Monday, October 8, 2012

Democratic Club Leadership Responds to Reps Marquez, Gonzalez

In a letter released today by the leadership of just about every Democratic Party auxiliary club in El Paso County, Representatives Marquez and Gonzalez were condemned by the leadership of the organizations.

The leadership stopped short of asking for their resignation but did call for the censure by the appropriate local, state, and national Democratic Party levels.

This is the first public action rebuking Representatives Marquez and Gonzalez for their endorsement of a Republican candidate.

In order for this to really be an impact on Representatives Marquez and Gonzalez there are a couple of people that also need to make a public declaration of their opposition of the endorsement of a Republican by the two legislators.

Senator Jose Rodriguez and Congressman-elect O'Rourke.

Rodriguez because he's not only the head of the delegation but because he is a member of the Democratic National Committee. He is therefore uniquely obligated to stand up for the Party.

O'Rourke because he's the big man on campus now for the El Paso County Democratic Party and he's one of the main forces behind the UNITY effort. He has a unique responsibility to rebuke Reps Marquez and Gonzalez because their actions directly undercut his efforts and he has to show that despite the fact that the two were supportive of his candidacy he is able to lay criticism where it is due.

I'd expect more letters to follow from the Chairman of the El Paso Democratic Party and likely from each of the State Democratic Executive Committee Members from El Paso.

Draft-Democratic Letter of Clubs


Max Powers said...

Way to go, Alex Guzman!!! Pinche Guzman on his facebook page said his issue with Marquez and Gonzalez is NOT about party loyalty, he says its about SUPER PACS. Which is why he thinks supporting Carrasco and not supporting O'Rourke is cool. Never mind the fact Alex's BFF - Norma - was the one who turned the super PAC spigot in El Paso. Norma and everyone else is upset because they did not know how to make the most of it.

Blanche? If there is someone that should be's her and her crew. And none of the Tejano clubs were ever going to back Marquez no matter what she did.

Fortunately, clubs do not elect our leaders, people do.

The Lion Star said...

I'd never defend either but as a Democrat I am extremely disappointed at the actions of the two. It's an embarrassment for them to tout Democratic values and then endorse someone like Margo who stands against the values of the Democratic Party.

The Lion Star said...

I meant I'd never defend Guzman and Darley and my embarrassment comment was about Marquez and Gonzalez. I could see how people would interpret it as the other two. My bad.

Anonymous said...

That is such an embarrassment to read of what you believe of the fall of Reyes with the words used by you, big man on campus. You never seem to get your wording right. Seriously, what responsibility could an individual whose father was arrested for possession of cocaine over the Christmas season, in a condom no less, bear to this community.