Monday, April 30, 2012

Video: Congressman Ron Paul's Speech at UTEP

This is video taken by local El Paso Ron Paul Supporters at his UTEP visit last week. Here are his remarks in their entirety.

Lots of energy in that room people...Republican establishment should take note...There's never been that level of excitement and energy for any other Republican candidate or politico that has visited El Paso that I can think of. Hell, when Perry comes its usually kept a secret...

SBOE Debate in El Paso

Rudy Loya's Montana Vista Event

Here is video of Rudy Loya's Montana Vista event. I have been meaning to post this and a bunch of other stuff came up so I am only just now getting around to it.

Loya, who is a candidate for El Paso County Commissioner Precinct #3 held the event because he said that when they were walking in the Montana Vista area that residents wanted the candidates to come out and speak with them.

So Loya took it upon himself to have an event where the candidates could come to speak to the people of Montana Vista.

There was 1 person in attendance who identified themselves as being from Montana Vista. The rest were Loya supporters from other parts of the district or members of various campaigns.

But to his credit, Loya provided a forum for candidates to speak to those voters. They can't say that no one came to speak to them.

Enriquez's Republican Ties Could Be Big Hurdle

Hector Enriquez, who is a candidate running as a Democrat in House District 75 against Mary Gonzalez and Tony San Roman, is going to have to do some explaining to Democrats about his Republican ties.

I've written previously about the fact that he was showing off his picture with former President George W. Bush at his campaign kick-off event earlier in the campaign.

But as if taking a picture with the most unpopular Republican for Democrats in the country wasn't enough, it looks like Enriquez wanted to make sure he covered all his bases.

As you can see in this screen shot taken from the Texas Ethics Commission website, it looks like Enriquez has provided financial support to the one Republican who might actually be more unpopular than Bush, Texas Governor Rick Perry.

In fact, in terms of state contributions, it appears that Enriquez has provided more support to Republicans than to members of his own party. The report shows a $50 contribution to State Representative Marisa Marquez last year and a $60 contribution to the El Paso Democratic Party.

That brings his total contributions to the Dems to $110.

By contrast, you can see that Enriquez made three different contributions to Republican Governor Rick Perry. Each of the contributions were for $100.

So he donated roughly 3 times as much money to Republicans than he has Democrats. He apparently didn't donate to the Democratic challengers to Perry.

But the ties don't stop there. It goes deeper.

He attempted to get funding by the Texans for Lawsuit Reform. They contribute most of their money to Republicans although they have given to El Paso Democratic members of the legislature like former State Representative Norma Chavez, and current Reps Marquez and Gonzalez.

He has also been endorsed by Republican-aligned organizations like the Texas Association of Business, which not only has a reputation for being anti-labor, but has only endorsed 3 Democrats out of the 200 state rep candidates out there. In fact, if you check out this announcement from the organization, it not only shows their endorsement of his candidacy, but the endorsement of MITT ROMNEY!

Seriously! Check it out, you can't make this stuff up!

And then there's his rhetoric. He says things that sound like a Republican. On his website's home page he says, "Count on me to stand for family values..." and later, "...Help me prove that 'old fashioned' values..."

Sounds very Republican. Even more so when you realize that he takes a page out of the old Carlos Leon campaign page. Mention family values in a race that has absolutely nothing to do with family values when you are facing a candidate that is, or rumored to be, gay.

Carlos Leon did it previously and now Enriquez is doing it.

But now Enriquez has apparently decided to surpass even Leon with the dog-whistle rhetoric. He actually RETWEETS Tweets that mention Gonzalez's sexuality.

For example...former State Representative Norma Chavez, famous for outing current State Representative Naomi Gonzalez's sexuality in a forum, posted this Tweet in which, yet again, she mentions a candidate's sexuality.

As you can see, I point out the part where Enriquez retweeted the post.

I guess its a way to continue waging a whisper campaign without ever publicly doing so.

I spoke with Enriquez at the Clinton event and asked him why he did that (it happened on more than one occasion) and he responded by saying "Ask her why she's putting it out there" and then said, "I have no comment on the issue."

Sunday, April 29, 2012

El Paso Voter Tips

The more I talk to voters the more I hear things that surprise me, but nonetheless are happening. So I figured I would use my blog to clear up some questions for voters.

Your vote is private. No one will know who you vote for.

You don't have to vote for every race. If you don't know enough to make an informed decision, don't feel like you have to vote for every election. If there is a race you know nothing about, then you are not required to vote for someone. You can vote for no one if you so choose. If you don't know who to vote for, don't just go down the ballot and pick the first, middle, or last name in the list. Its better to vote for no one in a particular race than to just vote for the first name you see.

If you don't understand something, don't be afraid to simply stop what you are doing and ask for help.

You can vote at any early voting site in El Paso during the early voting period.

But, if you vote on election day, you have to vote at your precinct. Keep checking with the County Election site to find out that information.

If you have any other voting questions, let me know in the comment box or email me. I certainly don't know all the answers but I know where to find out information so I can help.

Feel free to share this with anyone you think will benefit.

Fun With Signs - Catch a Vandal

I have been getting a rash of complaints about signs being cut, stolen, damaged, etc. Obviously that kind of crap happens all the time, but more so in this election than in past it seems.

So...if you have a picture of video footage of someone doing it, send it to me and I will post it. I travel with my camera all the time, so I am ready to film if I catch someone.

Signs are expensive and doing that is just little league campaigning.

Now, time for some fun with signs. Actually, one isn't fun. Its mind-blowingly stupid. Yes, I think I just made that word up, but its so stupid, I almost couldn't believe it really happened. (The geniuses in Austin strike again!)

Here is a sign of Victor Flores. A reader snapped the photo and sent it to me. As you can see, missing the disclaimer at the bottom. My reader commented, "..he's been around long enough for him to know..."

The next one is of Hector Enriquez' ad in a print publication. He's missing the word "for" which makes the sing represent him as the incumbent state representative, which he is not. Another reader submitted this one.

And finally, the award for the biggest bone-head, slap-yourself-in-the-forehead-and-say-wtf-who-the-hell-is-running-that-campaign? for signs goes to...the Mary Gonzalez campaign.

I'm guessing this was another genius move out of Austin, but her entire campaign is to blame for this one. One assumes that when a logo is being developed, that it has to go through multiple levels of approval before it is approved. So a crap load of people, including the candidate, totally dropped the ball on this one and deserves it 100% if people point and laugh (like the big kid on the Simpsons).

The put who she is, what party she is from and what office she is running for...except they didn't put what District!!!!

Who what the freakin' genius who thought that was a good idea. Its totally lazy to just say, well, they are only going to be used in the district, so we won't need to put the district number (dumb jock voice). Even if they were only used in the district, which they weren't because I took this picture personally and it was out of the district, who the hell doesn't put the district on their sign?

Before you people start to try to downplay this one, understand a couple of things. Number one, I think there might actually be a legal requirement that the specific office a candidate is seeking is listed on the sign. I don't think State Representative is good enough to satisfy a legal requirement, if there is one. Seems to me you have have to state which State Rep office you are pursuing.

Aside from that, it just makes good campaign sense to include it. I'm pretty sure that is in Campaigning for Dummies.

But the more practical reason is because you want to educate voters that see your signs. They don't know what district they are in usually. They are even LESS likely to know that in a redistricting year.

