Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Marquez Responds to Democratic Leadership

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October 10, 2012                                                                                                                                                                     (915) 790-6508

State Representative Márquez Responds to the El Paso County Democratic Party Press Release

EL PASO, TX  - It is unfortunate that the local Democratic party chose to issue a press release questioning Rep. Gonzalez' and my democratic credentials.

I am and will remain a proud Democrat.
My legislative priorities and voting record support this statement. I choose to focus on issues important to the community as a whole and not a vocal few.
While the local Democratic Party has chosen to focus on dismantling the unity our delegation has built, my office and I will continue our fight for school board transparency, women's health program funding, the creation of an independent Health Science Center at Texas Tech and moving UTEP towards Tier One status.
I took an oath to uphold the Constitution and to serve my community to the best of my ability and will continue to do so.



Anonymous said...

For Marquez to whine about, "While the local Democratic Party has chosen to focus on dismantling the unity our delegation has built....." is absurd, seeing as how she endorsed Margo, a far-right regressive reactionary, instead of Moody, a fellow Democrat.

Even more ridiculous was Marquez reason for endorsing Margo, because Moody CONSIDERED, but didn't actually, run against her.

I remember how good I felt when I voted for Marquez, especially as she knocked off Paul Moreno, a hack whose sense of being entitled to automatic reelection had grown over the years, to the point where he seemed insulted he actually had to campaign for his office.

Ironically, it appears Marquez has adopted the same "why should I have to campaign" mantra to the same extent Moreno had when she defeated him.

Although, it seems Marquez is taking that attitude a step further with her anger at Moody for thinking about, but not actually, running against her.

Up next for Marquez & Gonzalez, endorsing Rick Perry should he again run for Governor.


Max Powers said...

It's gonna be fun when Jaime has to quit blogging when he works for Vince. And then when the County needs something and approaches Marquez, Jaime will finally get it. Jaime won't be able to say a damn thing either because he does not want to embarass his future boss and endanger his future boss' relationship with the delegation.

The Lion Star said...

Max, doesn't work. Threats never work. Think it has been tried before? It has. I'm still around...try again Max...

Anonymous said...

Aaron Pena = Marissa Marquez .....where is he now?

Anonymous said...

Many democrats crossed over and voted for Pat Haggerty in the district 78 race. Paul Moreno always endorsed pat Haggerty. Silvestre Reyes envorsed Dee Margo in his race against Eliot Shapleigh. Norma Chavez always voted for the republican in the Texas legilature. All those "soreosers" are endorsing , campaigning, and supporting Barbara carasco for the 16th congressional district. How many precinct chairs (democrat) have Barbara carasco signs in their yards?