Monday, October 29, 2012

Gonzalez - Support for Margo Likely to Encourage Opponent

Of the two Democratic state reps that endorsed Republican Dee Margo over a Democratic opponent and former state rep, Representative Naomi Gonzalez is likely to be the one that feels the most impact from the move.

She's actually done a great job of keeping a low profile since the public support for Margo.

Quick sidebar: The pair seem to want to make the distinction that they didn't endorse Margo. Well they were on his mailer, gave permission to be on his mailer, and provided positive quotes for the mailer. Saying it isn't an endorsement is not only a cop-out but unnecessary.

Despite the fact that Marquez seems to have taken more of the public heat for the move, its likely that Gonzalez will actually be the one most vulnerable for the move. Rep Gonzalez's district is more Democratic and there is already talk of people interested in taking on Gonzalez.

Obviously they smell blood in the water.

And rightfully so. In the last primary Representative Gonzalez actually received less votes than under votes in the race. What the means is that of the 7466 people in her district that voted, only 2871 people voted for her. That means 4595 people skipped voting FOR her. AND NO ONE RAN AGAINST HER!

If you haven't noticed, and I'm sure Rep Gonzalez has, there's a city representative who has a large portion of his district in her district. City Representative Eddie Holguin was recently re-elected with 70% of the vote. He'd be a big threat to someone like Representative Gonzalez.

As far as I know he's never articulated that he's interested in taking on Gonzalez. But for that matter, he's never said he wasn't either.

And I know there are others that are expressing interest in taking on Gonzalez. Wouldn't it be ironic if she found herself in a multiple candidate race that would guarantee a run-off, much the way she won her seat in the first place?

Actually, to paraphrase her buddy Dee Margo, wouldn't it be "ironical"?


marc salazar said...

nice jab at the ironical gaffe!

Max Powers said...

Everybody is interested. It's one thing in November 2012 to say, "I'm interested in running against Naomi". It's another thing in November 2013 after a legislative session has passed to say that. Holguin is a nice guy, but oddly enough, is one of the most conservative voters on City Council. If you are looking for a "reliable" Democrat, I wouldn't necessarily count on Holguin. Of course, I do not think that is a bad thing. You don't want blind liberals any more than you want blind conservatives. But some of you that bleed blue are going to shit red.

The other problem for the candidate or candidates that run against Naomi...Norma Chavez. Norma Chavez, being the person who has not hung up her gloves despite being on a big ass losing streak, is going to try "help" and/or sell her "consulting services". Where there is Norma, there is Alex Guzman. Whoever wants to run and actually win, is going to have to tell Norma and Alex "No. And please, shut the eff' up". That is unlikely because any opponent is looking for anything to offset Naomi's likely campaign chest advantage. Voters have already shown time and time again Norma's and Alex's style of politics is dead.

Anonymous said...

As long as the El Paso republican fundraising machine is happy with her..she stays. Who is going to fund a local candidate without the blessing of Foster and Hunt? Austin trial lawyers is about all I can think of. Politics today isnt about party or ideas or god forbid the people, it's about money, pure and simple.

The Lion Star said...

Max, I got your comment advertising your blog. Best of luck. Sorry but I'm not posting the link though. You're gonna have to build an audience on your own my friend...unless you wanna purchase an ad lol.

Anonymous said...

who in their right mind wants to follow negative, sour grapes, Norma & sidekick alex...thst horse & pony show needs to be kicked out of town...are the Tigua's that dumb? How could anyone with a sound mind fund a freak in a one-ring circus? Eddie Holguin needs to get his head examined too, for following that circus; Naomi Gonzalez will keep my vote. Not a show off, demanding attention, like the talk show host wanna be.

Anonymous said...

There are two simple ways for Gonzalez & Marquez to prove they're NOT endorsing whiny Dee Margo, actually endorsing Joe Moody and campaigning against Margo.