Barraza Interview

Aaron Barraza is a candidate for House District 77 and is running against the incumbent State Representative Marisa Marquez.

It is tradition for guest speakers at the El Paso Young Democrats Meeting to take questions from the membership following their remarks to the organization. For some reason he wouldn't take questions.

Another curious development at the YD meeting was the presence of former State Representative Norma Chavez. Her presence has hung over his campaign from the beginning and has been controversial because Barraza has been seeking the support of former State Representative Paul Moreno and public knowledge of any association with Chavez is problematic for Barraza who is in the process of trying introduce himself to voters and establish his campaign identity.

Chavez has only been to two other meetings of the El Paso Young Democrats. Next months speaker is State Representative Marisa Marquez, so it will be interesting to see if Chavez attends the meeting.

Nonetheless, Barraza is working on making his own political identity

I had several interviews scheduled with him through his campaign manager but something always seemed to happen that prevented an opportunity to discuss campaign issues and policy questions with the candidate.

Luckily we both happened to be at the State of the Union Watch Party the other day and I had a chance to catch up with Barraza after he grabbed a snack and had a chance to talk about some of the stuff I wanted to ask while he was at our Young Democrats Meeting.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Carlos Leon Announces Candidacy for County Commish PCT #1

Former El Paso Police Department Chief Carlos Leon formally announced his candidacy last night at an announcement/fundraiser event held in East El Paso.

Notables in attendance (other than candidates) were Former County Judge Alicia Chacon, Former First Lady of El Paso Kenna Ramirez, El Paso County Commissioners Anna Perez and Sergio Lewis, and Enrique Moreno.

So far it looks like the buzz from last night that people are talking about today isn't something about Leon. Its about what Leon said about Enrique Moreno. As you can see in the video, Leon mentions shortly after taking to the mic that he's trying to convince Moreno to run for Mayor after Mayor Cook's term is up.

Here are Leon's remarks:

Ugly Tone Dominates Campaign Season

The Congressional race has set the tone for other political races in El Paso and its getting really ugly out there. More than usual. Even by El Paso standards.

Hell, even by Lower Valley standards, this year has a sharper-than-normal edge to it.

Cops have been called on one campaign, signs defaced (which always happens), name calling, and then the juvenile Facebook crap that has been going on, which by the way, members of the Congressman's congressional staff actually participated in.

Politicos have been edgy, cranky, and defensive. Hell, I went to a campaign event within the last week and the candidate was rude the minute I walked through the door.

Comes with the territory though.

Last night I saw a judicial candidate hand a document over to a County Commissioner that was trashing the judicial candidates' opponent. Happened right in front of me.

The point is, it seems to be contentious everywhere. In a lot of races.

But its more than just that. Somewhere along the line, we have lost our minds. Things are so ugly that there is a play on a word that is so bad, even I don't use it.

I'm talking about the "C" word. Any woman reading this knows the word and its really bad.

Its no secret that former State Representative Norma Chavez doesn't like County Judge Veronica Escobar. Its also no secret that women's groups across the state of Texas were not happy with the former state representative following her now infamous "lesbian gay woman" remark at a forum in the valley.

Years ago Escobar's campaign motto was Veronica Can or Vero Can or something along those lines. Chavez used to mock it by calling her Veroni-Can't.

Apparently that has now been modified to Veronicuns. So...I get the play on words with Veroni-Can't.

But what could Chavez mean by referring to Escobar, another female leader, as Veronicun?

Hmmm, let's take a look.


Well, you people aren't stupid and I'm trying not to use profanity but my guess is that there is a letter missing. If you play Wheel of Fortune I bet you won't have to think hard about it, or by a vowel for that matter.

I wonder how other women are going to feel about that reference. At any rate, it certainly isn't stately for a former elected official, who has been telling people she's going to run for another office, to be referring to another woman by the "C" word?

I'm betting a lot of women won't be happy about it.

I've used the word and any honest man will admit that, in the heat of a moment, to have used that word. I'm not proud of it, and I shouldn't have said it. But I'm no saint, I've said it.

However, its a whole other story when you are talking about a former elected official with future political aspirations and wants to be taken seriously, uses it towards a former colleague.

Its not like that kind of stuff doesn't get said in private. I'll bet it does all the time. But interjecting it in to the political climate against a rival at a time when you're considering ramping up a campaign?

Probably not the smartest move.

El Paso politics has always been rough, but its downright nasty out there. In a lot of races. No class at all.


