Friday, June 1, 2012

The Martha Dilemma

Keep on eye on this Martha Dominguez situation with the State Board of Education. Its really starting to get murky.

Apparently there is a document that exists that expresses some desire to exit the race for State Board of Education during the Democratic Primary. I am trying to acquire a copy of the document, but I don't have it yet.

In the mean time, there are some serious questions that will be raised.

#1 - Legal ramifications. Did it get filed with the proper authority? What is the next step? Is she disqualified. If so, where does that leave us?

#2 - If she is disqualified, who is on the ticket? Second place? Run off? Does the Party decide? State Democratic Executive Committee?

#3 - Or....are we S.O.L. and have no nominee on the ballot? Does that mean Charlie Garza just walks in to another term?

What is really crappy about this situation is the fact that Sergio Mora and Andres Muro actually wanted the position and worked for it. Dominguez? Not so much.

Now I'm wondering what her campaign finance reports look like...

I'm not sure where this leaves us but my suspicion is that it leaves us without a nominee on the ballot. If so, I'm gonna be really pissed because the SBOE race is very important and if we end up with a no opponent for Garza in November then we should hold Dominguez accountable.

A YISD source indicates that she was encouraged to run for the position by Marty Reyes and the Superintendent. Apparently Garza is a bit of a thorn in their side.

Stay tuned, this could be a big deal.


Anonymous said...

With a name like that for this article you could write a book title: "Martha's Dilemma" Im sure it would be a good book too....


Anonymous said...

According to the State website, Dominguez raised and spent nothing. She didn't show up for debates and meetings like Sergio and Andres did. She did not campaign for the office. Did she get the votes because she was first on the ballot or was the only woman? What does this say about us as voters?

Anonymous said...

I have heard that the Secretary of State sat on the Dominguez withdrawal letter and decided to inform the Texas Democratic Party of its existence the day AFTER the primary election. This alone will provide sufficient grounds for litigation if the Secretary of State tries to prevent the withdrawal. If a withdrawal prior to the primary is upheld, a Democratic Party panel can choose a nominee to run against Charlie Garza; if not, and Dominguez quits after the primary, Garza will be unopposed and El Paso will continue to be represented by an extreme religious-right Republican. This may have the effect of making Texas public schools even worse for students of Hispanic heritage than they are now, a real tragedy.

Both Martha Dominguez in El Paso and Marisa Perez in San Antonio won their State Board of Education primaries because they were women. According to some writers I have read, Latino-American voters want to vote for women for the office since it deals with education. Both candidates registered on the last day in March, neither raised money, and neither campaigned for the office. In both races, highly-qualified and committed male candidates were defeated in those districts. Losing Michael Soto of San Antonio is especially bad since he was by far the most effective Democratic member of the State Board.

I'm sorry to say that this situation is suspicious. Voters in these overwhelmingly-Democratic and Latino-American districts really need to get their act together. The Democratic Party county officers need to screen candidates better or something. The extreme right-wing Republicans on the State Board vote as a bloc and take no prisoners. For the last two years, mainstream conservative Republicans and moderate Democrats have cooperated and prevented the extreme religious right Republicans from having their way on the State Board, as was the case in prior years. Soon science and social studies textbooks will be adopted and the extremists want the power back to force publishers to make changes that suit their radical goals. One of these has been to suppress the history of Mexican-Americans in early Texas history and to keep out literature of foreign writers in English. They prevented the history standards from requiring knowledge of Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta. They also want to disparage many aspects of modern science that they think violate their fundamentalist religious beliefs, such as the ancient age of the Earth and evolutionary biology.

We desperately need as many effective and committed Democrats as possible on the State Board to help prevent these educationally tragic outcomes. Children in Texas will not receive good educations if the Republican extremists again control the State Board of Education.

Anonymous said...

That we vote for who ever throws the best pachanga.