Monday, March 26, 2012

Why the Reyes Family-gate is Bad for Beto

Before this stuff about Reyes and his family members receiving campaign money broke out, there was some tangential conversation about it on last weeks debate tour. I didn't like it then and I spoke with a friend about how I thought it was going to ultimately be a very negative thing for O'Rourke.

Trust me, I'm right about this one.

Let me explain.

During Monday's debate, Luis Torres introduced a new critique of O'Rourke I hadn't heard before. They talked about O'Rourke voting against housing for the disabled and voting against x number of jobs.

The jobs thing had something to do with Boeing. O'Rourke never responded to the charge during Monday's debate. By Wednesday's debate, O'Rourke had an answer ready for the charge. In his answer, he went after Reyes and said that he was defending Boeing because they donated large sums of money to Reyes through PACS were awarded a contract and hired all three of his children.

Later in the week the story came about about campaign money going to his family.

Ultimately this is going to hurt O'Rourke more than Reyes.

Here are a four things to keep in mind about this whole situation

#1 - There's nothing illegal about paying family members. Yes, it appears that Reyes has paid more money to family members than any other member of Congress, but there are a lot of names on that list, including Ron Paul.

#2 - We are talking about campaign money, not tax dollars.

#3 - Its not illegal. If you want to have a conversation about ethics that's fine, but its a different conversation. And its not like they are just handed money for the hell of it. The people mentioned both have big roles in Reyes' campaign and in the case of his brother, is probably his closest political adviser. Veronica Cintron is his chief fundraiser. After how events in this campaign have gone down, its pretty well known that I am not Chuy Reyes' biggest fan, but even I have to admit, he works hard for his brother. Anyone who knows Cintron cannot possibly doubt her value to the campaign, her work ethic, or her motivation for helping the campaign.

#4 - and probably most importantly, its bad political karma to go after family members. Family members are non-combatants unless they have an independent political role in El Paso politics. In the case of Chuy Reyes and Veronica Cintron, they are fair game because they are part of El Paso's political class. But Reyes' kids? I think not. They are not part of politics in this town. Never around, never really connected to the Party and have a very low profile. But if you start picking on family members, then you make it okay for people to go after your family members.

I think by now people in this town pretty much know, you don't mess with the Reyes family members. But the reason O'Rourke will ultimately suffer from this is because of the inevitable comparison it will raise between family members. And I assure you, O'Rourke loses that comparison all day long and twice on Sunday.

Think of the comparison, family members who work for the campaign and and awarded with a salary paid for by campaign donors versus O'Rourke's mother's company's legal situation.

I hate having to be the one to mention it first, but you know its coming. Hell, I bet Morris Pittle already had this one drawn up on the white board anyway and its now probably going to be a commercial sooner rather than later.

This will be a huge self-inflicted wound on the part of O'Rourke because now the Reyes will likely start pushing the conversation about Charlotte's which is owned by his mother. Worst part about it for O'Rourke is, well, he started it.

O'Rourke has benefited greatly from the fact that the media hasn't really done any critical analysis on that issue in this campaign. But I can assure you that at some point, they will have to.

And the conversation about family members and PAC money does absolutely nothing beneficial for O'Rourke. Let me see if I understand the comparison correctly, O'Rourke is alleging the Congressman is defending Boeing because they donated money to him through PACs and hired his kids? But the money funneled to O'Rourke from his father-in-law (who maxed-out individual contributions to O'Rourke's campaign) through a Super PAC is somehow different?

I'm not sure I see anyone being able to claim the ethical moral high ground here.

Frankly, I'm pretty pissed about the whole situation. This campaign has not solidified in to a conversation about the important issues facing El Paso like poverty, health, illiteracy, investment in infrastructure, or immigration reform.

Instead it has become a conversation about Beto partying at the Tap, where he went to school, who paid for his school, legalization of marijuana, donor money etc -or Reyes lack of votes, lack of bills, not showing up to debates, donor money, and family connections.

Guess what isn't being talked about in this race, by the candidates or the media?

Stuff that really matters.

Anybody else getting tired of that?


C.D. said...

Nice post but you are ignoring some facts about your main points.

1. You can pay family members but it smells.

2. It's campaign money. Legal but it really smells.

3. It's not illegal. It stinks

4. Family isn't fair game? Don't you think El Paso is tired of incestuous nepotism. (Can you spell Arditti?) This is a town built on "who you know" and the hiring of relatives stinks to high heaven.

Here's a legitimate question. Since so many Reyes's are working for companies with heavy government contracts. Look at the Reyes kids qualifications. How many VP or Senior Executives have leadership jobs... without an advanced degree? If you are VP and you don't have an MBA. Did you really earn that position? Was it given as... totally legal... can't prove anything... political payback.

At least Beto doesn't have any kids to give jobs to.


Anonymous said...

Jaime, is there any truth to Mr. O'Rourke's father-in-law being the land owner where the proposed port of entry he is in favor of building on Yarbrough?


Anonymous said...

Your right about Beto's Father in Law maxing out on contributions. That's not even counting the Pierson relatives that work at Charlottes or even the other Sanders relatives giving donations that were given with their own money or possibly even money gifted to them from Bill. Neither candidate can hold a higher moral ground when it comes to family. However, has anyone ever thought Reyes may not trust anyone other than family working for him ? Received an E-mail the other day and it said "I suffer from
Electile-dysfunction: the inability to become aroused by any of the candidates running for office." That disease has become an epidemic in El Paso.