I seriously can't get over the fact that a room, probably a couple of rooms-full of fancy high-priced consultants in Austin and El Paso actually thought leaving out the district number in a redistricting year made any sense.

One final note on signs. I was checking out signs down in the valley today and I noticed a couple of things about quality. Tony San Roman just started putting up signs, but they are pretty bad quality. the disclaimer is really blurred because of the paint and some of them were cut funny.

Rudy Loya was the first candidate to get signs up. You can only see it if you get really close to the sign, but whoever tried to crop out the background of the photo used on the sign did a piss-poor job. You can see blue parts of the other background. But you have to be really cose to notice it.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Clarification: EPYD Endorsements

Candidates will not be there.

Candidates will not be speaking.

The meeting is for VOTING only.

YD membership is very engaged politically and are informed voters. They've heard from everyone already. This is only for voting.

If you have questions, concerns, or complaints, you should post them on Alfredo Longoria's Facebook wall.

El Paso Young Democrats Endorsement on Monday

El Paso Young Democrats will have their endorsement meeting on Monday, starting at 6pm at G & R Restaurant, 401 East Nevada. The meeting is closed to the public. Only paid EPYD Members.

To clarify, it is EPYD members only, not Young at Heart Members. This is only for purposes of ensuring only YD's vote for the endorsements.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Press Release from Montelongo on YISD

Candidate for El Paso County Commissioner's Court Precinct 1 Liza Montelongo issued a press release yesterday regarding the story in the El Paso Times about the latest controversy affecting area school districts. This time it was Ysleta ISD and Montelongo was one of the strongest voices against some of the now-controversial decisions made by the board.

What I found interesting about her press release is that she capsulizes exactly what the race for El Paso County Commissioner's Court Precinct 1 is at least partially about.

Essentially she is saying that you can select someone who has fought against corruption and wasteful spending while asking the hard questions, or you can vote for her opponent, Carlos Leon, who has documented ties to multiple individuals named or indicted in the public corruption scandal.

The press release is below:

Press Release El Paso Times Story on YISD

Interview: Sergio Mora, Candidate for SBOE

Here is the final candidate interview with the candidates for SBOE.

Civil Rights Leader Dolores Huerta to Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

The White House announced today that civil rights leader, and my tia's comadre, Dolores Huerta will be recognized by the nation's highest civilian award. Huerta will be recognized by President Barack Obama in a White House ceremony in the late spring.

Huerta is among 13 recipients of the award this year and is in a class including former United States Senator and astronaut John Glenn, musician and poet Bob Dylan, and the first female Secretary of State Madeline Albright.

The award is presented to individuals that have made meritorious contributions to the security or national interests of the United States of America, to world peace, or to cultural and other significant public or private endeavors.

Viva la Huelga!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Important Meeting at the El Paso Dem HQ Today

The nominations committee will be meeting at 530pm today at the EP Dem HQ.

You should make plans to attend.

This will finalize delegates and upgrade people who will be attending as At-Large Delegates to Precinct delegates.

Interview: Andres Muro, Candidate SBOE

Here is another SBOE Candidate, Andres Muro.

Interview: Dr. Martha Dominguez, SBOE Candidate

Here is an interview I conducted with Dr. Martha Dominguez, who is running for the State Board of Education.

Ron Paul Visit

Ron Paul made an appearance in El Paso last night to a crowd of 1200 people. Organizers say that some people were actually turned away because there was no more room in the venue.

The Ron Paul crowd was significant for a couple of reasons. Yes, it was dwarfed by the Clinton visit the day before that had roughly three times as many people.

But the Ron Paul crowd certainly dwarfs any other Republican event this year in El Paso. The Tea Party Rally, which is usually the Republicans biggest event, was a total flop. Ron Paul has no chance of winning the Republican nomination. But yet he still packed the room with enthusiastic supporters.

Ron Paul isn't the El Paso establishment Republican's favored candidate. But a group of excited, passionate, and organized people, who remind me very much of Obama supporters 4 years ago, not only got Ron Paul to come to town, but they did it without the help of the establishment GOP. And its a crowd that is much larger than what the Republicans were able to drum up all year.

In fact, Jerome Tilghman, who is running as a Democrat for Congress, tried to attend the Ron Paul event last night but was turned away because of the capacity.

Not a good move on his part, but he's not viable anyway.

The energy of the Ron Paul supporters is something that the establishment Republicans should try to capture. It won't pay off in this election, but down the road it could really pay off. They are young, most of your establishment Republicans aren't. They are organized, most of your establishment Republicans aren't. They are social media guru's, and most of the establishment Republicans think Twitter is 60's slang for a woman's naughty parts.

These are the people that know how to grow a movement organically. They've had to because most media don't take them seriously and don't provide coverage. How do you know that is true, just take a look at how little media showed up to the event last night.

I've seen the infancy of the Ron Paul movement in El Paso. It was just a handful of people and they met at an eastside coffee shop.

Now they fill the auditorium at UTEP and had Ron Paul show up. Make no mistake, that is significant.

How can you not admire that passion?

That being said, Ron Paul isn't a viable candidate for the Republican nomination. They don't like to hear that and say its a media conspiracy when people say that, but the media don't appear interested enough in Ron Paul to mount a vast, far reaching conspiracy against him. Do the election math, this thing is basically over.

Yesterday Newt Gingrich announced he was getting out of the race. Hell, after Santorum quit, I forgot Gingrich was still in the race and most people have forgotten Ron Paul is technically still in the race. He'll take it all the way to the convention. His supporters can influence the national platform, but Ron Paul isn't going to be on the ticket. Top or bottom.

But the energy of his supporters isn't something that just goes away. The challenge for the Republicans is how do they harness it? They better come up with a game plan soon, otherwise the "Libertarian Wing" of the Republican Party is about to get much stronger...

Announcement from Armando Rodriguez Campaign

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Online Petition to Keep the Chavez Fight @ the SunBowl

I know everyone is pretty upset about the fight being canceled. Actually, I think people are more upset about the reason given for the cancellation. I am working on a longer piece about it, but until I'm done with that, I thought I would share a link to an online petition asking to keep the fight at the Sun Bowl.

The petition was started by a good friend of mine, Mike Torres, who in addition to being a great attorney, epic joke teller on long bus rides, great musician and all around vato loco, he also happens to be one of the smartest people I know.

So he put together this idea to give El Pasoans a productive way to vent. Here is the link. Sign it and share it if you are so inclined.

Westside Democrats to Hold 5 de Mayo Event

The El Paso Democratic Party County Convention

I didn't get a chance to write this earlier because I've been swamped. But I just wanted to write a few lines about the El Paso County Democratic Party County Convention.

Honestly there wasn't much to write about. It was mostly uneventful, except for a couple of video highlights that I will post later.

But I have been a pretty vocal critic of the Party for the way things are run. So I have to call it like I see it in good times and in bad.

So here goes.

I thought the convention was well-run and went smoothly. I heard a has-been was complaining that it was run by one faction.

A - That's not true. I know of several people, a couple of them even close to the has-been, that had key roles and participated in key committees.


B - Maybe we are moving in to a post-factional El Paso Democratic Party. That would be a good thing.

