Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dem Precinct Chair on Party Platforms

This is being circulated around the Democratic Party and I thought she made some very strong points so I'm posting this. I didn't get her permission to post it, but its being shared by Don Williams so that means just about every email inbox in the County has it by now:

The State Party Platforms of the Texas Democratic and Republican Parties are available online – look them up.  The platforms are credos, a statement of beliefs developed by concerned citizens across the State who choose to actively participate in the democratic process. 

They are born in school cafeterias, fire houses, and other local polling places when any citizen who has voted in a primary election attends their precinct convention and puts forth a resolution to be considered for inclusion in the platform.  They make their way through county conventions and the ones that survive form the basis of the platforms adopted at the respective State party conventions.  Platform development is contentious and involves debate, petitions, campaigns, and voting.

When an individual declares his or her self “Republican” or “Democrat”, it is because they believe in the credo of that particular Party.  And when they go into the voting booth, they choose candidates based on whether or not that candidate sees the world as they do.    

Why do we continually vilify and nullify that process?  It is the very core of our democracy.

When the Executive Committee of the Democratic Party voted to “admonish, rebuke, and censure” Representatives Gonzalez and Marquez, it was not because of their democratic credentials - their voting records are clear.  But, as individuals who declare themselves “Democrats”, there is a greater commitment.  Obviously, any one, regardless of party affiliation, will work in what they believe to be the best interest of El Paso.  But “Democrats” are also interested in electing people who will advance the platform.  We are interested in seeing that credo advanced all the way to the White House.

When Mr. Margo labeled our action as “immature”, he, too, minimizes the democratic process.  Of course we expect our elected officials to work together in a bi-partisan fashion.  But working in a bi-partisan fashion once elected is NOT the same thing as working to help elect members of the opposite political party.  Republicans work to get Republicans elected. Democrats work to get Democrats elected.  Independents try to figure out which candidate is closest to their personal credo.  And when elections are over, everyone should come together and work in a bi-partisan fashion. 

In lending their name to campaign literature intended to help a Republican over a Democrat, those reps betrayed the trust of every Texas citizen who toiled in their local, county, and state conventions to develop the Party platform, a credo Mr. Margo has voted against on several occasions.

It’s true; no one political party has a monopoly on all the good ideas.  But there are certainly differences, STARK differences, in the Democratic and Republican Party platforms.  Again, this is why people claim a party affiliation and work hard to get their candidates elected. 

I am not certain when this assault on political parties began.  Can’t we go back to respecting each other’s differences?  If you are not a fan of Party politics, can you at least see the action of this Executive Committee for what it was – a reinforcement of our credo – and not resort to name calling?

Christina Fenstermacher
Democratic Precinct Chair, 55


Anonymous said...

No mention of the precinct chairs who are helping republicans...hmmm...what a hypocrite!

This whole thing is about the Morenos, Chavezes, and other dems legitimizing their hatred for Marquez and Gonzalez. It has zero to do with principle or ideals. It's all personalities.

Let's see when they get as outraged by the democratic precinct chairs who support Rs actively.

Anonymous said...

She is Yolie Clays daughter and the niece of Paul Moremo. Marissa Marquez beat Paul Moreno. They have noyt gotten over that loss. Christine haver you endorsed, supported, campaigning, and voting for Barbara Carasco?

Kyle said...

Republicans hold a super-majority in the house. Republicans can do anything they want in the house, and Democrats can do very little to thwart Republican conservative legislation. There are only 48 Democrats in State House of Representatives. Democrats can't even break a quorum with that number. Again . . . Republicans can do anything they want in House. After the 2012 election, what happens if Democrats are 1 seat short of breaking the Republican super-majority? D78 is one of the few races across the State that can change from a R to a D. If Mr. Moody doesn't get elected, and Democrats are one seat short of breaking the Republican super-majority, then Marquez and Gonzalez condemned Democrats to two more years of subservience. Marquez' and Gonzalez' support of Margo seriously jeopardized our Party.

Anonymous said...

Kyle, are you supporting barbara carasco for the 16th congressional district? That would be a pick up for republicans. Christine, if you support the democrat platform, then why are you supporting barbara carasco? barbara carasco is a republican supporting the republican platfor. Ot was elvia hernandez the started the mess to go after Marissa Marquez and Naomi Gonzalez, then the moreno/chavez precinct chairs voted. barbara carasco admitted on talk radio, that she has spoken with reyes precinct chairs in the el paso democrat party who have endorsed her for congress. That goes against what Christine writes. Hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

As a fellow precint chair, I am hoping the same reaction will happen if we have members within our party that support/vote for any Republicans during this election season. With all of this talk of Dems supporting Republican candidates, there may be some people that will lose their seat if this is the case.