Imagine how much better this place would be if we focused on the real problems we have in this town. Poverty, illiteracy, healthcare, etc. Seems like a lot of energy is wasted on getting in to office, but not a lot of energy is placed on fixing our problems.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Father Rodriguez for President

Why not?

The Republicans need a stronger candidate and Rodriguez is almost as devoutly Catholic as Rick Santorum.

I don't know if you had a chance to check out the editorial in Sunday's Edition of the El Paso Times, but Rodriguez pulled off some political spin better than I've seen GOP Presidential candidates Swift Boat Kerry.

It was masterful.

Rather than make his op-ed an Act of Contrition (pun intended), Father Rodriguez chose the old fashioned Wizard of Oz Defense. Pay-no-attention-to-the-account-with-my-mother-as-the-beneficiary-in-the-event-of-my-death.

So Rodriguez starts to go on offense. Complains that the Diocese isn't following religious dogma closely enough. Funny, I don't remember hearing anything about creating accounts that are left to your mother in the event of your death in the Bible or Vatican II.

Meh, maybe its in the Old Testament.

Back to my point here, Rodriguez took no responsibility for his alleged actions. Instead he attempts to change the subject by focusing on dogma.

Hate to break it to the Right Reverend, pun intended again, but the Pope seems to be okay with Bishop Ochoa. He's actually getting somewhat of a promotion. He's going to a much larger Diocese to lead that flock.

Rodriguez on the other hand, was sent to Texas' answer to Siberia.

God be with you Father Rodriguez...doesn't look like anyone else will be...

Rodriguez just needs to pick one of the four remaining Flying Monkeys as a running mate....

Want to Know Why Republicans Have a Hard Time with Latino Community?

Even John McCain has expressed the importance for the GOP to start being less of a whites-only club and more inclusive of Latinos, but it falls on deaf ears.

So you want to know what Republicans have a hard time attracting large numbers from the Latino community? Watch this video of a Republican mayor from back east.

Perfect example of what's wrong with the Republican Party...(I didn't make this video up either. This really happened.)


Rebirth of the University Democrats at UTEP

As I've written about in the past, the real power of the Democratic Party is no longer centralized within the Chair, but now rests with the various Democratic Clubs around town.

Add another club to the list. The University Democrats are being reorganized. I know I have a lot of readers at UTEP, so here is the information that you all will need to know:

UTEP Students
You've got to get involved in the political process. Join us this Wednesday, as University Democrats organize our work plan for 2012.
We will talk about issues such as :
* Immigration Reform
* College Tuition
* Labor Unions
* Tax Cuts for Wealthy
* Green Energy
* Local Interships
* Obama 2012 Campaign

If you are interested in becoming an officer (President, Vice-President or Treasurer), we need you to step up to the plate and let us know at the meeting.
For more information please contact
Julio Diaz,
915-342-3314 or at julio.diaz@yahoo.com

HD 75: Enriquez Hires Austin Firm

Fresh off of an interview with KVIA in which he criticized one of his opponents, Mary Gonzalez, for taking a contribution from an Austin-based women's empowerment PAC, Hector Enriquez has hired an Austin-based firm to help with his campaign.

Its a bit of a strange development considering his previous stance about the contribution to Gonzalez. In a press release, Enriquez says, 

“We are going to run a top notch professional campaign. This team has years and years of experience running and winning campaigns in Texas. They are some of the most respected campaign professionals in the business,” Enriquez said.
The team consists of Doug Dodson of Fletcher Rowley Media, James Alderete ofMessage, Media & Presentation, J.D. Angle of AMM Political, and Jason Stanford of Stanford Campaigns and Campaign Manager Moises Bujanda.

The firm her hired, according to sources in Austin, has a bit of a reputation for going negative in campaigns, so its possible that the original story from KVIA was pitched to the station as part of Enriquez's and the firm's effort to go negative.

Typically negative campaigns are geared at the perceived front-runner in the campaign, so it is curious that Enriquez chose Gonzalez for a negative piece when she clearly isn't a front-runner in that race.

But it was a shot in the arm for the Enriquez firm because he has been pretty absent from the campaign over the last few months, except for adding holiday decorations to his bus-stop campaign signs and then changing the image again by adding not one, but two images of himself to the signs.

Later Enriquez discusses "a long list of local supporters that includes business, political, and community leaders..." that will be released in the near future.