There was a funny situation with seating. Turns out I was sitting behind a former State Representative. And she was sitting behind two of her political rivals, State Rep Marisa Marquez and County Judge Veronica Escobar, and had to sit next to the current State Rep that ousted her, Naomi Gonzalez.


The former State Rep who has frequently had plenty to say about all of the aforementioned individuals, including Yours Truly, had NOTHING to say at all despite the fact that all were just feet away.

Although, truth be told, the former state rep and I both actually agreed on something, though it was inconsequential. It might have turned in to something, but Queta Fierro quickly gave a Behave Yourself look and that was the end of that.

I think we both have a tremendous amount of respect for Ms. Queta.

SBOE Democratic Candidate Forum

This is video of a candidate forum featuring the three Democratic candidates for the State Board of Education. The winner will face the incumbent Republican Charlie Garza in the November general election.

I conducted an interview with the three candidates after the forum. The candidates are Dr. Martha M. Dominguez, Andres Muro, and Sergio Mora.

After hearing the debate and conducting the interviews it was pretty clear to me who the best candidate is, but I'll save the analysis for later. I realize most of you probably haven't met the candidates yet or heard from them and this might be your only look at them, so the videos should be helpful in your decision on who to support.

Ill post the individual interviews with the candidates tomorrow.

Why Charlie Garza's is Going to Lose Re-Election Bid

Ever since his coronation-like swearing-in ceremony the clock has been ticking on his career as an elected official.

It only takes a few minutes of conversation with Garza and you'll see he's an extremist Republican. Don't get me wrong, he's a nice guy and I could talk to him for hours, but make no mistake, he's an extremist. Just ask him what his views are on immigration, gays in the military, or evolution and you'll understand what I mean.

This piece isn't commentary about his performance as a member of the State Board of Education because I haven't had enough time to research his tenure fully...yet.

This is about why he's going to lose re-election.

First, to understand why he is going to lose, you must first understand how Garza won in the first place. Garza won because of the big Tea Party wave. Two years ago was the height of their popularity and influence. Ever since then, the El Paso Tea Party has been looking for smaller and smaller venues to meet. I'm betting they will have to meet in the front pew of Tom Brown's church soon.

At any rate, Garza had all the political starts line up in his favor in order for him to win election. The SBOE is now pretty unpopular and the Tea Party is even MORE unpopular.

He is going to be the poster-boy for Tea Party backlash.

So without the abnormal turnout from 2 years ago, Garza's goose is cooked.

But there is an even more important reason Garza's goose is cooked.


The already Democratic-leaning district actually became a solid Democratic district through redistricting. George Bush's home town of Midland, Texas has been taken out of the district in exchange for a more blue-collar Odessa, Texas.

The math is not in Garza's favor.

O'Rourke Camp Releases New Ad

This aired already but I guess I missed it. This is the second ad from the O'Rourke campaign and I have to say, FAR more effective than the first ad.

The first ad was basically pretty forgettable. This spot doesn't even show O'Rourke, but features a veteran who tears up. I spoke with this man at a candidate forum at El Paso Community College earlier this campaign season so I remembered who he was.

I think he was part of a group that was supposed to host a forum of their own, but I'll double check my notes.

Bottom line, this is a much better and more effective ad than the first one.

Reyes Press Conference Following Clinton Visit

This was actually a pretty interesting interview and I thought I would share it. Its another one of those behind the scenes news type things. You probably only saw one sound bite from the press conference but it was pretty interesting.

Check it out:

Source: Demonstrator Arrested Yesterday

Sources indicate that during the Clinton visit yesterday that law enforcement responded to a situation involving one of the demonstrators that were outside the event supporting the O'Rourke campaign.

I'm trying to get a hold of the report, but sources indicate that the demonstrator was urinating on the new apartment facility directly across from the venue. 

Apparently it was going to just be a warning but the demonstrator apparently was allegedly uncooperative or something and the demonstrator was arrested according to my source. I'll follow up with more details once I am able to find the report.

Incidentally, the apartment facility is a green building. I guess the demonstrator really wanted to keep things natural...

Shapleigh Was Right

Turns out former Senator Eliot Shapleigh was 100% right about what was going on at Bowie High School. A lot of people, including me, thought Shapleigh was wrong and was just doing it for attention.

Thats what I get for assuming elected officials are honest and not corrupt.

A lot of people, including myself, have to acknowledge the fact that Shapleigh was right.

I'm not the Senator's biggest fan, but I have to acknowledge that Shapleigh was right and good for him for going after it.

President Bill Clinton's Endorsement Speech of Congressman Reyes

The place might have only been half-full with attendees but it was over-flowing with enthusiasm for the visit of former President Bill Clinton to El Paso to endorse Congressman Silvestre Reyes.

By any measure, it was a success. The Apex Communicator (apologies to Randy Orton) former President Bill Clinton has a gift that is impossible to duplicate. He is by far the most effective and engaging communicator on the planet.

He was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd and a group of mariachis playing El Rey. Fitting because he's the King of Communication.

There was a palpable energy in the room and in a big shocker...Clinton wasn't late!

When it was time for him to speak, he knocked it out of the park. And like a good Democrat, he stumped for the President. He also talked about the personal relationship between Clinton and Reyes, something supporters of Reyes' opponents will downplay but its significant.

There were so many soundbytes that can end up in a commercial or a mailer its incredible.

There is no sound for the first 33 seconds of the video and I was having trouble with my tripod from time to time, so apologies in advance.

Clinton wore the boots he was given the last time he came to El Paso and was presented with a new pair after his speech. I actually got to check them out when I stopped by Reyes HQ earlier in the day. I was going to take a picture but some rude volunteer was being a real pain in the butt.

I'll figure out who she was later. I didn't have time to deal with her while I was there because I was in a hurry.

There was a press gaggle after the event and the Congressman took some questions. I'll post the interview in another piece.

The O'Rourke supporters that staged a demonstration didn't do more harm to their candidate than good as I expected. They were just pretty much not noticed. There were a few people outside and they were peaceful and respectful. But there weren't many of them, but that might have been because of a quick turn-around time from when they came up with the demonstration until the actual event.

I was surprised that Susie Byrd actually joined the demonstration. I had been told it wasn't an official activity of the campaign. The rest of council, with the exception of Rep Ortega and Rep Lilly, were inside the event. The demonstrators weren't rowdy or anything, but I think it plays off like the O'Rourke supporters were protesting President Clinton.

A successful event for the Congressman overall. In fact, word on the street is that the Congressman's campaign raised around $60,000 in contributions from a single fundraising effort today.

He left the stage to more mariachi music, La Negra this time, shook hands. Despite the fact that the place wasn't full, it was still one of the biggest crowds of any campaign event this season.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stop Exaggerating...You're Not Helping

I'm working on a piece about the Clinton visit along with video of the speech. No matter how you slice it, it was a major win for the Congressman.

But some of Reyes' supporters should stop exaggerating about the attendance. I saw one idiot who proudly proclaimed that "over 6,000 people attended Former President Bill Clinton visit to endorse Congressman Silvestre Reyes."

He's either lying or stupid.

According to a quick google search, the venue doesn't even hold 6,000 people! And it wasn't full. It was about half-full. I'm sure its easy to find pictures of the venue and they will likely show the attendance.

