Thursday, October 25, 2012

Interview with Beto O'Rourke

I did a quick post-debate interview with Congressman-elect Beto O'Rourke following the last debate of the season last night at Burgess High School.

A couple of quick thoughts.
 - Clearly O'Rourke is the rock star of the race. After the debate people stood in line to meet O'Rourke, shake his hand, and take a picture with him. No one really did that with What's-Her-Name.

- What's-Her-Name is trying her level best to not sound like an extremist Tea Party Republican. Mostly because the Sore Loser Democrats that are supporting her are telling her, and rightfully so, to soften her positions. I have actually been pretty impressed with the fact that she tries really hard to sound like a Democrat on the DREAM Act, going so far as to say that it doesn't cover enough people. Funny thing about that is that no one in the media has really pressed her more deeply on her immigration policies. I think someone should ask her, other than the DREAM Act, what other changes to immigration policy would she propose in terms of militarization, enforcement, Visas, guest workers, pathway to citizenship, local enforcement of immigration law, etc.

We live in a border community and I think its a damn shame that we haven't had a more thorough examination of that issue. I'm hoping local media does something about that.

- So I decided to get some idea of O'Rourke's position on immigration reform. I interviewed him, in what will likely be my last chance to interview him before the election. We talked about policy and what his favorite blog is. Apparently the cleaning crew were having a contest on who could make the most noise during the interview. I think they all won. It was one big loud tie.

- Coronado students get all the attention in town, maybe because they are on the westside, I don't know for sure, but frankly I think the Burgess students have been doing it better.

But regardless of which student body does it better, I find it refreshing that schools are now actually a regular stop on the campaign trail. So bravo to both Coronado and Burgess for making that happen. You, your schools, and most importantly, your parents should be very proud of you.

I love that you ask questions fearlessly. I hope you never learn to be afraid to ask a tough question. Many journalists have, so I'm glad you haven't learned that bad habit yet.

So here is the interview.

Oh yeah, I'll post the entire debate later.


Alexander Christian Mckibbon said...

I'm proud that I voted for Beto(:

Anonymous said...

I voted on the West side on Monday and I personally thought the Coronado students were selecting the voters that would reflect the Right's view. Is that why the El Paso Times goes with their random polls?

Anonymous said...

Heard that Chuy Reyes is Barbara Carasco campaign manager. If he is not the campaign manager, Chuy Reyes is working to get out the vote for Carasco. Democrats need to take back the Houise of Representatives and Chuy Reyes is helping a "wacky right wing republican." And the hypocrites are casting stones at Naomi Gonzalez and Marissa Marquez. So much for party unity. The Reyes' are not part of the party unity. Maybe Christine in precinct 55 will respond.