Look for Enriquez's profile to be increased over the next few weeks now. The firm also does mailers if my information is correct, so he will likely start sending those out soon as well.  

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

State of the Union Watch Party Event

Hello fellow Obama supporters, volunteers, and/or OFA members.

We really hope you can makeour State of the Union watch party.The El Paso Young Democrats, Black El Paso Democrats and OFA will host a watch party at the McCall Center (3231 Wyoming Avenue) in central El Paso @ 6:00PM

Hope to see you there.
For contact information call Alfredo Longoria, Chair of the El Paso Young Democrats @ epyd@gmail.com.

Note: This event is also sponsored by Congressman Reyes' Campaign, State Rep Marisa Marquez's campaign, and Aaron Barraza's campaign. 

Representative Marquez will not be in attendance because of meetings in Austin. Congressman Reyes is supposed to Skype in to the watch party and no word on Barraza's attendance at the event, though I assume he will be in attendance because he is sponsoring the event.

For those of you on the Westside of Town, you can also attend another event. The other El Paso/NM OFA (Organizing for America) teams State of the Union Watch Party will be Ardivinos (1 Ardivino Dr.) in Sunland Park at 6 p.m.

Aaron Barraza Speaks to El Paso Young Democrats

Aaron Barraza, candidate for House District 77 addressing the El Paso Young Democrats meeting last night.

Barraza was the guest speaker for the month of January and will be facing State Representative Marisa Marquez in the primary election. Marquez will be the guest speaker at next month's meeting of the El Paso Young Democrats.

The venue for that is going to change, and I will keep you all posted.

Barraza spoke about his background and said Marquez was a failure in terms of Representation. Barraza also spoke about cuts in education, the budget, and characterized Marquez as "micro-managing" school districts with unfunded mandates.

City of El Paso Redistricting

If you don't like your city rep, most of the time your only recourse is to vote them out. But this year you have a unique opportunity to get involved in drawing the city representative lines.

So you can draw out your rep or vote them out. Your choice.

Here's more information about how to get involved:

District Ing Commission Flyer (1)

Shout Out to Margarita "Maggie" Cordero-Martinez

Point of personal privilege here.

I wanted to give a shout out to one of my frequent readers, Margarita "Maggie" Cordero-Martinez who is a 77-year old from the Valley that is one of my frequent readers.

Her granddaughter Arlina Palacios is a friend of mine and told me that her grandmother started reading my blog and enjoys it.

I'm not boo-hooing here because I chose to blog on my own, but I do have to put up with a lot of stuff I'd rather not put up with as a blogger. But its abuelitas like Sra. Cordero-Martinez that make it all worth it.

Now I really have to watch my language around here...

The 16th Congressional Campaign - Diary of a Trashy Campaign

I am so sick of the Congressional campaign and what it has turned in to. It has turned into supporters of the major candidates throwing monkey crap at one another.

This community has real problems. Poverty, illiteracy, drugs, bigotry, lack of health insurance, poverty, obesity, diabetes, poverty, HIV/AIDS, public corruption, low voter turn-out, low voter registration, poverty, etc...

Oh yeah, did I mention poverty?

All of those are real problems. Is that the stuff we are talking about these days?

Hell no. Despite having very real and important issues facing the community we focus on other crap. 

The political food fight. The stuff that turns people off to politics.

And yet people are trying to make someone's Facebook friending and unfriending an actual "issue"?

How much more high school can we get around here? 

Real leaders talk about issues. Pay attention to who is talking about issues and pay attention to people that are shoveling monkey crap.

I don't think Ghandi, George Washington, Cesar Chavez, Martin Luther King or any other transformative leader would be terribly freakin' concerned about who friended and unfriended someone on Facebook.

You know who gives a crap about stuff like that? 13 year old little girls care about that. Grown-ass adults have more important things to worry about than who is and isn't a friend of someone on Facebook.

But while we are on the subject, let me set some things straight here.

We are really supposed to give a crap about who an elected official chooses and chooses not to have as friends on their own personal, non-tax payer funded, private Facebook account?

I mean, we are talking about a personal Facebook page right? That's supposed to be an issue?

Why? Other than some feelings were hurt or some people are just so desperate to remain relevant that they have to create controversy where one doesn't exist? 

I mean if she had done something like blocked a constituent from emailing her at the County I think it might be an issue. MIGHT be an issue. I think if the person were engaging in harassing behavior then I think its a totally different conversation. But that's only if that person were engaging in some sort of harassing behavior. If they were just complaining and she blocked someone, THEN I think it would be an issue. But to the best of my knowledge, that hasn't happened.

