Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Moving Testimony" Snagged from a Movie Speech?

There's an email floating around lauding "moving testimony" from Dr. Steven Lane at the sentencing hearing of Dr. Garcia.

Personally, I think Dr. Garcia got a slap on the wrist and should've received a harsher sentence.

But file this under hilarious.

The email lauding the testimony is from Kids First - Reform EPISD and the name on the email says Eliot Shapleigh.

The email states, "Here is the moving testimony of Dr. Steven Lane given at the sentencing hearing of Lorenzo Garcia in US District Court. We hope that you will take the time to read his words - then help us to restore trust, hope and quality education at EPISD."

The the text of what appears to be testimony is included (also included in this post). And Shapleigh is right. It is some inspirational stuff I must admit. Its the kind of stuff that belongs in a script of a Hollywood movie.

Wait a tick...this testimony sounds familiar. Maybe it sounds so good it belongs in a Hollywood script because...well, maybe it is actually from a Hollywood script.

This part of the testimony sounds pretty close dialogue from a movie - The American President. Actually there are whole parts of a scene that sound like the testimony...almost verbatim. The order is moved around a bit, but its very, very close.

Close enough that if I were a high school kid and turned in a paper that close to someone else's work, I'm pretty sure my parents would be in the principal's office hearing about why their boy is in trouble.

Here's a portion of Dr. Lane's testimony:

I have known you for six years. In all that time, I don't think Lorenzo Garcia has legitimately solved one problem. Lorenzo does one of two things.

1. He will make you afraid of it or
 2. He'll find someone else to blame for it

At first, I was under the impression that you just didn't get it. But I was wrong. You get it - It's not what's best for children and teachers - it's what's best for Lorenzo.

Without hesitation, I can tell you that the position of superintendent is entirely about character. This is a position whose sole purpose is to help students and teachers become successful in school and in life. I can't think of anyone you have helped except for yourself, a few misguided mistresses and some of the corrupt cabinet members.

School Administration is not easy. To make a positive difference, you have to want it bad. You have to put in long hours. It requires men and women of great character and integrity. You have to fight political battles with alumni and board members. You have to fight against corrupt Priority School Directors all the while trying to help children and teachers overcome the obstacles that you and your minions put in their way.

During my tenure at EPISD at every turn, the teachers and campus administrators were motivated by the ideal of helping others. You on the other hand were motivated by greed and lust. If you want to have a character debate, come see me and I will help you! You have obviously lost your way. Don't bully the students and teachers of EPISD because they are way out of your league.

And here is a clip from the movie:

Sound familiar? Thought so.

Uh-oh, that's a little embarrassing...

But its a good laugh at least.


Sammi said...

Who cares?

Tim Holt said...

Sweet. It is all about character. Next up...Four Score and Seven years ago...

--DavidInArk said...

And JFK stole his most famous quote from his School Headmaster... Talk about character.