Anonymous said...

Who is Silvestre Reyes supporting? Has Silvstre Reyes endorsed Bote O'Rourke? Christine and all the other moreno/chavez presinct chairs cannot have their cake and eat it too. The precict chair Rita in Socorro is getting out the vote for Dan Chavez. Democrat precinct chairs you either support the Democrat Party platform or you support barbara carrasco a republican who supports the republican platform. You cannot have it both ways, Christine. These democrat precinct chairs who support barbara carrasco are supporting a republican house of representatives. Democrats need to take back the house of representatives.

The Lion Star said...

This might be the dumbest response I've heard. Dem precinct chairs aren't responsible for who Congressman Reyes supports. The Rita you speak of lives in Ranchland, not Socorro and she is no longer a precinct chair. Get your facts right.

I do agree that democrats who support the republican don't belong as party officers and have made that point regularly.

Christina Fenstermacher said...

The comments here are exactly why I don't submit postings to blogs. People say the nastiest things, always anonomously.

I am supporting Beto O'Rourke for Congress. I have blockwalked for Beto. I believe if you go to Moody's facebook page, you will see me in a photo, with my I love Beto button on, prepared to walk for him and all the Democrats as part of our unity efforts. I am one of very few precinct chairs, old or new, who has consistently been blockwalking to turn out the vote.

Yes, my Aunt, Blanche Darley, circulated email following the primary encouraging folks to skip the Congressional race because she doubts Beto's democratic credentials. (BTW, it was the same when Reyes was first elected - and they grew to love him because he proved himself to be a strong Democrat.)

I felt she took an immature action following a brutal primary at a time when she, and many others, were clearly hurt and angry. I equated it to someone bad mouthing their ex once they have broken up. It was unfortunate, and I told her as much. But we must assume if we are related, we are all the same, right? The whole lot of us are responsible for everything that goes wrong in El Paso politics. If only we were that powerful.

I do know that Blanche has never lent her name to be used in campaign materials, donated money, put up a yard sign, phone-banked or block-walked for a Republican. As a matter of fact, she has steered the resources of the Tejanos to place media buys in behalf of all democratic candidates. Tejanos are the only group in town that does this. She may not be a Democrat you like, but there is no stronger Yellow Dog in this town.

Even if she had done any of the above, the Democratic Executive Committee could not unilaterally remove her, or any other precinct chair, for that matter. The Party rules call for a formal complaint to be lodged by someone who lives in the precinct. The complaint then goes up the chain of command for action. I urge anyone with information and proof of any chair acting in behalf of a Republican to bring that information forward at the next meeting. I agree, they should be dealt with - but we must follow procedure.

Finally, it's true that mostly the "Moreno/Chavez" precinct chairs are the ones who voted. Do you know why? Because only a handful of the 50+ people who were recenlty sworn in as chairs bothered to show up. Everyone is quick to criticize the Party, but few are willing to consistently show up and put out the effort it takes to work hard and support it. The Morenos have always worked hard to support it.

I understand that no matter what I say, there will always be someone who dismisses me because of who I am related to. My deepest hope is that never happens to you. I try to assess people based on their actions, not on who they are related to, who they hang around with, or what they are rumored to be about. I almost never get the same courtesy in return.

The only thing I do ask is that if you feel the need to continually bash me and my family in an unsolicited public forum, put your name to it. Leadership takes courage, and if you want to help us lead the Party out of the mess it's in, then start by showing the courage of your convictions and actions and end by stepping up to the plate to help instead of just blogging about it.

Anonymous said...

Jaime! Come on, it's not as if you are not aware...

Anonymous said...

I am new to the group, but I believe Rita still is a precinct chair. Unfortunately, we can't review her vote in a general election, but any constituent from her precinct that wants to file a complaint against her will start the process to have her removed. Anyone... I am hoping all democrats holding any type of office or appointment will stand by the oath they made and support the unity of our party. Reyes lost time to move on and support our DEMOCRATIC candidate O'Rourke.

The Lion Star said...

That is a primary election. Nice try.