Monday, October 1, 2012

Bitter Contract Negotiation at the L*B Leads to Replacement Bloggers

Due to some heated negotiations between management and staff, The LionStar Blog will be using replacement bloggers until the contract negotiations are complete. This is in order to prevent a work stoppage.

Management has been at odds with Pink, staff writer for The LionStar Blog over working conditions, benefits, work attire, and perks. 

"Look, I just don't think I should have to pay for her Gucci lifestyle." said Jaime Abeytia of The LionStarBlog. "Her water bowl is a beautiful white porcelain model. This all started over the fact that Pink is such a UTEP fan that she has been coming to work dressed as a UTEP cheerleader. I've been getting complaints about how she looks better than the UTEP cheerleaders. I know she's a fan and UTEP has their homecoming this weekend but its just not professional attire."

In an email sent to management and acquired by The LionStar Blog, The Staff Writer's Union Local #33 spokesperson Claudia Ordaz stated, "The requests are minuscule compared to the amount of dedication and effort your staff provides to provide quality work for the readership. Now how can you can't put a price tag on that? We must take a proactive approach and settle because our main priority are the readers and because of the lockout they will suffer and we can't have that."

As a result of the inability of both sides to reach an agreement there will be replacement bloggers contributing for the next week. We will keep you updated as to the status of the negotiations.

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