Saturday, September 29, 2012

I Just Realized Something...

No doubt most of you remember the rather famous text message that was mocked around town between State Representative Marisa Marquez and a former state representative.

The former state rep sent a text message to Rep Marquez saying, U R Not My Friend. It became so talked about that there was talk around town about putting it on a t-shirt.

The concept of Reps Marquez and Naomi Gonzalez endorsing (regardless of what they say in the paper, those comments are an endorsement. They were given specifically for a mail piece. Call it what you want but I don't have to stand outside all day to recognize the sun.) Dee Margo over Democratic candidate Joe Moody because Margo is a "nice guy" is being mocked around town now.

Apparently at the UNITY walk this morning Senator Jose Rodriguez got the party started with a speech about his support for Joe Moody. I'm trying to find out if anyone recorded it and if they did, I'll post it. I'm told it was pretty good.

He apparently talked about the Marquez/Gonzalez duo supporting Margo because he's a nice guy and then proceeded to give a litany of all the bad stuff Margo supported. Followed by the phrase, "But he's a nice guy". I'm told the crowd of volunteers joined in every time he said, "But he's a nice guy."

Near the end of the speech someone apparently asked if Jose Rodriguez had an opponent. I'm told Rodriguez said yes but that he couldn't remember his name. Followed quickly by, "but I'm sure he's a nice guy!" My source said the crowd cracked up laughing.

I think Jose Rodriguez just made, "But he's a nice guy" Marquez/Gonzalez's U R Not My Friend!

On a separate note, I think the endorsements from Marquez and Gonzalez might actually have helped Moody. First of all, here's a group of volunteers that showed up today. Biggest group I've seen for a block walk in town.

First thing I notice is the fact that I think it represents the future of the Party. A mixture of young and new faces with some old-school Party veterans.

The other thing I noticed was the fact that three reasons there was a UNITY block walk event are all there, Senator Jose Rodriguez, Congressman-elect Beto O'Rourke, and Joe Moody. Rodriguez wore a Moody shirt to show his support for his fellow Democrat. (But lets be honest, Rodriguez doesn't need to even walk. He's going to trounce his opponent (again) and the fact that he even shows up is a testament to the fact that he's a gamer even when he doesn't have to be.

I'll bet he's been able to raise some money out of this as well.


Eli said...

Go Moody !


Max Powers said...

Being "a nice guy" is everything in politics. There is a reason why Jose Rodriguez, not Norma Chavez, is state senator. There is a reason why Dan Haggerty, not a Democrat, has been County Commissioner. There is a reason why Obama, not Hillary, is president of the US. It all comes down to likeability.

Jaime, you are more likely to work with David K, than Blanche, because although you disagree with him on policy, you guys get along.

You can be the smartest guy in the room, but if the dumbest guy is the one who knows how to work the room the smart guy is out of luck.

The Lion Star said...

Max, this load of crap you just wrote has inspired me to write an entire piece dedicated to your argument.

Max Powers said...

Load of crap? I know what you are going to say already. The truth is politics is about likeability. In primaries, and tight-races, likeability is a big factor.

Ask pollsters, consultants, political scientists, etc.

Yes, Norma, at least on paper, had everything to be State Senate, 14 years of experience, access to money, etc. But she was not anywhere as likeable as Jose Rodriguez.

Hillary, at least on paper, was the stronger candidate, but Obama was more likeable.

Bush v Gore? Fine, let's say the Supreme Court decided the election. Still, Gore should have blown Bush out of the water, but he did not. Why? Cos' Bush was likeable.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone spot the Margo spy in the group picture?

Anonymous said...

I spot two. One by the door and the other by the window. Call them out Jaime!!!