Friday, October 26, 2012

Fred's Follies

Fred Chavez is running against Vince Perez for County Commissioner in Precinct 3. Like pretty much every other Republican in town, he's going to catch a massive political beat-down at the ballot box.

Okay, its not a box its a computer. But you get my point.

Normally I would've been all over a guy like Fred Chavez. He's running around calling himself "Judge" Chavez because he was a Justice of the Peace.

He's running as a Republican after spending his entire elected career as a Republican presumably because he didn't want to campaign in the primary.

I feel bad for him though. Vince is going to clean his clock. And rightfully so.

I'm told people should tune in to the debate on ABC 7 this Saturday morning. I hear Perez and Chavez put on quite the show.

Speaking of entertaining, I saw this on Facebook and it made me laugh. Apparently Chavez decided to cut and paste the same Facebook update that the Perez campaign did on Monday.

Here's Perez' update from Monday:

And here is the update from Fred Chavez posted yesterday:

A cut and paste job and then he added a sentence. One problem, yesterday wasn't early voting. Guess ol' Fred isn't one for details or facts. 

Hey, maybe he really is a Republican!

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