I realize they are eager to support the Congressman, but they are doing him a disservice because they show an inherit inability to display any level of fidelity to the truth.

It was a tremendous success for the Congressman no matter how you slice it. There's no need to exaggerate the figures. He had the place half-full, in a town with crappy voter-turnout, for an event in the early part of the work-week during the day.

Politically, that is a BIG deal and dwarfs any other political crowd I've seen this election season. By far.

There's no need to exaggerate.

(A more comprehensive piece will follow along with video...)

Caballero Booed; Castillo Cheered at COPS Event

By now, Theresa Caballero is changing her strategy on who to focus on during this campaign. She has been pretty quiet, which is very uncharacteristic for the outspoken attorney. I think she figured she was going to sail right in to office on name recognition alone.

She recently posted on her blog a piece that all but accuses one of her opponents, Diana Navarrete of being a thief. Caballero has threatened to sue others for saying for less. She cleverly phrases things as a question so that she avoids slander/libel issues.

But after Saturday's Democratic Party convention, it is clear to Caballero by now that she will have to actually work for it. Jose Castillo, another candidate for the position, came out with guns blazing, showing no fear of taking on Caballero who has a reputation of being a campaign buzz saw.

At last night's meeting of the union membership of several of the law enforcement agencies that make up COPS, Castillo drew a hard contrast between he and Caballero. Every time her name was mention, Caballero was booed.

And Castillo is not shy about stacking his qualifications against hers and taking her on about campaign issues.

By now, Caballero is retooling things to go after Castillo. God only know what she will accuse him of considering some of the stuff she's said about her other opponents in the past. Maybe she'll allege he's secretly an alien from outer space or has a third nipple.

Who knows?

But Caballero is now up against a pretty strong candidate who's not shy about taking her on.

For the most part, judicial candidates are notoriously horrible campaign speakers. In general they bore the crap out of people. Until Caballero decided to throw her hat in the ring to run for judge there really weren't any dynamic and engaging public speakers with a message that ran for the bench in recent memory (sorry Judges and candidates, just keeping it real.)

Caballero stood out from the crowd because she was a judicial candidate that got people's attention. Either because people like her, or because they dislike her.

Until now. Castillo is a candidate that is passionate and engaging. He makes you pay attention to what he has to say and why he's running. Great messaging and superlative delivery.

The Force is strong with him. Watch the speech, and I have more footage to show you all later, and you'll see why, as a chess fan myself, I think - the Castle takes the Knight.

Updated Ron Paul Visit Info

Monday, April 23, 2012

O'Rourke Supporters to Hold Demonstration for Clinton Visit

Looks like some supporters of Beto O'Rourke will be holding a demonstration during former President Bill Clinton's visit to El Paso in support of Congressman Reyes.

Here is an email that is being circulated among O'Rourke supporters.

There have been many exciting campaigns in the history of our great city, but never has there been one, with this kind of energy, excitement and above all HOPE.

The political season Human Chain record is 167 volunteers; a record that has stood for well over a decade. That was of course, generally accepted by all, as the most transformational and
important cause in modern day history of El Paso, The Ray Caballero for Mayor Campaign of 2001. That Victory opened the door to a new era of leadership and you are seeing it now in the
Susie Byrds, Steve Ortegas,
the Veronica Escobars and the Beto O'Rourkes of today.
Our Mission?
To Break The Caballero Human Chain Record. No one would be prouder than Mayor Caballero himself if we indeed set new #'s for Beto.
Si Se Puede !
This coming Tuesday April 24th at 1:30 PM at The El Paso Coliseum on Paisano. You will each be given a Beto sign.
We want former President Clinton, when he exits 1-10 from the Airport, to be greeted by our record Human Chain for Beto.
Mr. Clinton will see one of us holding a Beto sign every 10 yards for the mile drive from I-10, on Paisano, all the way to the Coliseum where he will enter the building.
We need to confirm the first 167 Beto Supporters to break the Previous Human Chain record. Can I count you as one of our record breaking 167 ?

It appears that this is the effort of some well-meaning supporters of O'Rourke but from what I am able to gather from sources within the campaign, it is not an official activity of the campaign and O'Rourke will be block-walking like its a regular day.

Personally, I think this is a bad idea. I'm sure they have good intentions, but its unnecessarily confrontational and I don't think there is a vote to be won by the demonstration. Its activity without a result.

The only thing its going to do is just contribute to the already prevalent bad-blood between the two camps. Its not smart and there is no benefit to O'Rourke in the activity.

Friday, April 20, 2012

El Paso County Democratic Convention

The El Paso County Democratic Convention is tomorrow at Jefferson High School. Its in the gym and you can start registering at 8:00am.

Since there is no precinct convention, anyone who shows up, has been registered to vote since the end of March, and since a party affiliation oath will be eligible to participate.

This is an important part of the process and you don't have to be a Party regular to attend. Anyone can show up and participate as long as they meet the requirements I mentioned before.

Gotta go, I need to charge the batteries to my video camera....

Sunland Park Hold Open Audition for Mayor's Post

I didn't get around to writing this yesterday so I'm playing a little catch-up.

So let me get this straight, Sunland Park plucked some vato out of the audience to be the next Mayor? Are you kidding me? Please tell me this is their idea of a joke.

I know, I know, we are all supposed to be feeling sorry for the simpletons in Sunland Park that voted all these corrupt mo-fo's in office but I think that is a steaming load of elephant dung.

I don't feel sorry for people that don't vote. When you don't vote, you deserve what happens to you. Does it suck that most of them are poor and raza? You're damn right! But is there a better argument for political involvement than Sunland Park?

They can either throw up their hands and say screw it or they can use this embarrassment that has actually made El Paso look like a hot-bed of honest leadership to turn a new page in Sunland Park. Apparently they chose the former.

So some guy shows up with a resume in hand and just like that...he's the new Mayor.

The El Paso Symphony Orchestra is looking for a new conductor. They apparently are putting more effort in to vetting who is going to lead their hoity-toity group of musicians than Sunland Park is doing to pick a Mayor?

If I'm not mistaken, I think you have to at least go through an interview to work at McDonald's. Which is another thing, the guy is young enough to still be working at McDonald's!

Hopefully he works out as their Mayor and if he does, I'll be the first to point it out. But Sunland Park should be skeptical. They need a healthy dose of skepticism over there for a while.

And in their defense, they really didn't have a lot of other options. Its either the guy that won the election but keeps getting more and more indictments coming out against him that I thought he was Rod Blogoyevich, or the guy that was caught with a stripper, who had a crappy performance on ABC 7 Xtra over the weekend.

People of Sunland Park. Get involved with your government. You are the people that can fix what is broken. You guys could use a few good ankle biters to keep people honest over there.

Don't make me send Mike Rooney, Lisa Turner, and Carl Starr over there to channel the spirit of the Ray Gilbert because so help me, I will!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tentative Details on Ron Paul Visit to El Paso

According to my secret source in the Ron Paul Campaign, (Codename: Liberty RINO), the Ron Paul visit is going to happen.

Here are the tentative details of the trip.

Ron Paul will apparently be at UTEP's Memorial Gym at 7:00pm on Wednesday night, April 25th. No details have been released as to how tickets will be distributed but I will follow-up as soon as Liberty RINO is able to leak me the info.

