Monday, February 13, 2012

El Paso Stonewall Young Democrats Endorsement Results

Here are the endorsements of the El Paso Stonewall Young Democrats. I am a member of the organization but didn't get a chance to vote in the endorsement (my fault, not anyone else's. I forgot to go online and fill out my ballot, which sucks because there was a tie for the 41st Judicial District Court. My bad. Here are the endorsements:

US Congress TX-16: Beto O'Rourke

388th Judicial District Court: Laura Strathmann

8th Circuit Court of Appeals: Tom Stanton

State Representative HD 75: Mary Gonzalez

State Representative HD 77: Aaron Barraza

State Representative HD 78: Joe Moody

El Paso County Commissioner Precinct #1: Liza Montelongo

El Paso County Commissioner Precinct #3: Vince Perez

El Paso County Criminal Court at Law #1: Diana Navarrete

41st Judicial District Court: Dolores Reyes & Anna Perez (due to an exact Tie)

El Paso County Tax Assessor: Armando Rodriguez

El Paso County Democratic Party Chair: Glenn "Butch" Maya

383rd Judicial District Court: Mike Herrera

Constable Precinct #1: Robert White

Constable Precinct #4: Louie Aguilar

El Paso County Court at Law #1: Jesus Herrera

243rd Judicial District Court: Richard Contreras

NOTE* - The Ballot for the 448th Judicial District Court will close at 11:59pm tomorrow and results will be announced shortly after.

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Anonymous said...

Slap in da face for congressman Reyes; the guy who supposedly works>? remember lil joe y la familia? and la panchangas? guess the baby democrats don't go for the old guard.
those young democrats need a new name
clueless demos sounds more like it.why doesn't chile longorria run for office; oh thats right,no pica.