I could see if they were told they couldn't call El Paso County Commissioner's Court. If that happened, THEN it would be an issue. 

If the County Judge banned someone from showing up during public comment, THEN I can see it being an issue.

But its not, so people should stop participating in the monkey poop tossing contest. When you fling monkey crap, you end up smelling like monkey crap. 

I pride myself in keeping it real. So lets keep in real for a minute. 

The way some people are acting is undignified. Its counter-productive to the messaging of your campaign. You can't call your candidate a statesman and then let staffers or close supporters participate in undignified behavior. 

You can't call your candidate someone who wants to do things differently but their supports act like more of the same.

Both candidates want to be a member of Congress. How about having supporters that act like they belong there?

It's called dignity people. Look it up.

And don't give me this crap that it can't be controlled. (My friend Marek Swiderski gave me a very constructive critique about not cursing so much in my blog and I have made it sort of a New Years' Resolution to stop cursing in my blog. So I would normally curse in this sentence, but I'll stick to my resolution.) 

Monkey Crap!

If you really were interested in stopping the antics and making the campaign about issues, then you would. 

And don't give us the "they did it first" or the "what about them?" defense either. We aren't in kindergarten and we aren't on the playground.

We are dignified adults.

How about acting like it? How about giving people a reason to vote for you because of your ideas or because of your record?

How about having a little more dignity than a forum at Ramona Elementary?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Carlos Leon Announcement / Fundraiser

Redistricting, Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dumb

Dee is trying to play dumb.

Let me ask a simple question before I start: Who controls the State House, the State Senate, and every statewide elected office in Texas?  

Give up?

It's the Republican Party - and it's been that way since 2003.

So who do you think has been controlling the messy Redistricting process that has been going on for over a year?

I'll give you a hint - it's the same answer as my first question. So I was SHOCKED when I read Rep. Margo's testimony that he provided in the DC Preclearance Case. This is going to get a little insider baseball nerdy here, so bear with me. The DC Preclearance case is acase that will ultimately decide whether Texas violated Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act and discriminated against minorities in our state.We might be the majority in El Paso, but we are still minorities in the state of Texas. 

Here is the link to his written testimony. Careful, its a lot of info:
His portion begins on Page 17.  

Aside from using his written testimony to deliver campaign rhetoric - which is just plain ridiculous - he says he had no major input into how HD 78 was drawn.

In fact he points to Chairman Pickett and Rep. Marquez by name as the ones that developed what HD 78 would look like.  

Really Dee?  

Let me see if I understand what he is trying to peddle to people. Dee has been running around El Paso since 2006 saying that he's the most connected guy to the Republican Party in the whole City of El Paso - and those connections meant that he could do more for us than any Democrat... allegedly. 

So now you want us to believe - that you had no role in how your district was re-drawn? When you not only had a majority in the Texas House, but a super-majority.

Give me a break. 

I do believe that Margo isn't smart enough to understand the ins and outs of Redistricting laws. But I do know he's smart enough to figure out who wants to vote for him and who doesn't, regardless of the recent brown make-over.
So let's look as some expert testimony in that same Preclearance Case that might shed some light on who doesn't vote for Dee - and how they conveniently got cut out of HD 78. Here is the link to Dr. J. Morgan Kouser's testimony:
The portion about HD 78 is on Pg. 95 in Paragraph # 71. Dr. Kouser makes mention earlier in the document that Rep. Margo was not the candidate of choice for Hispanics in either 2008 or 2010. 

Here are the numbers:  2008 - Moody 82.7, Margo 14.2, Collins 3.1; 2010 -Moody 79.3, Margo 20.7 (Tables 12-14).  

So despite Rep. Margo's new found Hispanic roots - he has no appeal whatsoever to Hispanic voters. Those are the facts. 

Well, those darn Hispanics were just too troublesome for Dee's re-election thoughts - so guess what - he cut out as many as he could.  

Check out the maps on Pg. 121 and Pg. 122 (Figures 9A and 9B) of the expert testimony and you will see why HD 78 looks like what it does under the Legislative map.  