PS - Liberty RINO is not to be messed with. Apparently the spouse is being held hostage and forced to attend an event over the weekend because the spouse was threatened with the most horrible type of punishment imaginable. I'm sure its covered by the Geneva Convention. If it isn't, it should be...

3rd Annual Nationwide Initiative to Illuminate the Darkness of Sexual & Domestic Violence - April 26 at UTEP

Take Back the Night

Reyes / Clinton Tickets

So I stopped by the Reyes campaign headquarters yesterday afternoon and the place was packed! Seriously, the wrist-bands to see President Clinton are the hottest ticket in town.

There was almost no parking and the Reyes people had three staffers in the front just to hand out the wrist bands. I didn't get a count of how many they gave out, but I was on the steps talking with a Reyes staffer, my new favorite Constable candidate Joe Bob Martinez (I'll explain later) and another person and so many people were coming and going that they probably should've had a revolving door.

I know people are still down playing the Clinton visit, but any candidate would kill for a captive audience the size of the one Reyes is going to have when Clinton comes to town. No other candidate will have a crowd that size in this election cycle.

And they are going to hear one of the best communicators on the planet say nice things about the Congressman. No matter how you measure it, that is going to be a win for the Congressman.

And they are taking full advantage of the exposure, like they are supposed to do. Now they are giving away VIP tickets on their Facebook page. That is really well played on their part. They are making it feel like its a big concert.

But two things are for certain.

#1 Bill Clinton will be late. And I don't mean late like a high school kid sneaking in to class right after the bell rings. I mean mess-up-your-entire-day late. He's notorious. I waited several hours in the hot-ass sun to see him last time and my daughter was 4 years old then. So they had to have ingenious ways of entertaining the crowd while they waited for Clinton to show up. I hope the Reyes' have factored that in. They better have a mariachi, dee jay, clowns, or a tarot card reader to entertain the crowd. Or they could put everyone to sleep and let candidates speak...

#2 Some idiots will protest. And I know just the camera hungry protester that will be leading the charge. Mark my words on this one. Funny thing is there will be thousands of people in attendance and a handful (if that), protesters and the protesters will get camera time and it will be called "balance".

Candidates on the Upswing Part 1

So I've been keeping on eye on a few races and trying to measure how candidates are doing. This is anecdotal at best, but I am most-impressed with a couple of candidates' performance in particular, though they both owe their success in large part to someone else.

Lets start down in the valley in HD 75. This races have been a roller coaster since the get-go. Chente out, Willie in, Art Fierro in, Hector Enriquez in. Hector was hall-of-fame bad when I first met him. Of all the candidates I have ever interviewed for any office in El Paso, on and off the air, he was the most ill-prepared for the position.

Seriously, it was embarrassing. I still cringe when I hear the audio.

Then Mary Gonzalez blew in from Austin out of no where. I met with her before she ran and she asked for my opinion, I told her she should actually live in El Paso for a little while and learn about the community before she started to run around and tell people she wanted to represent the area.

But Gonzalez chose to run anyway and in the first reporting period, she out-fund raised everyone. Mostly because she got a big fat check from Austin.

QUICK SIDEBAR - Austin always dumps a pant-load of money in to El Paso legislative races. There is nothing unique about it. It happens every election. If you don't believe me, go a check it out. It sucks that there is so much influence from Austin, but its been like that for a long freakin' time.

So Gonzalez became the little campaign that could. She was a whirlwind of energy. She was everywhere.

Her biggest problem has always been the fact that she is so inconsistent in performance. Once in a while she's great. She can be on-point, engaging, and flat our impressive.

Once in a while. The rest of the time she's pretty average and there are several times where she's been flat-out bad at speaking. Which is weird because she's a teacher so you'd expect communications to be her strong-suit.

And then...poof...she disappeared. If you read her twitter feed, it almost seems like she suffers from misplaced priorities. At times it seems she's more focused on her sorority (I'm not making that up) than she is on her campaign.

Her problems are two-fold. #1 and by far her biggest problem, is Austin. She spends too much time there and for some reason she is letting those people call the shots in the campaign. That's what happens when you don't know the district. You don't have the frame of reference to say, Hey high-priced fancy know-it-all consultants, you don't know what you are talking about and can't quarterback a campaign when you are hundreds of miles away!

Her other problem is that she's a victim of her own success. She's an over-achiever. I think she actually gets board if she doesn't have too much on her plate. And she has too much on her plate. She needs to figure out what her priorities are. If she really wants to be the next state rep, then she needs to ditch all the other causes, groups, organizations, the entire freakin' city of Austin, and her sorority sisters and actually do some block walking.


I've been hearing a lot of complaints from people that they have never met her and that she has almost no signage. Personally I think the signage criticism is misplaced because every election cycle there are people with a boat load of signs that don't win because that's all their campaigning activities are confined to.

Its nice that she has teamed up with Chente Quintanilla's campaign to a degree and has his grandson helping her put up a few signs, but she really has to get it in gear. I don't know what happened all of a sudden but she has dropped off the radar. I think it might be money, which would explain why she's always in Austin in guess.

Bottom line here is that I think she's on the down-swing and I think Hector Enriquez, despite a temper tantrum, is on the upswing.

Enriquez's biggest weapon is the fact that he's a salesman. You meet the guy and you immediately think that there is a car lot on Montana missing a sales guy. He's the king of telling people what the thinks they want to hear.

And you know what? He's damn good at it.

That gives him a big advantage because while Gonzalez is practically still living in Austin trying to shake money out of the money tree so she can run her campaign, Enriquez is knocking on doors.

And here's a little secret, he's knocking on the right ones. He's knocking so much that OTHER campaigns are using the presence of his signage to navigate their way through neighborhoods to find the targeted voters they are looking for.

He's still extremely vulnerable if he gets taken off of his script and I still think Gonzalez knows more policy that he does in her sleep, but nonetheless, Enriquez is on the upswing.

Gonzalez should be nervous. Very nervous.

Oh yeah, and then there's Tony San Roman. He ran in HD 76 last time. Wasn't a factor then, isn't a factor now. He's banking on a relationship with the Serna family to pan out for him. They are the most influential family in the valley this side of the Gandara's, but even they can't help San Roman. He's just not cut out to be a candidate. I heard he was being shopped around in Austin earlier in the race by the Serna's though.

And he was at Rudy Loya's Montana Vista campaign event on Sunday with one of the Serna's. By the way, I have video from the Loya function that I will post later today.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

And Just Like That...

She has sprung ahead in talks about who is going to be the next mayor.

Cortney Niland scored a real political win yesterday. I know its really the businesses, the industrial customers, and the people that won, blah, blah, blah, blah....


City Rep Cortney Niland's name has been all over town now about possibly being the next mayor of El Paso. Obviously there are several other people who have their eye on the seat, but almost over night Cortney Niland has spring to the top 2 or 3 names on the list of possible mayoral candidates.

A couple versions of the districting maps have drawn her out of her current district, and in to district 1. So she might as well take a hard look at a possible mayoral bid since people are already talking about it.

Not too shabby for a new elected official who's only major endorsement from a political organization in her campaign came from the El Paso Young Democrats....

Perez Drops Mailer on Oaxaca

Vince Perez's campaign sent out a mailer that has already landed in some homes. Word from the campaign is that they sent it out to 16,500 homes of voters in the region.

