Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ad Hits Canseco for Voting Against Troops in Combat Zones

San Antonio—The Gallego for Congress campaign today began airing its second ad in San Antonio hitting Quico Canseco for voting against increasing combat pay for troops while also voting to protect the perks and pay for members of Congress. 

“In Congress, Quico Canseco helps himself. It is unconscionable for a member of Congress to defend the privileges of politicians while not supporting the men and women who put their lives in harm’s way,” said Gallego for Congress spokeswoman Rebecca Acuña. “Canseco’s disregard for those protecting us in Iraq and Afghanistan while at the same time voting to protect perks for himself, is an insult to all Texans.”

“When you come from a military family, you never forget our troops,” said State Rep. Pete Gallego. “My father served in World War II. His service helped him go to college, open a small business, and propel our family to the middle class. We owe a great debt to the men and women who defend our country.”

The ad shows a globe with a close up of combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. The image then shifts to Washington where Congressman Canseco voted against increasing pay for troops in combat zones but voted to protect pay and perks for members of Congress.

You can watch the ad here. The script of the ad is as follows:
With our troops fighting half way around the world…What were Quico Canseco and the GOP doing in Washington? Voting against increased combat pay while keeping perks for Congress like first class travel, a private gym, and a beauty salon. And during the budget showdown, they voted against protecting soldiers’ pay, but in favor of protecting their own. I’m Pete Gallego and I approved this message, because the Democrats and I will fight for our troops as hard as they fight for us.

Canseco voted for all the perks that come with office, including tax-payer money for first-class air travel and keeping a taxpayer funded gym, barber shop and beauty salon, but he voted against increasing pay for military men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Pete Gallego strongly supports local military families and veterans and will work to increase funding for wounded veterans coming home and provide programs so these men and women can find jobs once they get here.

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