That second map shows the population density of Hispanic voters - and the new lines of HD 78 do a pretty good job of carving out the major portions of Hispanic voters in HD 78. Here's a page with a link to what the map looked like prior to Redistricting (http://www.house.state.tx.us/members/member-page/?district=78) - so now you can see the changes that were made by the Legislature. Looks pretty clear what was going on here...Dee was trying to boot all those pesky Hispanics out of HD 78 because they don't vote for him!  And he tries to blame it on who - Democrats - who control absolutely no part of the Legislative process. 


There is a reason that you haven't heard much from Rep. Margo regarding Redistricting - it's because he doesn't want you to know what's going on and how he was responsible for carving Hispanics out of HD 78. 

He wants you to think about his Hispanic roots instead - he wants you to believe he is an influential Republican - except when it comes to Redistricting of course - in that case he had no say whatsoever.  

Personally I don't believe either. 

Looks like Dee thinks we are Tweedle Dumb.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Supreme Court Tosses Texas Map; What it Means to El Paso

By now you've probably heard about the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) tossing the redistricting maps drawn by the San Antonio Court.

Just a few quick thoughts on what it means for the state and what it means for El Paso.

#1 - Say hello to a June Primary. It still has to be decided by the Courts, but I would be very surprised if the elections were still going to be held in April. So I'd expect it to be pushed back...again. Possibly as far back as June, though it could be May.

#2 - Its not a loss for the redistricting plaintiffs.

#3 - The SCOTUS did not compel the lower court to go back to the State Legislature map. So that means they will have to draw new maps using the state legislature maps as a starting point and can adjust the maps if there is "reasonable probability" of a violation of Section 2 or Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.

The San Antonio Courts will now have to decide, starting next week or maybe later, about when the election will be. They will also have to decide when the filing window will open again, when it will close, and what the residency requirement will be.

This is something that favors candidates that can raise money and candidates that have a good grass roots operation. This benefits them because it gives them more time to block walk, phone bank, do mail-outs, etc. Essentially it gives them more time to bite in to the lead of the front runner.

This also means money will be an even bigger factor. Campaigns cost money, especially the tightly contested ones. I'm a little concerned about voter fatigue in the back of my mind, but candidates have to get their message out. So now they have to stretch their dollars all the way to May or June, to say nothing of the run-off elections.

I'd expect a few candidates to drop out at this point. I think a lot of them will realize that the money is going to be a major issue for them. Time will tell.

Stay tuned, I'll keep you posted as things develop.

Long Live Ms. Etta James

Like any self-respecting Chicano vato loco from the barrio, I love oldies. Which is to say, I love me some Etta James.

That woman can sing, is probably the understatement of the century. I know I'm usually pretty focused on policy on this blog, but oldies was part of my upbringing. When my dad was under a car fixing something on the weekend (our cars always needed fixing) and I could only see him from the waist down, we usually had a radio on and were listening either to mariachi or oldies.

I never learned how to fix cars, but I sure as hell picked up a love for Etta James along the way.

Who could forget At Last when the President and the First Lady danced on Inauguration Night? Who could ever forget I'd Rather Go Blind?

But my favorite is My Dearest Darling.

Everytime I hear this song at home, I grab my wife, pull her close to me and dance with her. She sings it to me in my ear and move around the living room and make our kids wanna puke. Listen to the words. If you don't have a woman who feels that way about you, vato you just ain't found love yet.

Etta sings that song like she's singing to the lover her life. Like she's a woman who's been through some rough times with love, like some vato broke her heart, but she's not an amarga. She sings it like she's been hurt but isn't afraid to love again.

Good songs make you feel something. This song does it for me.

Don't get me wrong, Aretha is the Queen of Soul, but I always preferred Etta.

To paraphrase something I once heard my friend Mark Alvarado once say, Aretha's singing is like food at the best Mexican restaurant in town. But Etta, that's like eating food at your Mom's house.

Etta's music was like my Mom's Chile Colorado, my Nana Garcia's tamales, and my Grandma Abeytia's menudo all in one. Tasty, memorable, life-changing, can't be copied, but eventually you will have to live without.

But thanks to my oldies collection and The Fox Jukebox with Mike Guerrero on Sundays, they'll always be plenty of Etta in the 'fridge.

I'm a dee jay and the great thing about oldies, especially in El Paso, is that its music that is safe for everyone. No matter the audience, its always okay to play oldies.

My kids have a healthy appreciation for oldies too. I hear the echo of my dad's voice singing under the car in my daughter's voice when she's singing in her room while I make her clean it.

It means my dad's not really gone.

And Etta never really will be either.