This is a mailer that is going to have people talking for quite some time. The front of the mailer shows Perez with his sleeves rolled up and a quote that says, "Help me end the culture of corruption. I am committed to fighting for new leadership to restore integrity to the office of County Commissioner and rebuild the public's trust."

But its the rest of the piece is what is going to have people talking. Here is the flip side of the front.

And here is what the inside looks like:

It is arguably one of the most-effective mailers I have seen, probably at any level of campaigning. It captures recent headlines, frames a message, and is clear.

Interestingly Oaxaca and Perez were featured in a story on Telemundo yesterday and Oaxaca took issue with Perez's effort to connect her to Willie Gandara. She whipped out some complicated line about Beto O'Roure calling the Congressman corrupt and Perez used to work with Reyes and she worked for Gandara so they are all in the same boat.

I know, confusing.

That actually sounds like a bit of a shot at the Congressman if you ask me, but aside from that, I don't follow her logic.

If she is making a comparison I think she might have some explaining to do. Gandara (actually a few of them) was accused of a crime. Reyes has not been accused of a crime. I think she might want to clarify what she was really trying to say because it sounds pretty bad.

She also made another comment what was pretty interesting. She said the fact that Perez isn't fluent in Spanish is "disrespectful to voters". 

Which is weird because she helped City Rep Dr. Mike Noe get elected and he's not fluent in Spanish either. I spoke with Dr. Noe earlier today and he said, "A lack of respect? I don't agree with that statement at all."

Dr. Noe went on to explain that we are all a product of our environments and that in a clinical setting he can communicate with his patients without a problem, but in other contexts he needs help.

At any rate, things are certainly heating up in that race...

Unconfirmed: Ron Paul to Visit UTEP

This information still isn't confirmed, but apparently a visit from Ron Paul might be in the works. Sources indicate that the Ron Paul Campaign will be making a swing through the area and could be headed to UTEP.

More details as they become available.

Announcement from the Aaron Barraza Campaign

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

BNHR Holds Free Citizenship Workshops

For Immediate Release: April 17, 2012
Contact: Cristina Parker, BNHR Communications Director,

Free Workshops Aim To Help Border Residents Become U.S. Citizens in Time to Vote  

What: Free Citizenship Workshops for border residents 
When: April 28 from 9 a.m. to noon. 
Where: BNHR New Mexico office at 209 Lopez St, Anthony, New Mexico AND the AYUDA office at 1325 Beverly Ann St., San Elizario, Texas

(EL PASO, Texas) — A coalition of local groups have joined forces to help borderland residents apply for U.S. citizenship in time to vote this November. 

In order to qualify to vote in November, new citizens must have filed their paperwork by the end of this month. That means that the citizenship fairs planned for Saturday April 28 may be the last chance for those eligible for citizenship to apply in time to vote in the 2012 elections. 

Two fairs are happening simultaneously in Anthony, New Mexico and San Elizario, Texas on Saturday, April 28 form 9 a.m. to noon.

Those who wish to apply must prepare several documents before the workshop. A list of those documents can be found here: (in Spanish) and here: (In English)

The groups organizing the citizenship workshops are the Border Network for Human Rights, AYUDA, The Diocese Migrant and Refugee Services, The Catholic Charities Diocese of Las Cruces, NALEO and the office of U.S. Rep. Silvestre Reyes. 
# # #

The Border Network for Human Rights, founded in 1998, is one of the leading human rights advocacy and immigration reform organizations in the U.S. BNHR has over 5,000 members in West Texas and Southern New Mexico.

Promesa Project's Video...

Criminal District Court #1

This is the court that Manny Barraza was the judge of until he was sent off to prison.

Now Theresa Caballero wants to be judge of that court. This is the same Theresa Caballero that has gone around disparaging a lot of judges in this town as well as some out of town judges.

I saw her speak in Montana Vista over the weekend and she gives this stump speech that almost made me chuckle. She's very dramatic.

Like a bad episode of Law and Order. Cue the sound effect.

She's trying to sell voters a load of BS. Here's what I mean. Her main critique of her two opponents has been that they don't have defense experience. She follows that by telling voters she has experience in every court in the building. Essentially she highlights the fact that most of her experience is NOT in the court she is trying to be the judge of.

One of her opponents Diana Navarrette has flirted with taking her on, but hasn't really engaged her directly yet. But after hearing Jose Castillo the other day at his fundraiser and then again in Montana Vista, I was glad to see he is in the race.

Castillo isn't a household name...yet, but mark my words, he's going to make an impression. He has a pretty simply message. He has more relevant experience for the court than anyone in the field. Certainly much more than Caballero.

Let me tell you something, I've heard judges talk about judicial temperament and how important it is for hours on end. I didn't really get it until now.

Caballero told voters they had a choice in this election and she contrasted her experience to theirs. I think she's right, they do have a choice.

They can choose a candidate with a focus on the law, or a candidate who in my opinion seems to be more focused on making headlines. They can choose someone with relevant experience, or they can choose someone who will be going to trial soon to defend her actions in a previous case, which could result in a range of punishments, all the way up to losing her law license.

That court has already seen too much controversy. Think about temperament went you vote in this race people!

Getting back to Castillo, he received the endorsement of CLEAT and I heard they gave Castillo more many than any other candidate and told them they would be with him through the entire campaign. That's a big deal because Caballero has been perceived by many as anti-cop.

Based on what I've seen so far, Castillo doesn't appear to be afraid of taking Caballero on in this race. I think we might actually see attorneys step up and finally take Caballero on for her antics.

Its about time...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Reyes Camp Response to O'Rourke's Response to Obama's Endorsement of Reyes

This is getting really complicated. Here is the Reyes Camp's response to O'Rourkes response to the Obama endorsement.

Interestingly the person quoted in the press release is Chuy Reyes, the Congressman's campaign manager and brother.

Press Release Reyes Camp Responds to ORourke Smear of President Obama and Congressman Reyes

O'Rourke Responds to Obama's Endorsement of Reyes

The O'Rourke camp sent this press release responding to President Obama's endorsement of Congressman Reyes.

Obama Endorse

No El Paso Young Democrats Meeting Today

The regular meeting of the El Paso Young Democrats that is normally scheduled for today has been moved.

As was mentioned at a previous meeting, this month will be the endorsements and the meeting has been moved to April 30th.

Please make a note of it.

If you are on your way to the meeting, turn around...

Reyes & O'Rourke Camps Under Shadow of Questionable Contributions

Seriously, as if the drug conversation hasn't been a big enough part of this campaign so far, the latest contribution reports have been released.

If there is one interesting and perplexing theme in all of this it has been drugs.

And frankly, BOTH candidates have some 'splainin' to do about contributions.

Since he's the incumbent, lets start with Congressman Reyes. The Gandara's are going to weigh that campaign down like a ton of bricks. Why the Reyes' ever had ties to the Gandara's in the beginning is something I have questioned from the get-go.

Vince Perez worked for the Congressman and the Reyes are big on loyalty. Why they weren't loyal to their own staffer is a mystery and a costly mistake that will come back to haunt them. By the way, I said that back in freakin' October.

I was right then, I'm more right now.

In some warped sense of loyalty, the Reyes camp was banking on the Gandara's to deliver the Valley for the Congressman. #1 - the Congressman never needed the Gandara's to deliver the Valley. They would've known that had they ever run any internal polling.

