Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Enriquez Touts Dem Record - More Gay Retweets

Hector Enriquez is clearly trying to diffuse the fact that he has some very troubling ties to the GOP. It appears he is now trying to re-cast himself as Super Democrat.

As you can see from his Tweets, he mentions how long he's been supporting Democrats and that VAN classifies him as a "Hard Democrat".

And someone else posted this comment on another piece about Enriquez : Enriquez has been a 30-year, lifelong Democrat. He has been a Democrat longer than Mary Gonzalez has been alive on this earth (the last decade of which she was living in Austin.

I actually have made that very point myself a couple of times, although I am probably a little more harsh on Gonzalez because I usually say something along the lines of "She hasn't lived in the district for her entire adult life..." or a variant.

He also touts his contributions to local Democrats:

He ends his previous tweet by saying "Truth should make a difference."


Because the truth is, as a 30 year life-long Democrat, why in the world would he be contributing to Rick Perry. A Democrat that is classified as a "Hard Democrat" and one who worked for Mondale-Ferraro ticket, and who has been a life-long Democrat, should know a lot better than to donate - not once, not twice, but three different times to Rick Perry.

In fact, I don't think pointing those facts out actually makes his case stronger. If anything, it makes his donations to Perry even more troublesome. Because Enriquez should know better.

And if he has all this history of donating to Democrats, why didn't he donate to the Democrat running against Perry?

And since we are talking about facts, Enriquez attempted to get support from the TLR. And since the issue of Austin money is also being raised, Enriquez should remember his own words about how Truth should make a difference.

His consultants are from Austin.

He tried to get Austin money.

He would accept Austin money if it was offered.

He competed to get Austin money.

Yes indeed Mr. Enriquez, truth should make a difference!

But wait, it gets more interesting. Enriquez also posted a picture of himself and his two sons when President Clinton came to El Paso back in the 90's. Apparently the picture was autographed by the former President. He also tweeted an article that was written about his son meeting the former President on that trip.

So that begs the question, why run around giving out campaign materials with President Bush on them then?

That makes even less sense to me now.

And it appears that Enriquez is not done yet with the whole retweeting gay posts. In fact, it appears he's doubling-down on the tactic. As you can see, he went on a retweeting spree yesterday:

And another...

And another...

And another...

And apparently family members got in to the act as well...

I think they get it Enriquez, you are trying to tell people she's gay. I think people get it now.

But as I mentioned, when I asked Enriquez about it, he became very defensive about the whole issue. As I told a journalist in an online conversation yesterday, he goes from zero to pissed off pretty quickly.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. 


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am from the outside looking in, and i don't think he is doing anything wrong. I think you guys drill him so much that he is trying to show not the fact that she is gay, but that she is putting all of that in front of her campaign. Nobody is really looking into her while you just drill him. You should do a little of both. But hey maybe el past will get gay rights before some people in the district get water. That's not what they need.

Antonio Williams, J.D., President of EPSYD said...

Typical El Paso County Democratic Party establishment, good 'ol boy, compa-style politics. I don't know what's more offensive for the lower valley of El Paso, and the surrounding communities of San Elizario, Soccorro, Tornillo, and Horizon about the way Hector Enriquez is running his campaign:

1) The idea that Hector Enriquez thinks that the lower valley and surrounding communities in house district 75 would buy into his bigoted campaign that suggests that women, people who are gay, or young people who leave town to earn a graduate degree are not qualified for and should not run for office in that district, or

2) That the people in the lower valley of El Paso and surrounding communities are not sophisticated enough to elect the most qualified candidate for State Representative based on the the candidates' experience, education, leadership skills, and proven ability to get the job done.

Hector Enriquez's smear campaign against Mary Gonzalez is typical among traditional establishment politicians in El Paso County; preying on and exploiting the perceived prejudices they hope the people of El Paso County have against people who are different--such as people who are not Hispanic, or who are women, or who are gay, or who are young and who are running for office. Shame on them and shame on Hector Enriquez for thinking he can win a race for State Representative in District 75 this way. El Paso County can and should put a stop to bigoted politicians who use unethically offensive tactics such as these to win races. El Paso County deserves better.


Antonio Williams, J.D.
President of El Paso Stonewall Young Democrats
Texas Stonewall Democratic Caucus Executive Board Member

Anonymous said...

Clearly Mr. Enriquez is simply retweeting articles and posts about where Ms. Gonzalez is out-of-town again and again and again at fundraisers in Austin, Dallas, Washington, D.C., and Houston. She so happens to be at Victory Fund or other LGBT fundraisers in a piece of them but he also retweets when she is at other Austin-based fundraisers. Mr. Williams wants equal rights for the LGBT community and so do all of us on the progressive side of the aisle. However, equality means that we should worry about outside money and inflence and not exempt just certain groups from that concern. That would be the very discrimination that Mr. Williams says he opposes.

Yes, Mr. Enriquez clearly sought out Austin money too and he should be asked about that, as Jaime does. That is right to do.

However, it goes to another stratosphere when Ms. Gonzalez can't attend candidate forums in El Paso, such as the MABA event you wrote about Jaime, because she is in Austin, Dallas, Houston, or Washington, D.C. She needs to represent El Paso and not outside groups.

Representative democracy is being destroyed by outside money and we in El Paso only need to read all the corruption stories daily in the El Paso Times to know how money corrupts. As for Austin running El Paso, we only need to look at last weeks UT Chancellor's decision to ban the fight to the surprise of UTEP President Diana Natalicio. That is how Austin treats El Paso -- as an outpost that they must control with edicts from on high. Frankly, HD-75 has been a constant revolving seat and we need somebody there who will fight for El Paso and isn't just an Austin puppet.

The Lion Star said...

Well, two things. #1 - Representative Quintanilla was there for a decade. Hardly a revolving door of a seat.

#2 - Enriquez has missed far more forums. And he was IN TOWN when he missed them. In fact, I'm pretty sure I can count the number of forums he attended. If he was in town and didn't attend, what does that say? In fact, Enriquez not being in attendance at forums that it was a surprise when he actually showed up to something.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Williams, the stories that Mr. Enriquez has tweeted are in PUBLIC newspapers. They highlight fundraisers everywhere in Texas, it seems, other than El Paso. Ms. Gonzalez is openly LGBT and we should all applaud her for that.

However, fundraising nearly 100% of her money all places other than El Paso should be of major concern to everybody in HD-75, including you and everyone in Stonewall Young Democrats. That is what she should answer to and her KVIA interview last night where she justified nearly 100% of her money coming from outside of El Paso due "El Paso being poor" was weak, sad, and defeatist.

In fact, it promotes that El Paso is a "colony" to the rest of the State, depending upon them for their benevolence (money, decisions, and whatever other crumbs they decide they might give "poor" little El Paso). El Paso must show the rest of the state political power for us to get respect -- not hands out begging for money.

Dr Paul W Landerman said...

Mr Enriquez has approached the El Paso Stonewall Young Democrats several times to ask for endorsements. He did so in a conversation with me as well as with officers of the organization at the county executive meeting in January. It seems to me, if you seriously want the endorsement of the largest and most active gay political organization in the county, then perhaps you should not also be so willing to bite the hand from which you are expecting a gift.

Anonymous said...

What's really more important to electorate, someone's sexual identity or who they gave fifty bucks to ten years ago?