Tuesday, October 30, 2012

EP Republicans WRONG on Straight-Ticket Voting

I've heard a steady drum beat from Republicans in El Paso that I think is pretty damn offensive. In various settings I've heard them say things along the lines of "people in El Paso are Republicans, they just don't know it."

Well I suppose you can have cancer for a while and not know it too.

But thats not the point.

They also talk about how voters are "lazy" when they go to the polls and vote straight ticket. Funny how they only mean the ones that vote straight Democrat. The ones that vote straight Republican are "informed voters".

Their premise is an insult. It is basically saying we are stupid and lazy.

Thats right, Republicans in El Paso County think we are stupid and lazy.

Let me explain something. The idea that we are Republicans and don't know it is truly the height of stupidity. People are largely Democrats in this town because its what they BELIEVE in! Republicans would realize that if they actually ever spoke to a significant amount of voters in this town.

But they don't. They only speak to the ones that live in their little echo chamber. Then again, I don't think they would know an average voter in El Paso if they were bit in the ass by one. Republicans in El Paso County conduct very little, if any, direct voter interaction.

The GOP as a brand is damaged goods in El Paso. Thats why people would rather vote for Democrats. We aren't stupid. We just don't buy your particular brand of elephant dung.

And lazy?

I watch voters all across this city come out to the polls. They are usually older people. Hell I think there is probably close to an equal number of people voting in the valley that need assistance walking with a cane, walker, or wheel chair, as people that don't need assistance.

Representative Holguin's grandmother is recovering from a broken hip and came to vote. A BROKEN HIP!

We compliment players on TV for playing hurt, but an elderly woman with a broken hip exercising her civic duty is truly playing hurt.

Don't tell me people like that are LAZY!

Thats the exact elitist mentality that turns people away from the GOP.

If they were lazy, they wouldn't come and vote at all.

You wanna talk lazy? Talk to all the people 40 and under that care more about being a freakin' hipster, drinking latte's, partying all night, and playing on Facebook rather than doing their civic duty.

Those are the lazy ignorant ones. Not people who come out and vote.

So listen up Republicans, voters in El Paso aren't Republicans that don't know it and they aren't lazy by voting straight Democrat.

They know what they want.

And its not you guys.

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Anonymous said...

Yes EP Republicans, voting straight ticket is SO lazy it's being encouraged by the W. Va GOP


On a different note, in the latest whiny ad from Dee Margo, where he talks about the "hard choices"-on teacher layoffs & increased class sizes as a result-he claims he had to vote for, notice how that part isn't done with the kids in the shot.

If the ad had been done with Margo spewing that nonsense with those kids in the same classroom, why wasn't that footage, of Margo making those points to the kids, with him and them in the same shot, included in the final cut?

Simple answer, Margo didn't address those points to those kids, his excuses were filmed separately.

If Rep. Margo can't even muster enough courage to give kids the truth about their educational experience that he's voted on, how can he ever be expected to stand up to the far-right faction calling the shots in the TX. GOP?