#2 They were already unpopular and one of them was already indicted. Team Reyes had the perfect chance to walk away from them because of that and no one would've held it against them. Who ever the genius was in the Reyes huddle that said, "Hey, lets stick with the Gandaras cuz they're awesome" is a total idiot. And I hope they are reading this.

#3 If you preach loyalty, and then don't return it, then you aren't really loyal. The Reyes issued a statement that basically endorsed both Perez and Gandara at the same time. Once again, who the hell was the genius behind that one? Now they guy they talked so nice about has been indicted on....wait for it...DRUG CHARGES!

According to the article in the El Paso Times, there was no indication as to whether or not they returned contributions from the Gandaras. The reason that is a big deal is because the legalization of drugs is their chief argument against O'Rourke. It completely under cuts their argument that Reyes is against the legalization of drugs if the hasn't returned contributions from a prominent politico that is allegedly tied to the drug trade.

They need to return the money and be public about it.

Lucky for them O'Rourke can't seem to catch a break on the legalization front. As much as he's sick of talking about it, and most of us are sick of hearing about it, the legalization thing still follows him. In his report there are multiple contributions from PACS that support the legalization of marijuana.

Seriously, someone tell them they aren't being helpful. Its not helping O'Rourke.

And the more it comes up, the more O'Rourke has to explain the position and the more he becomes defined by the issue.

By the way, I should point out one little bit of irony. Bill Clinton gave the worst answer in political history about use of marijuana and President Obama has admitted experimenting with it.

Both are coming to town to support the Congressman.

Reyes Quote on Contributions Problematic for Leon

A quote from Congressman Reyes about contributions from figures in the public corruption scandal has but an interesting focus on El Paso County Commissioner's Court Precinct 1 candidate Carlos Leon.

In an article in today's edition of the El Paso Times, there is a portion of the article that talks about contributions from people tied to the public corruption scandal to Congressman Reyes.

When asked about a substantial amount of contributions from Bob Jones, (Leon's largest political contributor on one report and also his former employer at NCED), Reyes' office responded by saying that they no longer have those funds from previous election cycles in their account.

Reyes' quote continues by saying that the contributions from other figures are, "...on hold until these individuals go through the judicial process...I am committed to expunging any remaining donations in question from my account should these individuals be found guilty or the charges upheld."

So the Reyes camp is at the very least, putting those funds on hold.

This makes things difficult for Leon because he has received funds from a couple of the same people as Reyes, only there is no indication that he has returned the contributions or placed those contributions on hold, though to be fair to Leon, they were from previous election cycles.

To further put this in perspective, Chuy Reyes, the Congressman's brother, campaign manager, and closest political adviser is supporting Leon in his bid for El Paso County Commissioner Precinct #1.

There has been no indication from the Leon campaign relating to the contributions they have received from figures tied to the public corruption scandal as to the disposition of those contributions.

President Obama Endorses Congressman Reyes

This is the part of the campaign where the Reyes' start making a comeback. This is where Reyes starts cashing in his chips with the Democratic Party rock stars.

Bill Clinton is coming to town next week to endorse the Congressman. President Obama has now endorsed the Congressman in this press release from the Reyes campaign and there is talk of a possible campaign swing through El Paso for Congressman Reyes by the President.

This will get down-played by some but its a big development no matter how you slice it. I can assure you, if the President were endorsing O'Rourke it would be all over the news. In fact, they might actually break in to programming if that were the case.

This development shouldn't come as a surprise to any either. The Administration, no matter who is in office, typically backs the incumbent candidate from their own party.

PR ObamaReyes 04-16-12

O'Rourke's TV Ad

Here is Beto O'Rourke's Ad that is supposed to start running today. Its pretty straight forward and plays to his strength, which is his ability to communicate.

He saved a lot of money on production costs because its just a single shot and nothing really fancy about it. Simple, clean, and easy to digest.

Probably not something that is going to keep people talking about it though. Its not going to stick in people's mind. But since it was a low production cost (I assume) then he might be saving his powder for ads closer to the election. I'm assuming those will be the ones that draw a harder contrast because this one was pretty forgettable.

The Clinton Visit for Reyes

I almost don't understand why I have to even write this piece but I clearly have to.

Along predictable lines, the Reyes supporters think the visit is great and the O'Rourke supporters think is not a big deal.

In this case, the Reyes supporters are right.

Its a big deal.


Because its Bill effin' Clinton coming to town! I know better than most just how popular the Clintons are in this town.

Reyes already has most of the support among the Party regulars. They are all big Clinton fans. But the Clinton visit gives the Reyes camp an opportunity to connect with people that are big Clinton fans that aren't necessarily Party regulars.

Reyes is going to actually get favorable media coverage that day.

Plus, Clinton is a great speaker and will go on and on about the Congressman. It puts O'Rourke in a tough position. What's he gonna do? Diss Bill Clinton?

Not likely.

Sure, there are a lot of people that are fans of the Bill Clinton and are supporting O'Rourke and their mind isn't going to be changed. But the Clinton visit will certainly energize the Reyes camp and put the Congressional race on the front burner for a lot of voters that aren't really excited about that race yet.

One more note. It doesn't represent "desperation" for the Reyes camp. It doesn't mean that they are panicking and need to bring in the big guns because stuff isn't going well for them. These types of trips, especially with the Clintons, take a long time to coordinate. This has likely been in the works for a very long time.

Reyes has a personal relationship with the Clintons that is obviously very important otherwise it wouldn't have happened.

Its a win for Reyes.

Speaking of Enriquez...

Not sure if you saw this ad in yesterday's business section of the El Paso Times, but I thought it was interesting because its probably going to get Enriquez in trouble.

I've lost track of how many times Enriquez' signs have ended up in my blog, but I swear I'm not picking on the guy. He just really needs some help.

He can't claim ignorance as a defense on this one. He's been an elected official and this isn't his first dance, so he should absolutely know better by now. But he will likely have to dish out some cash to the state ethics commission for this one.

As you can see, it says his name, Democrat State Representative District 75.

It represents him as though he's the state representative now, which he is not. He is missing the word "for". many times have I written about this now?

Enriquez Gets Upset at MABA Forum

Hector Enriquez, candidate for HD 75 lost his cool at the Mexican American Bar Association Forum over the weekend according to a couple of eye witnesses.

Witnesses state that Enriquez was upset over the fact that what he thought was a closed Q & A session with the panel was in fact an open session. The MABA forum has always been an open forum but apparently Enriquez wasn't familiar with the way it works.

Witnesses say that he expressed concern over the fact that Getsemani Yanez was in the room. Yanez was at one point, in talks with Enriquez to be his campaign manager but it fell through. Yanez wife, Diana Ramirez ultimately became the campaign manager for Mary Gonzalez. Gonzalez was not in attendance for the MABA endorsement but Ramirez was there in her stead.

I'm told that Ramirez made a reference to Enriquez's picture of himself and President George Bush that he was passing out on his campaign material on the day of his campaign announcement. Enriquez tried to down play that particular event according to attendees.

It apparently took a fair amount of smoothing over from the MABA leadership in order to even get Enriquez to come back in the room and participate in the forum.