Anonymous said...

When Beto was on city council He and his voteing bloc voted on issues that did not pertain to the betterment of the redidents of El Paso.This votes were a distraction to make Beto look like being productive.

The Lion Star said...

No Chris, I didn't ignore those facts, in fact I pointed them out. It was that part about whether or not it was ethical.

The Lion Star said...

No idea, but I will check in to it.

The Lion Star said...


Anonymous said...

Correcting misinformation:

1. MYTH: Reyes' kids are working with COMPANIES with government contracts. FALSE

FACT: Reyes has 3 kids. 1 is a middle school principal, 1 is a government worker at TXDot and the last is a small business owner.

2. MYTH: Reyes' kids worked for Boeing. FALSE AGAIN

Reyes' kids never worked for Boeing. Beto lied at the EPCC Transmountain debate when he said Reyes' kids worked at Boeing AND he also voted against creating 150 jobs (

3. HIGHLY IRRELEVANT MYTH: Reyes' kids don't have advanced degrees. FALSE.
FACT: 1 of Reyes' kids has a PhD and another graduated from UT.

Anonymous said...

How much is Reyes paying you to spin for him? Will you use some of it to pay your delinquent child support?

The Lion Star said...

You're not only a fucking idiot, you are also too much of a chicken shit to post your name. I only posted your comment so that people can see how stupid you are.

Kiss my brown ass.

Anonymous said...

Beto himself has paid his own media company throughout this campaign and prior runs for city council. His statement about Reyes and his family in the times story was as gutter and hypocritical as they come.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Lionstar, Reyes might have been the one to draw first blood. He went after Beto's mom in the El Paso Times when he called her a money launderer. And anyone who's read the Norma Chavez blog (and Chavez is helping Reyes) knows the mother and father in law have both been a target for a while.

I think Reyes is the one in a pickle.

If he continues to go after Bill Sanders (as he already has in his email spam) and/or Melissa O'Rourke (as he did in the newspaper), he loses the west side vote because those two are quite popular on the west side.

If Reyes loses west side, he loses election.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying no Reyes family member worked for International Microwave Corp which was absorbed by a bigger corporation?

C.D. said...

O.J. didn't commit the legal definition of murder, fact. Come on man. It's not about facts it's about the odor, its about the powerful using their position to the advantage of the few.

You know, "Truth to Power."

Nepotism smells.

Our Congressman isn't running because he wants to serve in Congress. He has his pension. He has no significant legislation or pending legislation.

Beto won't vote any differently than Reyes but that's not the point.

How many people would lose their livelihood if Reyes quit? Our Congressman is like TV Star who only stays on the show because the camera loaders and grips would lose their job. It's just bad entertainment, regardless of the cast.

Anonymous said...

Watch your language did your mama ever taugth any manners?What you have is the red ###

The Lion Star said...

Did your mom teach you how to read or spell?

The Lion Star said...

West El Paso will not decide the race. If you look in to the election numbers and trends, east el paso will be a better barometer.

Anonymous said...

Beto is a wolf in sheep clothing he had his chance as an elected official and he blew it.

Anonymous said...

Spelling is irrelevant the arguement is what matters.

The Lion Star said...

You mean argument dumb ass! And you aren't making one. But when you feel like actually making one, let me know. I'm happy to take your ass to school. Or as you would spell it, skewel.

Anonymous said...

Agree, but I think the voting will go like the Ness-Lilly race because many voted for Ness because they couldnt stand Anne Lilly and her contributors(Hunt & Sanders)and no matter how much of a mess Ness was with her taxes. Heck, a cat could have received as many votes because most of the Ness votes were anti-Lilly and the vote was close. Many people dislike Beto in his district because he never did anything. Never fixed roads or anything. Many said Lilly at least had roads being fixed north of country club road while Beto did nothing for south country club. I know many along Love rd. that despise Beto along with a few small developers. There will be many anti-Beto votes on the west like there were anti-Lilly. Sanders is not that well liked on the west side either. Most of his investments are in Santa Theresa. Like some other comment I saw the other day that read "Beto will be the best rep Santa Theresa, New Mexico ever had. Its just my opinion, but Im a westsider, a conservative, and Beto will not get my vote.

Anonymous said...

You very angry a-hole i just got to 6th grade what do you expect A New York best selling author

The Lion Star said...

Let me get this straight started shit with me and obviously can't spell to save your dumbass life, you mentioned my mom, and then you want me to feel sorry for your dumb ass? I don't. A 6th grade education is enough for you to know that you don't bring a knife to a gun fight. You want sympathy? Talk to Oprah bitch!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No. I am saying Reyes' kids NEVER worked for Boeing. Beto said they worked for Boeing. He is lying AND he voted to cut 150 jobs.

Link: (

If he is comfortable lying, then he should continue to say Reyes' kids worked for Boeing. If he has some dignity and backbone, he will come out and correct himself.

Larger point, O'Rourke is willing to say and do anything to get elected...even if it means lying about other people's families when HIS own family members have a lot to hide!