Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Marquez Attends Education Protest - Why I Find that Funny

State Representative Marisa Marquez was at a protest at the El Paso Independent School District Board Meeting yesterday and wagged her finger at EPISD for their many short comings.

Two things occurred to me when I read this article in the El Paso Times and saw her photo.

First – She would have a whole lot more credibility on matters of education if she hadn't publicly supported Republican Dee Margo who voted for HUGE cuts to education. Sorta takes the wind out of her sails. And by that I mean, it makes her look like a big hypocrite. Why would anyone take her critique seriously when she's supporting someone who didn't show support for public education. She endorsed someone who will make it harder for EPISD to serve the students.


Marquez giving lectures to EPISD after supporting Margo is like me telling someone they need to exercise more and eat more vegetables. I could say it, but who would take me seriously?

This is just one of probably many instances were here credibility on an issue will be compromised because of her support for someone who has totally different values and priorities than those of her Party.

The other thing that occurred to me was why Senator Shapleigh hasn't said anything about her support for Margo. Shapleigh ran against Margo. He knows all the reasons why supporting Margo is a bad idea and yet he's silent about Marquez's suppport of Margo.



Max Powers said...


You really got your blinders on. The biggest issue facing El Paso ISD right now is incompetence and corruption.

Would you invest in a corrupt and incompetent organization? You just had Lorenzo Garcia taken away in cuffs. You have the State want to takeover the school district because the school board has shown time and time again it does not know how to manage it.

Let's say your boy Moody wins, when he talks to other legislators in the state, and they ask, "Moody, what's going with EPISD?" What's he gonna say.. "The problem is we need more money." Riiight.

Why did Margo vote for those cuts because nobody wanted to raise taxes? Moody did get lucky with a one-time federal stimulus package that saved Texas from those cuts, but the free money was gone by the time Margo got there. Unless you have an idea what taxes you wanted to raise to offset the shortfall, by all means, we are all ears.

Anonymous said...

Is that what she doing? when I saw the picture I could of sworn she was ordering gorditas.

Anonymous said...

Max you speak the truth!!! Vote for Max Powers or start your own blog!!

Anonymous said...

The state also cleared the District, back in 2010, when it came to allegations of wrongdoing, so perhaps the TEA isn't the best qualified group to oversee the same school board & district it cleared.

Margo's whining about how unfair it is to hold him to account for his votes isn't rendered "legitimate" by his refusal to address these educational issues until it best suits his reelection campaign, he certainly had lots of time to do so before the upcoming election, but chose instead to put party loyalty over what's best for El Paso schools and their pupils.


Max Powers said...


It was not about "party loyalty". State of Texas had a budget shortfall. One of two things was doing to happen a) cut spending or b) raise taxes. Margo chose "a".

Now, no one has said which taxes they wanted the state to raise to pay for the budget gap.

Anonymous said...

Go back to your own blog Norma;you know the one with the whinners that use the state to pay for their own education (at 50 yrs of age)& again cheat the students of funds...

Tatiana said...

Instead of spending the school tax dollars (limited as they were) on stuff like additional tutors, monitors, associate superintendent of wall painting associated with the STARR testing that 1). Didn't count 2). Wasn't used as a benchmark and 3). Was essentially an additional semester exam; they could have put all that money back into funding ACTUAL education. Where kids come out of school actually knowing things like 1). How to spell 2). How to form sentences and 3). Give change to someone.

Another reason Marisa being at a rally having anything to do with public education is a farce because she never spent one day in a public school classroom! I'm guessing Shap sent her there so that she can stay on the dream team since she is going to have to actively work this next session.