Yanez and Ramirez went to shake hands with Enriquez and witnesses say that there was still some smack talking going back and forth as they all made their way in to an elevator.

Gotta love campaign season...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Obama to Come to El Paso for Reyes...

A Reyes staffer announced during a campaign event today in Montana Vista that a visit to El Paso from President Obama in support of Congressman Reyes is in the works for May.

The announcement was made following a reminder about former President Clinton coming to El Paso to endorse Congressman Reyes later this month.

Details of a possible Presidential visit were not provided other than to mention the possibility of the stop in El Paso in May. It was not clear if that was going to be before or after the start of early voting.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Rudy Loya Hosts Campaign Event in Montana Vista

Jaime, Rodolfo "Rudy" Loya Candidate for County Commissioner Pct. 3 is coordinating and inviting Candidates for different Political Positions to a "Political Rally" and the public to came and support their Candidates and promote the Vote. 
Candidate for U.S. Representative Dist. #23  Honorable Ciro D. Rodriguez and his wife will be in attendance.
        Free Food and drinks will be provided
    Date:  April 15, 2012
    From: 1 pm to 4
    Place: Montana Vista Hall    
    14697 Greg Dr.
    El Paso, TX 79838
    (915) 857-6400
Hope to see you there.  Thank You for all your support.
Norma Borunda Pct.112
Campaign Manager

Announcement from Phil Mullin Campaign

Phil Mullin, one of the candidates for the 388th Court will be having a fundraiser next week.

Its Thursday, April 19th, from 5:30-8.

The fundraiser will be held at Taco Real, 1160 Airway Blvd.

For more info, check out his Facebook page.

Answering a Reader's Comment

So a reader of my blog posted a question on my blog in the previous announcement from Liza Montelongo's campaign.

As I have said before, I post any announcement that is sent to me, regardless of whether or not I support the person or personally like or dislike them. If you send it, I post it. And you can't find ANYONE out there that has asked me to post something that I didn't post. NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON.

So the person, who uses the handle "Eastsider", posted, "Hey Jaime, why don't you post who won the endorsement for ESD? Maybe because it wasn't your friend!"

Well...allow me to retort...

I haven't posted any of the winners of the Eastside Democrats endorsements because I've been a little busy with some other stuff.

You know, like finding a bunch of connections between Carlos Leon and subjects of the on-going public corruption scandal that he said he didn't have.

Any more questions?

Announcement from Liza Montelongo Campaign

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dem Party Elders Confirm Leon Connection to Sonny Garcia

At the same meeting of the El Paso Democratic Party Executive Committee I spoke to a couple of party veterans who have previously served on Leon's campaign committee and they confirmed that Sonny Garcia, another subject of the on-going public corruption scandal, was also part of the Leon campaign team in the past.

The didn't elaborate as to what role he had in the campaign, so it could've been minor, but I mention it because it runs contrary to how Leon answered a key question at a previous forum about connections to subjects of the Public Corruption Scandal.

Leon replied that he knew several of them but he "was not associated" with any of them. A previous post showed substantial campaign contributions from Larry Medina and Robert "Bob" Jones. Leon also worked for Bob Jones.

(Quick sidebar - I know people want to throw everyone from Aliviane under the bus because of the recent developments but I should point out that there are a lot of good people who do good work at Aliviane for people. They shouldn't be thrown under the bus because of the allegations that have surfaced.)

SDEC Yolanda Clay Calls out Rick Melendrez

Maya (Left) - Melendrez (Right
SD 29 SDEC Yolanda Clay took a point of personal privilege during Tuesday's meeting of the El Paso Democratic Party Executive Committee Meeting to challenge Rick Melendrez to attend meetings of El Paso Democrats and do some explaining.

"Rick Melendrez is a theif, a coward, and a liar" Clay declared from the podium. She also stated, "I don't care if he wants to try to sue me for that...I want him to come out from under the rock he lives under...and tell us what he did with our money, our equipment, and our phones."

Clay went on to talk about candidates that don't have an opponent and have built a war chest to donate to Melendrez opponent and front-runner Butch Maya. "Shame on you if you don't help Glenn with a sizable donation."

Melendrez was previously Chair of the El Paso Democratic Party and left under a shade of controversy. He was a last minute candidate for Chair and witnesses say that he actually went to Democratic Party HQ to file the papers and to draw for his number on the ballot but never got out of the vehicle and had someone else go in the building for him, though Meledrez has not confirmed if that was indeed the case.

Melendrez's candidacy has raised some eye-brows not only because of his previous departure but also because he hasn't been active within the Party since then and has not attended Democratic Party functions in this go-around of elections.

Clay's remarks were received with loud cheers and applause.

Jose Castillo to Hold Fundraiser Tonight

Jose Castillo, candidate for Criminal District Court # 1 will be having a fundraiser tonight at the 501 Bistro.

The fundraiser starts at 5:30pm and will be the first real public event for the Castillo campaign so it should be interesting to see how things turn out.

388th Court Race Turns Dirty

In a disappointing development last night I was informed by several female precinct chairs that a package was sent to their homes containing negative information about 388th Court candidate Don Williams.

It was information that was clearly a hit job. Not only that, I think it was an inside job. And by inside, I mean I think it was one of only a few people who had access to certain information.

I am also getting reports from several prominent female Democrats who are not precinct chairs, that they also received the package.

What is really bad about all of this is that whomever it is that is sending this stuff to people, actually had the nerve to mail Ruth Williams, the WIFE of Don Williams.

Remember when I wrote about the difference between negative campaigning and dirty campaigning?

This is a classic example of dirty campaigning.

But...I think it might actually be a crime.

As you can see from this photo, I acquired one of the packages. See that in the right hand corner? Its postage and a postmark.

The material enclosed is clearly political in nature. The postage means that not only did the douche bag that sent the material actually have the nerve to mail it to the Williams' home, but more importantly it means they spent money. Three stamps times however many packages were sent out means they spent a pretty significant amount of money.

If money was spent and its a political message in a political season, I'm pretty sure that needs to be reported somewhere. Clearly it hasn't and it likely won't be. So I think this might actually be a crime.

If it isn't, it should be. Because not only did the douche bag pull this stunt, but the douche bag is clearly a coward.

As you can see in this image, there didn't leave a return address.

The letter enclosed is not dated, signed, or have a name on it.

This type of action sets a very bad precedent. If it goes unpunished, then it sends the message that anyone, connected to a campaign or not, can send this type of material out, regardless if its true or not to voters.

This is far worse than Citizens United. This is dirty pool.

But clearly the sender has something to hide. If they didn't have anything to hide, this would be done out in the open. We don't know who the source is, who (if anyone) they are connected to, or what their motivation for sending this info out was in the first place.

Who is the source, who are they connected to, what are their reasons? I'll tell you this, I'm pretty sure I know who it is. Only a few people have access to the information and if an investigation comes out of this, I'm pretty sure someone is going to be in really hot water for this stunt.

This is the kind of stuff that turns people off about politics. This is what is wrong with politics.

And so far, anecdotal of course, it appears to have had the opposite of the desired affect. The stunt actually angered the women I spoke to.

There is no indication that the stunt is tied to any campaign and I know all the candidates and they all seem like respectable adversaries. I just think it was someone independent of campaign with an axe to grind.

This is the kind of stunt that gives campaigning a bad name.