If You Can't Beat'em...

Stomp your feet, bitch to anyone who will listen, pout, and then try to copy.

I guess its the mantra of some. Although we all know, the copy is never really as good as the original is it? Think about it, Bizarro could never beat Superman, Bad Spock couldn't beat Good Spock and lets not forget Michael Knight and Garth Knight.

David K and I don't usually agree on policy, football, food, novelas, hobbies, or which Republican candidate for President is the lamest. Occasionally we find common ground on El Paso's political landscape or local issues.

We both have an audience that is equal parts fans, equal parts haters. El Paso has had a political blogosphere that has expanded and contracted over the years. There was a time when there were several political bloggers in town like the Avocadoan, the El Paso Fake News, etc.

But for some reason or another we are always the last two standing. There has been a growth of some new blogs lately and I've linked to several of them on my blogroll. They all have their unique take and flavor on things and if some of them stick to it, they will be very successful at it.

And then there are the people who struggle to stay relevant. Who have always wished to be something other than what they are. They fancied having a radio show, but there is a big difference in having a radio program and being an occasional guest. Sometimes they think radio is their medium because they look creepy on television when their beady eyes dart back and forth because of nerves, so having a microphone where no one can see their face is somewhat a better medium (in their mind).

But at the end of the day, its still about content. Anyone can get attention for a short while by streaking across a soccer field naked, standing in a crowded room and cussing, or shooting a gun in the air. The key is, how do you keep an audience?

Thats the part that is difficult. It requires work ethic. It requires talent. It requires being able to give your readers something they can't get somewhere else.

Why do the Juicy one and I have staying power? I think for the most part its work ethic. We are pretty prolific writers. And David K is actually pretty funny. Sometimes he writes stuff to piss people off or get them talking and so do I for that matter.

The blogosphere is the wild west, so everyone is free to jump in and do their thing. Social Darwinism rules the day. The good stuff makes it and the bad stuff doesn't.

But I have a couple of thoughts on one particular new blogger out there. I'll call this blogger the Embarrassment to El Paso Blogger. Maybe just the E2EP Blogger for short. Or maybe Bigot Blogger is better?

I wouldn't be lecturing ANYONE about prostituting politics. I'm not going to be lectured by has-been about prostituting anything. Lobbyists throw big money at state reps and they use the money for living expenses. Why else do you see people fight so hard over jobs that pay so little? Because of lobbyists who frequently drop big cash to state reps to get them to do their bidding. Like say, people interested in gaming.

Por ejemplo, I know an Embarrassment to El Paso/Bigot Blogger who took money from one tribe to legalize gaming, while taking money from another tribe that wanted to kill gaming...during the same session! Didn't Jack Abramoff do something similar, or am I wrong about that?

And one last thing about traffic. I don't have to measure who's is bigger. David K actually gives pretty good analysis about traffic and you should read it here. One thing is for sure, in an effort to try to copy others, the Bigot Blogger is hoping one of us will link to their blog in order to give that person some traffic.

Nice try. Work for it like the rest of us. If you have something people like, it will come. If not, well you can go back to dusting off your old bowling trophies.

Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I guess I should say thanks.

And I think I speak for David K when I say your welcome. We're glad we could pave the way for others to follow in our digital footsteps...

Gotta go ... {raises wristwatch to mouth..."KITT, I need you...}

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Glenn "Butch" Maya's Campaign Fundraiser/Announcement

Despite not having an opponent, Glenn "Butch" Maya is running his campaign like he does have an opponent. Once again Maya showed he was able to get Democrats from all sectors to support him.

Rumor has it someone else is considering getting in the race but the fact is that person has never been viable countywide. That's why that person chose not to run for senate despite considering the option and thats why the person chose not to run against Congressman Reyes despite talking about the option as recently as the last Presidential election. Interestingly the Congressman is supportive of Maya to be the next Chair.

Maya was introduced by Sheriff Richard Wiles, one of the most popular Democrats in the County at his event on Tuesday.

Here are a few pictures of key people in attendance:

Sheriff Richard Wiles, Jan Engles, Butch Maya

Butch Maya, Kathy Coronado

Butch Maya and Robert Hernandez

Butch Maya & County Attorney JoAnn Bernal

Alejandro "Alex" Guzman & Butch Maya
(U R my friend)

Butch Maya & Jay Desai

Art Fierro & Butch Maya

Veronica Cintron, Butch Maya, & Dr. Joseph Villescas