Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New 16th Congressional Map & Possible Filing Window

Okay, the new maps are out. You can find the map here. The 23rd District was balanced out by taking out most of the Valley and putting it in a district that will be mostly represented by a Congressman in San Antonio.

All the people who here bitching about being drawn "disenfranchised" by being drawn out of the 16th District that live in the Northeast aren't going to utter a single word about the people drawn out of the district from the Valley.

Yes, that means the elected officials that were the first ones to complain about the maps. Mark my words, they won't have a problem with the valley being taken out at all.

So if you live south of the freeway, as far west as Zaragoza, guess what? You are now in a San Antonio district.

North of the freeway the boundary is Horizon Blvd. Clint, Socorro, Fabens, San Eli, Tornillo, etc are all now out of the 16th District.

Huge loss for Congressman Reyes.

Big win for Beto O'Rourke. I guess for Jerome Tilghman too. He now lives in the district.

I'm expecting there to be financial support implications given the new map. Things just got a little close between Reyes and O'Rourke in this race.

The new filing window could possibly be something like this Friday to next Tuesday. Maybe. Nothing solid on that one yet. But I'll keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

I mean people have said it time and time again - 80,000 people had to get out of the district and it was just a matter of figuring out who. Someone was going to end up a loser.

Also, frankly, being drawn into the Fightin' 23rd wont be so bad if it means helping Gallegos get the jump on Canseco. Seems that everyone was pretty well pleased with Gallegos at the EPYD meeting and seems like he could represent El Paso just as well as Reyes or O'Rourke.