Monday, October 29, 2012

Breaking: The Butler Did It - Two Top EPISD Officials Out!

Moments ago EPISD released two statements that are going to be a big deal, so pay attention.

According to the releases, two key administrators from El Paso Independent School District will no longer be with EPISD. Former Bowie Principal Dr. Jesus Chavez, who was hired by former Superindentent Dr. Lorezo Garcia, has turned in a resignation.

The resignation is effective immediately. Chavez has been working in the central office at EPISD since April.

There was a separate statement released by EPISD Board President Isela Castanon-Williams that indicated that the former Director of Title I under Garcia is an agenda item on a special meeting of the trustees this week that is set to "take action on the termination, suspension, and/or non-renewal".

I'm no Sherlock Holmes but in case you haven't figured it out, it looks to me like the new EPISD Superintendent Vernon Butler, who has less than a month on the job, was probably gonna whack him and Chavez probably tendered a resignation to save face.

That means that person is getting whacked too.

So on the heels of the special meeting meeting on November 1, which is Thursday, it looks like EPISD is doing some house cleaning. With two people getting whacked, I think they should've had the meeting the following day, November the 2nd.

Dia de Los Muertos. Because clearly, the Bulter did it.

Pretty productive first month on the job for Mr. Butler.

Here are the releases:

CONTACT: ReneƩ de Santos, 915-230-2562
RELEASE DATE: October 29, 2012



EL PASO – El Paso Independent School District Interim Superintendent, Vernon Butler, released the following statement this afternoon:

"Today, I accepted the resignation of former Bowie High School principal, Dr. Jesus Chavez, effective immediately. Dr. Chavez was hired by former Superintendent Lorenzo Garcia in 2008 to lead Bowie High School and was reassigned to EPISD central office in April of this year.

"In the 28 days since taking charge of EPISD, I have been working to fulfill my commitment to ensure accountability at all levels of the District's leadership, and we still have much more work to do. In my prior efforts to reform Bel Air High School from an underperforming campus to a National Blue Ribbon School, I know that change doesn't come easy, but I am optimistic that EPISD will emerge from this tragedy as a stronger district that the community can be proud of once again."

# # #

CONTACT: ReneƩ de Santos, 915-230-2562
RELEASE DATE: October 29, 2012



EL PASO – El Paso Independent School Board President, Isela Castanon-Williams, released the following statement this afternoon:

"On Thursday, November 1, the EPISD Board of Trustees is scheduled to take action on the proposed ‘termination, suspension, and/or non-renewal’ of the Former Director of Title I under the previous Superintendent Lorenzo Garcia.

"As I have previously indicated, the El Paso Independent School District is working diligently to restore the public’s trust that was lost as a result of Lorenzo Garcia’s actions. In the short time Mr. Butler has taken charge of the District, with the support of the Board of Trustees, he has been leading efforts to take corrective actions inside EPISD to ensure accountability and prevent this tragedy from occurring again.”

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Anonymous said...

Does that Title 1 director have a name? Also seems that the housekeeping is scanty scapegoating at best...just a little dusting off when they really need to throw out some major soiled and smelly items.